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TIME FLIES………………….

A very common problem, no time for anything, I think that most people would love a few more hours a day, I know I would, how about you ? we seem to be always trying to beat the clock…. when we are focusing on being calm, no stress, general well being that clock and our time table do not help. Everyone see’s time in … Read More TIME FLIES………………….


Eating disorders, it would be wrong of us to think that this condition only affects young girls and boys, but that is untrue, it can affect older people as well. So what is an eating disorder, it is abnormal habits that negatively affect a person’s physical or mental health. They constantly worry about their body weight and shape, this habit can form in eating … Read More EATING DISORDER…………


To achieve a successful exercise session, you need to set the scene a little beforehand. You need a nice quiet room, where you can sit on a chair, or cross legged on the floor if you are comfortable in this position, close your eyes, breathe out deeply with a large sigh, just let all your cares drift away, when you are ready, take your … Read More SENSORY EVOCATION EXERCISES


Depression – There are many people that do not realise that they are suffering from depression, it is not something that has pain attached to it, not physical , it can emotionally hurt in a big way, but, that does not mean we can see it or feel it, others are more likely to spot it before ourselves. When you suffer from depression you … Read More A – Z CHALLENGE…………..


Taste is actually part of our smell, most of the time we need to smell before we can taste something. So we need a developed smell to have the ability to enjoy many of the fabulous flavours that are available to us. We can always encourage our taste buds, by trying different foods, fruit, has a wonderful range of different flavours sweet sour hard … Read More SENSORY PERCEPTION II


Don’t panic, this is not a challenge, I know we have one starting today, and another fantastic one for next month, this is just the name I thought was appropiate for this post.  Strength, I am not talking about physical strength, this post is about inner strength, we seem to be always facing hurdles, bumps in the road even the Himalayas…. and at times … Read More LIFES INEVITABLE CHALLENGES


First job this week, this very Monday, eliminate the following from your vocabulary “Everything turns out wrong” “I have so much bad luck” “Why is it, always me”are never to find your vocal chords again. Now that we have that out of the way, you will feel better about your situation and being happy is partly depending on you, this could be taken out … Read More ARE YOU READY FOR MONDAY


You know, you love the ground you walk on or would you like to be a little ant and get into the cracks that are on the pavement, or maybe even disappear, they can be both faces on the same coin, it’s an inferiority complex, to achieve a true I love me relationship with yourself, there are things you can do. Look after yourself, … Read More YOUR WORTH IT……………….

SPRING CLEAN !!……………..

Spring cleaning – Usually known as thoroughly cleaning our homes in the spring time, especially in a climate of cold winters. Well I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but yes, it’s that time of year, but don’t panic March has 31 days….. This custom come’s from way back, in fact it is said to be from an ancient Jewish practise, … Read More SPRING CLEAN !!……………..


The world changes around us when we open our heart’s, your world can change also, if we know how…… We first have to change many things we believe to be true, that even science have admitted to have changed over the years, everything we have stored regarding our beliefs were told to us in good faith, but it came from someone else, making it … Read More SOUL & SPIRITUAL HEART….


We all like a happy ending to a story or circumstances, but at times we first have a few lessons we need to learn along the way, We are right in the middle of a problem, do we believe you are going to be happy again, at times it seems light years away. However at times,for the best,nightmares can get smaller as time and … Read More HAPPY ENDINGS……………..


My post yesterday mentioned being calm, to be able to step through your opening door, to be able to see it clearly and not miss the opportunity, that is being presented to you I also mentioned that when you need to step back due to your chaotic mind, it is a message being set to you, to calm down and prepare yourself and state … Read More QUIET….CHAOTIC MIND AT WORK !

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