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If you are an only child, you may think that growing up alone you are happy within your own company, this can be true for some, but not for everyone, the same as coming from a big family, people at times feel they would dislike to be alone…. to travel alone can be a choice or maybe circumstances, could you travel alone? When you … Read More TRAVEL WITH YOURSELF


It takes exactly the same time and energy to state your wishes, you need to make this easy change for yu to start seeing what you do want in your life, instead of all the things you don’t………at least give it a try!! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


You may now be hopefully realizing that you can be the designer, the creator of your life and of course your future, and the tools you need to achieve that is yourself and your gratitude, I hope you have tried it out on smaller wishes and you are now ready to take a leap into a big arena, your gratitude power truly is amazing, … Read More YOUR MAGICAL MOMENT


Love attracts love, the more you give out the more it returns to you, the better your relationship with love and yourself, the easier it is to give love to others, it is an energy that you give our, your vibration, your flow………..go with th flow and allow love to enter into your life…………. Have a lovely day………….. Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach … Read More IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!


As you know the Law of Attraction (LOA) states that like attracts like… so what does this mean, it simply means you have to have a image in your mind an image that will attract to you what you want, and then you must feel as though you already have your thought, your wish, this way you will start to have vibrations like those … Read More YOUR WISHES


We all have thoughts and we all have love……….so what are you waiting for ! Have a great week, Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


How lucky you are, a wonderful day ahead…………. Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Just the thought of this, allows the air to be full of a delicious coffee aroma!! Can you smell it? Enjoy the morning and most of all enjoy your weekend……… Have a great day! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


It’s your life and anything goes!! live your life to suit you, to make you happy and ignore what others think!! What a wonderful way to live your life, full of positivity and energy day in and day out… full of optimism and the joy of life, life is beautiful, what more can you ask for, how you re-act to life is how you … Read More IT’S YOUR LIFE !


There is nothing better than being one to one with nature, the air is so fresh you can let go and release your daily tension, go with the flow and let the wind carry your troubles and tension away! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


You are a magnificent creator and can create and design the lifestyle you truly wish, if you understand that you must be aligned with your lifestyle, that you truly want to live. When you know you are aligned, you will feel the flow in your life change, remember the importance of always taking action towards your dreams and goals, never forget to get pushing … Read More YOUR LIFESTYLE


Live every day to the full, love the life you live and hold gratitude in your heart, each morning is a new opportunity to change direction if required or to say in the same direction but always full of enthusiasm and love……… Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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