We all feel stressed, and we all have different methods to cope, but at times if we just stay in the presence, it really does help, no going backwards or forwards, just concentrate on the present moment, where you are and what you are doing. Even though we may have a busy schedule, if we program our diaries well, we can again forget the future and just keep on track of the present moment. It is important for us to plan, and even remember lessons we have learnt, and later again return to the present moment.

With all the technology we have on hand today, it is easy to get lost in that world, although it can create more pressure on us, it’s as if we are turning into a little machine  ourselves, but we are not machines and it is important to remember that the machinery available is at our service and not us on service to it. 

When we pass through a stressful time, we feel that we have aged overnight, and it can be true, great amount of stress can take its piece out of us and even shorten our life. However when we practise being in the moment it can actually help you live longer.(This has been scientifically proven) 


Stress can effect our immune system, we all have 24 hours a day, the ideal situation apart from sleeping, is having time for nothing, your time, when you do as you please, this will give us better health and we will perform better in our work and relationships, this is something that nobody can do for you, no doctor no friends, this has to be you, you have to take responsibility for your life, that you also are an instrument that needs to be finely tuned, and when tuned you will see better health and things will work out better for you. So, how  do we know if we are finely tuned, when you start to live in the moment, you will become more conscious of stress in your work place and how it affects your body, you will feel and know your tension points, in your jaw, back and neck area, sitting correctly at your desk also helps, when you become tuned with your body and live in the moment you will understand the messages that your body is sending you regarding stress, breathing is also important, listen and breathe slowly (we covered this in the mindfulness post) .

When we understand stress and how to control it , using living in the moment (mindfulness) we will find that the mind and heart will be full of good intention, because the attention we are giving ourselves will fill our affective dimension.  



10 Comments on “STRESS…….VS……PEACE

  1. It is always a nice feeling when I read something about… how to cope with stress!
    Thanks for making me remember to feel in peace today! 😊


  2. You are absolutely right! At school, I practice mindfulness with my preschoolers. Boy, it works to help them to focus. We close our eyes and listen to a bell with a long sound. We pretend to pick a flower, smell it deeply, then blow out a candle (blowing out the air on our finger). As an adult and the teacher, the mindfulness practice is both peaceful and invigorating. Great stuff. -Jennie-


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