Happy Sunday morning, how’s things ? Have we stepped happily into October, I find it so strange that I am stepping into fall, and a lot of you are happily waiting for spring ! I try to imagine October with little green shoots appearing and the trees starting to brim with green leaves, all the beauty that spring brings, in October ! And of course Christmas being on the verge of summer.Β 

Here, the trees will shortly be shedding all their leaves, the new colours appear, the scenery changes and at times snow can be seen on the top of the mountains, I don’t very often have it around my home, it has snowed but clears within days, the chimney tops can be seen blowing out the smoke clouds with the log burning fires, and the smell of the air changes, this change of season has more of an impact than the transition of spring to summer.Β 

So, enjoy your fall or your spring young days, relax today ready for tomorrow ! Another day, another opportunity on your life journey.

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  1. Hi Brook, there is something about October that I like. Caveat is wind. I detest strong cold winds. Still, crisp mornings with blue skies and autumnal shades on tree leaves; the hedgerow harvests of berries, nuts and fruits. Winter itself I am not over enamoured with as, like you, snow is thin and transient and tends to go murky and make things look bleak. If it snows you need a goodly amount for a half decent snowman! The festive season I do like though and my home becomes a forest of trees. It inspires a warm happy feeling to combat the retail season which, here, began a week ago. I saw my first Christmas shop window display yesterday and while it looked wonderful I was left with a ripple of sadness that by December it will be fading the point of what it’s about. Not too disparate for summer off school here and on day two we have BACK TO SCHOOL displays for uniforms and paraphenalia. Too early is ruinous…obviously my own opinion…and it seems, a bit of a rant πŸ€”

    Happy Sunday 😊

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    • Hi, totally agree, I have’nt seen anything for Christmas yet, but for sure it will not be long……I also love Christmas within my home, although I do think it is great with young children, its so special to them and they really dream !! Wonderful to see and lovely to be part of, thank you so much for your comment and I agree on all points. Have a great Sunday ! πŸ™‚

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      • How true indeed. Young children find it so much more magical. Nevertheless, I find the build up fascinating, if too early in modern times…yesterday I was in a store cafe and by leaving via a different route came upon their newly setup Christmas decorations area. It was quite nostaligic and time almost paused in the right place. Stepping back into the sun gave the experience an out of time dreamlike feel. I know it sounds weird, but hey ho πŸ™ƒ

        Enjoy your day too!


      • Bah humbugs, me too; except with my writing genre I immediately think of Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol. Love the build up mind you, but if it starts too early the magic seems to fade at the wrong time. Still, my countdown snowman claims it is but 80 days to go β˜ƒ


  2. I’ve noticed the trees and flowers changing colour and usually it depresses me a bit. I asked myself I get depressed in a change of colour and the this is what came to my thoughts:
    I don’t think I fully appreciate colour of spring or summer enough when it is in full bloom. So, II think Fall for me is tied up in regret and I don’t want it to be that way. So, I am going to embrace fall and notice my surroundings more. xx


  3. Good morning! What a beautiful way to start the day by reading this!! I think Fall gets a bad wrap because we all know Winter follows and if you are not a fan of Winter, which I am not, then you kind of dread Fall too!! I do get snow, I live in the Northeast United States and we can have long, cold, snowy Winters, ugh! But you are right, Fall has such smells in the air and beauty. Inside there are apple pies cooking or stews or soups…yum! I’m very happy to have the change of seasons so that I appreciate them better. I don’t know if I can ever get myself to appreciate Winter other than that first snowfall which is always exciting, or snow on Christmas Eve and Day, after that I appreciate it when it leaves!! Wishing you an aromatic Sunday Brook!! πŸ™‚ Wonderful post!! xo


  4. Nice post to read on a Monday Spring morning.
    AS you said, you made me think and try to imagine what it would be like waking up to an Autumn morning, I don’t think I would like that as we are still experiencing winter here in NZ, the thought of Summer helps to get me through these terrible spring showers “rain” which seems to be every day, not fun trying to get washing dry on the clothes line.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself, must be it’s Sunday. Cheers!


  5. Many blessings to you, and happy October your way! πŸ™‚ Thanks as well for following my blog, it’s lovely to have your presence. Take care of yourself.


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