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Welcome everyone, to yet another day in our cozy corner, where we can enjoy a private moment, with a lovely tea or coffee of your choice and this week concentrate a little on the most popular questions always asked regarding The Law of Attraction ! thank you for your support here and making it possible to do this post each week here on various topics, just keep those emails coming they are very appreciated, so here we go for this week,

Dear Brooke,

Am I the most unlucky person on this planet ? Why does it seem that some are born lucky and remain that way with everything, no matter what I do with the Law of Attraction, nothing happens for me .

Dear Friend,

I know you sent more information regarding this, but I do not want to print it all, it is personal to you, however after reading your mail I can tell you straight away that for sure, what is failing you is your attitude, The Law of Attraction is not magic, it can bring magic into your life, without a doubt, but you have to help to make that happen…….when you know what you want, very clearly you have to visualise this in the most detail possible, you have to believe that this will happen for you with no doubt in your mind at all, then plan your action, take that first step towards what you want, this is how you attract it into your life, your thoughts are what turns into your reality….therefore negative thoughts bring negative things, you have to be 100% positive, never doubt yourself or what the universe can do for you,your attitude is most important and you should never let it fail you, your mindset has to be on what you want and want you wish to attract into your life.(If you wish, please feel free to contact me, for more specific details) 

Dear Brooke,

I have noticed in your posts that you speak about vibrations, frequencies etc., what exactly is this, I don’t understand how you apply this.

Dear Friend,

Good question, if you are not very familiar with The Law of Attraction, I understand that you will not know what this is, you first have to understand that everything in our wonderful universe is magnetic and has frequencies, you and your thoughts have frequencies, when you feel good your frequencies are good a frequency of love, when you have negative thoughts you give out negative and low frequencies, this is how you attract things into your life, just like a magnet….if the same thing happens to you time and time again, you need to change the way you think, change your thoughts, what you feel is what you will attract and all this is due to your frequency (vibration) fear attracts fear, love attracts love etc., this is the way it works…….the beauty of this is that you can change what is happening around you by changing the way you feel, and everything around you will change, you have taken yourself to a new frequency, this is done by you and nobody else, it cannot be done for you. If you can feel it, you can receive it, it is said ” A change of feeling is a change of destiny” I hope this helps you to understand a little better. 

Dear Brooke,

I have to say I am so fed up of hearing about abundance, I have been trying to increase my money income for nearly a year now and nothing is happening ? Can you help me, I really would love to have abundance in my bank account. 

Dear Friend,

I hear you loud and clear and totally understand your problem  and will try to help you here as best I can, How do you feel about money ? many think that they love it, would be a great answer, but it has to be a true answer, for us to find abundance, but they feel they do not have enough, so if that feeling is there, that is the message I don’t have enough….and that is what you attract, you are coming from a place of lack, so in lack you stay… your whole feeling about money is not good. When you see people with a good income, they have money, the only difference between you and them is the way they view money, the feelings they have are far different from yours. They give out good feelings about money and less bad ones……….it really is as easy and simple as it sounds. Everyone has bad feelings at some point regarding money, people who have money have maybe not had money all their life, the difference here is the belief that you have and they have, many of us grow up hearing negative words regarding money, “money is the root of all evil” how many times have you heard that, or that maybe to think about money is wrong, these negative thoughts were fed into your sub-conscious mind as children, when we are small we believe everything our parents, teachers etc., tell us, it is normal, these people are not bad and do not mean harm, times have changed and we can now (and even then) be whatever we want to be,it is just a little easier now than before,  we are not limited as many would like us to believe. When you realise that you lack nothing, your gates of abundance can open, opportunities arrive for you, it is possible, and you must have that belief. If you have a lack of money in your life, it is due to how you feel about it, you are sending feelings out there, that are blocking you from attracting more money into your life, you can have what ever you want….change those feelings and change your life. 

I hope you have enjoyed are little topic this week and I look forward to answering more mails next week, with another exciting topic that interests you all the most. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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