The wonder of your sense of smell……….it is used thousands of times a day, we unconsciously smell all day long, but are you aware of how effective this simple act can be when used to raise your spirits, to get you out of that big hole and magically give you a new breath of fresh air !!……………..

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Our sense of smell has a wonderful memory, a smell, a fragrance can take you back to when you were five years old, when you visited your grandparents the smell of their home or linen on their beds will have you transported back to that wonderful moment, your school days, I always associate the smell of milk with my infant school days, left outside in the cold until break time, my grandmothers cologne which she always also placed in her linen chest, my fathers after shave, my childrens baby smell when ever you recollect these aromas that bring warm memories 

you instantly feel a sense of love and happy memories, a walk in the autumn forest with the smell of damp leaves, pines, ferns and moss,maybe you walked with your loved one or favourite pet, the memory will be full of meaning to you,everytime you use your sense of smell your memory will take you to that happy time,that happy place and you will feel that well being.

Mixture of fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture, Apples, Banannas, Blueberry, Corn, Grapes, Healthy Food, Lettuce, Market, Natural, Nuts & Grains, Onions, Organic Produce, Peach > Fruit, Peppers, Potatoes, Raw, Squash, Vegetable, Wheat

We burn scented candles and incense in our homes,we even perfume our cars,as we go through the seasons we choose different aromas the spring brings its special fragrances, the flowers start to bloom the grass takes on a new life and odor,the smell of freshly cut grass,the summer brings longer days,eating outdoors,what it is about dinner “aire fresco” the smell of the BBQ everything tastes better,we feel good and it shows, the autumn brings the first smell of logs and burning fires, our kitchen gets introduced into fresh soups and tasty meals to take the chill away,then we slowly go into winter and the wonderful time of christmas and the wonderful new aromas that accompanies this special time of year, the roasted chesnuts,the cinnamon in the apples and the roast in the oven, we all have memories of years gone by,and new memories that we gain everyday, so when you are feeling down or you just want to have a good start to your day, use your sense of smell and remember your good and precious memories,aromas are a fundamental part of our well being,so perfume yourself your home and general surroundings,and it is important to finish your day with that last little touch of one of your favourite smells……………………………………………….Have fun and enjoy

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Every season has it’s beauty

The big question is are you going to enjoy each one, every season is different so why not welcome it with open arms and enjoy, what you have for the time it lasts..

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Aromas of autumn

Autumn brings a great array of aromas and sensations, the smell of a chimney starting up for the first time start to filter through the early morning air, just enough to take off the chill, hot chocolate, cinnamon and, great coffee amongst so many others that this beautiful season offers us

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Love yourself

Today is that dreamy day, to let your imagination run wherever it chooses, a fairy tale can be lived by simply being in love with yourself, and today is a perfect care day go ahead and spoil yourself in preparation for your week ahead…

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You decide…

It’s make your mind up time, it takes the same effort and time to be negative or positive, so why even think? go positive every time and have a beautiful day.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Here you have it!

Here it is, the clear definition of everything we have been aiming at all week, take it on board and have a great weekend because next week is going to be even better than this one!!

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The world in your hands

If you know how to concentrate your thoughts on what you do want in life and not what you don’t want, you have the world in your hands to have a good life with everything in it you wish, keep strong and keep going!

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New chapter, new version of you

It’s the perfect time of the year, the summer is over, and you should be feeling refreshed and ready to go, but, you become stagnant, your routine has changed you are not quite into your new routine and some of you will stay exactly where you are or you will start to go for it, whatever that represents to you, one of the most important points to keep in mind now, is are you doing what you want to do? or are you doing what someone else thinks is good for you or wants you to do? your life belongs to you, you may have decided to share your journey with someone but you are your keeper you decide over your life, not others, never forget that the power to do or not to do is within you and only you, to live a life on someone else’s terms is half living your life, and the total belongs to you, you can consider other you can give and take, but this is your chance, your opportunity…your life, so if you are not happy and are sitting on the fence make a decision that is good for you, don’t let yesterday guide you into the future, yesterday is the past what is coming is your future, make it a great one, to create a new chapter in your life, you have to become a new you the person you really want to see, a new version of yourself.

There will be many reasons why you feel you can’t do this new you, this new chapter, but the only reason is that it is you that set your limits in life, people do it every day and you can also do it if it is what you really want, it is your happiness, change is difficult for many of us, not everyone loves it, but change is necessary for life, it is how we grow how we gain experience and personal growth, your capabilities are far more than you give yourself credit for, don’t make the mistake of just feeling comfortable where you are, we can all become comfortable but beware this is when you risk the possibility of becoming stagnant, and they are two different things.

It is only you that can make these changes, you may have the support that is good for you, providing it is the right kind of support, that they are truly there for you and what you wish to do and not directing you where they wish you to go. Don’t rush, once you make your decision just take one step at a time, and enjoy becoming a new version of yourself, this new chapter, this new life belongs to you so make sure you enjoy every moment…

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Every moment counts

Leading a good life is knowing it can be any given moment you have in any situation with who or what you are doing, a good life can be found in so many things it is what makes you feel good then you are doing the right thing!

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Did you know that there is a big possibility that at some point in our life we all have a fear of something, however living in fear is not living at all!

We would all like to live in a perfect world, and we try so hard to achieve that, but in the end, we tend to more concern ourselves with feeling safe while we continue to learn to live and love in this crazy dangerous world.

The worst thing we could do is give attention to this, as it is very negative and will only give your fear more power, also we can’t ignore it or pretend it is not there.

If you were going to do a dangerous sport you would protect yourself with the correct equipment and gadgets, so as to not harm yourself and this is the same job we must do regarding our fear, we need to visualize our situation and surround ourselves with a protective field, not to thick and not to thin, just good enough to keep us safe, you will feel this field of protection and will only allow the good to filter in, this is how you should be seeing and feeling the world that you live in, imagine how it would feel if you felt safe and your fear or fears were placed on a different level, a manageable level where you are in control and finally live your life, you are surrounded and find comfort in that fact, nothing negative can reach you… you need to feel at peace, safe you know you can do this, it is a question of trusting your own judgment and abilities to live a full life in a happy way, relax and enjoy each day, live without fear.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

It’s all in the mind!

It’s a new week, and we want it to be one of the best, so, what do we have to do? use our brain of course !! to obtain the good life that we inspire you to have to have the correct mindset and know 100% that it is what you want. When you make that decision you will achieve more pleasure in everything you do and working towards your goals will be moving in the right direction……towards your good life.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Preparation time!

We are now officially in Autumn, which can be a lovely thought for some of us and not so lovely for others, however, today is a great day to start preparing your home for the months to come, there are so many jobs you need to do before the bad weather really arrives, even little pieces of our decor can change a little with this season, so make the most of your time and just go flow into it slowly but surely!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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