Morning quote

This is a golden rule, never forget this, remember it everyday, give thanks and watch how much more you will be grateful for…………..


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stress 1

Are we addicted to stress, we live in survival mode most of the time, we worry about the past and the future, all this activates a substance within us (the addiction) .

We spend a lot of time thinking negative thoughts, if you start to observe yourself  you will find that you spend a great amount of time thinking of the past and the future. The majority of people have a negative attitude because they live anticipating the next thing that is going to happen. and the stress they will feel and remembering the feeling from previous experiences. The majority of these thoughts and feelings are originally motivated by our hormones of stress and are survival mode. 

 Our bodies are so used to this, that when we stress this is activated, we tend to concentrate on three elements, we become hostile and create situations, our surroundings become a threat, so you would like to disappear , and time, you feel the need to run against the threat. Humans are dominated by these 3 facts, and we live in this survival mode. 

stress 3

So, we need to learn new techniques that will stop this automatic mode from kicking in, there are many reasons why we feel stress and if we can identify this, it may help us to release the thoughts and emotions we are holding on to, insecurity, hate, victim, guilt, shame, suffering, depression, frustration, fear, sadness, envy there are so many to mention.

If you wish to set yourself free, it is important to recognise what you are holding onto to (your addiction) When you can foresee your reaction, how you feel, when this is not set in your conscious, and you stop giving them attention, you will be in a position to break the chain of that which is   holding you back. 

When you have identified your addiction it is also good for you to write how you feel in that moment, your thoughts and emotions, allow yourself to freely write .

Brooke – Universal Coaching. 

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SUNSHINE DAY………………………………………

friends 2

This is going to be a great day !!

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With all the flowers, nice warm temperatures, new shades of light, for some it is a season of covering up and taking care ! The pollen is out to get you, and your diet for “operation bikini” is stopping you from enjoying so many spring goodies………. so before you completely ruin this lovely season, take note of the following:-

1.   Do not auto-medicate yourself,…….If you feel a little down, tired maybe more weak than normal, don’t worry too much it is very common in spring time, don’t take vitamins because everyone at work thinks they are great, seek professional advice, vitamins are great at this time of the year, but the right ones.

2.   Make the most of the spring sunshine, after months of the winter light, spring brings us the sun, enjoy it, it makes us feel good on all levels, we can get outside and enjoy the days and light evenings. The spring sunshine is a great form of vitamins ,vitamin D is great for our bones. 

3.   Watch your diet, although many of you will be working towards your summer bikini dream body !! this time of year is when we tend to put more weight on ? strange but true…….we are attracted to sweet sugary foods, if you are on a diet or thinking of starting now, you have to change your attitude, to motivate you, you need to start thinking in a positive way of what you are going to achieve with your diet,and try to forget about the things you can’t eat.

4.   Take Vitamins C & D…these vitamins will strengthen your diet (always under professional advice) look for foods high in these vitamins and magnesium , bananas are great as a snack and also have potassium. Natural fruit juices are wonderful and there is plenty of fruit to choose from, as for meat it is better to stay with chicken and turkey and don’t forget what is known as blue fish and eggs.

5.   Purify the air…..This is an ideal time to place a purifier in your home, in the rooms you spend most of your time in, this also helps with cat and dog hair.


6.   Humidifier …….It is good to help with  humidity in bedrooms during the night, you do not,  need to buy anything for this, a simple glass of water will have the same effect. This is very positive for people who suffer from allergies or breathing infections. It is important for  those who suffer an allergy to air well the bedroom, early morning if possible. 

7.   A simple little tip to help with the diet, is to eat early in the evening, do not leave it till late, to avoid weight gain. Try always to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. 

8.   Drink sufficient…. Allergy can create a dry throat during this season, also the temperatures go up and we need to drink more, two liters of water would be perfect everyday. 

9.   Sleep longer hours…as we go into spring, we also have an hour change which plays havoc with are bodies for a few days, and we find ourselves more tired at this time of the year, the advice would be to sleep a little more when ever possible. Although the weather is better, the days are longer which invite us to be more active longer, if you can’t sleep earlier, try to have a little siesta, 20 mins is enough, to make you feel better. 

10. Remove the dust…… Try not to brush the dust from one place to another, it is far better to take the electric cleaner and remove the dust that way. Take the carpets away, and clean the bed-linen at 60 degrees and try not to let your pets into your bedroom. 

Brooke -Universal Coaching.

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friends 3

Never doubt your abilities………….you have the power, believe always believe………..

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As humans we come into this world with a want to be loved, we are lovable little creatures, and can create love where ever we go ! or not ? 

We now know that adults with problems regarding love in later life, can be  due to a lack of maternal love, this is how we become indifferent to the feelings of people close to us, the disinterest shown to others and relationships is a clear indicator of a person who does not know motherly (or infant) love. If you did not feel this love by the person who has always been at your side who ever has taken that role in your life, you will not feel their solidarity,or how they can show affection or their generosity and therefore have a lack of these qualities in your life and relationships , however we can learn to be sensitive to the needs and wants of people close to us. Because, don’t forget some girls and boys become Mothers and Fathers, and although we remember our childhood,  and we all know what we would like more of in our life and that of our children, I personally think it is the most wonderful and important job of our lives, nothing can compare, and people who have not had children, should not comment, until they have, your idea can totally change, I can promise you that ! When you hold your child for the first time, the feeling is totally beyond explanation and you would move heaven and earth to obtain what they need, and this responsibility is now in your hands. 

love 2

As adults we display are humanitarian side, this is the side that children learn and form who they become, it is a mirror effect, as we grow older we may not be happy with our childhood formation and we always have the opportunity to change and improve how we feel, how we show our emotions to ourselves and others. When a loving environment  is given correctly from birth, it is like a guarantee for peace, as we all try to avoid suffering and want to provide well-being for all around us, this situation involves us all. So why is it so difficult  for some of us to give a baby its needs, could it be because as adults we function with are lack of necessities as children, which we are not satisfied with, which belong to our past, or do we feel that if someone is not permanently caring for us in the world would we feel the world is a hostile place. 

love 5

Brooke – Universal Coaching. 

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TRUE FRIENDS…………………………………………

best friends 1If you have a friend like this, you have a true friend…………………………….

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Age and wisdom

At times, we think we know it all, well not quite, but we feel pretty confident about what is going on out there, but we tend to overlook the most known fact, we are born and we die ? you are probably now thinking of course we do, well, I choose to disagree, I don’t think we do, it is something we have no control over, and we take a lot for granted, if we really gave it thought, would we not make the most of every second we have, would we not argue over silly insignificant things, we would not waste time, we would not complain 24/7 over things that have little importance, an if it is something of great importance, can we change it  if the answer is NO, then I ask why complain, why don’t we accept it and keep moving forward, regardless, really no matter what it may be, we may have to change many aspects of our life, are daily routines, but we are here, to watch and love are loved one’s, grow and develop into wonderful people. we breathe each day, we eat and we can feel and sense everyday life and living. 

My message today is to get out there and enjoy your life, as we become older, we should not and YOU should not put yourself on a shelf, many feel that age is a restriction, the restriction is your mind, your belief, age is just numbers, you are still you, and it is you that dictates the rules, nobody else, this is something else we don’t think about, we let society make decisions for us, we may be older a little slower maybe not so agile, but there are a lot of young people you can fit this bill also. It can sometimes depend on sheer lazy or they are just not built that way, and do other things to compensate their time here, which is why we should make are time, good, peaceful and for filling, we come this way but once, even if you believe in many lives, you will never be you again, so why don’t you enjoy it the best you can, we do not all get served excellent cards in life, but the secret here is to learn from each bad card we receive, and take it forward with us, this then becomes experience which we can use for ourselves and also be used to help others. When we go through a bad experience we need to find are inner strength your inner power, it is there for you , if you are strong enough to let it out, and hang onto it to override your storm, whats the worst that can happen, you may feel uncertain for a little while, which is far better than forever, we all tend to shy away from problems,confrontations etc., but the sooner we learn to deal with these things, the sooner things improve,if they are not given time to escalate and you don’t need to give it that time, time is important to all of us, its precious and should be used with that in mind. Remember always the golden rule, accept and allow, as I tell you this does not mean you are in agreement, with whatever it maybe, but when we accept and allow these things into our life, we are in a better situation within ourselves.

You need to feel comfortable with who you are, where you are going and with what you want.


Brooke – Universal Coaching. 

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NOW OR NEVER………………………………..

New monday

Do you have your list ready, do you know what you want ? Its a new week so make that change now, if you answered NO to the above !!

Have a great week ❤

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Today is to be celebrated with a book and a red rose, this is the spanish tradition , today is Book Day, most of the main cities in Spain today have a book market, where the custom is to buy a book for a loved one,(wife,partner,mother,father,son, daughter,friend) and to give it with a red day 1

This tradition  originally began with the death of the great Miguel de Cervantes, I am sure you have heard of “Don Quijote” maybe the most famous of his works, but one of many. His death has been honoured  in this way since his death. 


red rose

This is a typical view of this wonderful day in Barcelona,


Brooke – Universal Coaching.






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