CHANGE….The one thing many of us want, but, we choose to excuse ourselves time and time again, this is and is not a good time of the year to discuss change, the reason for that is at the moment we are busy, more than usual with the festive season upon us, and also within no time we will be telling ourselves, what wonderful new things we are going to incorporate into our life in the New Year. And sorry I have to say 90% will not be done ! So, I am hoping this post will ring true to some of you looking for that change, whether it be career orientated, direction, relationship or even a move to another country or just pastures new ! If this is the case and you have finally decided to make that move towards change, you will store this post safe and sound and make reference to it after the holidays.


As you can see, by this wonderful quote, all you need is YOU…. however this does mean YOU 100% anything less, don’t even make the effort, seriously, you really need to want this, it cannot be done as a hobby……..So this would be my guide lines.

1.   How you see it, how is your private life movie, do you know it like your favourite all time movie, you have to know how your change would look like in your movie, can you picture this, not how to do it, how it would be in your life 24/7, this is like the favourite “know what you want” question, you can’t direct a movie without knowing the script, and you are the writer,the director, the actor, this is your movie, it is not based on anyone else or anyone’s opinions about you, this is you making a change, for you, the things YOU wish to change, not someone else, when you decide to make a change in your life, it should always be your choice, your decision it must come from you, from within……a deep desire of your own.

2.   Your commitment is essential, you have to believe in what you are doing, that this is for you, you are worthy and deserve this change.

3.   WHY..Can you answer this, the reason why is so very important, apart from yourself, do you wish to take your family to a new life, do you wish to improve your relationships. The reason is your principal motivation, the new job or life, you need to know your why. If you don’t know  your why, how do you know you are moving in the right direction. You have to know what you don’t want to appreciate what you do !

4.   ROUTINE..You have to introduce your changes in a  clear orderly fashion into your life, change does not take place overnight, it can take time, but you have to start your change from day 1, make it part of your everyday living, this may be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect, the more you do it, it becomes a habit, so you have formed a new habit into making your change, you have to be constant and step up, this is for you and that should be a good enough reason to place anything new into your daily routine. Don’t let time put you of track,take something out of your life that no longer serves you on your new journey, and if that is not possible make the time.

 5.   MOVE UP..A change can mean a change in your social or status in general, do not be afraid to raise the bar, there is nothing wrong with improvement in any shape or form, of you or your life. We all have a ladder, which we move up as we go through life, this is not referring to material things, it can involve your personal growth, a happier life in relationships etc., it does not have to be money related for you to raise your standards. 


Nothing is impossible, excuses may stop you,but you can also make it possible.


Brooke/Universal Coaching




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Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend ! Christmas is creeping up………we are nearly there………………

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16 DAYS TO GO ………………….


Christmas is about being with the people we love………….

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NEWS FLASH………………….

Just a quick reminder about the News Letter, don’t want you to forget ! I wish to thank all of you who have already made contact with me , The News Letter, will not be regarding any topic on my blog, so it is going to be full of new interesting topics…………that I know are going to help you on our great journey of life…….Get in touch theutopiauniverse@gmail.com  Please feel free to reblog, I would be very grateful




I am so excited and pleased to let you know about what I am going to be up to in the New Year !!

The Utopia Universe, is going to produce a monthly newsletter, however, I really need your help ? I have been blogging everyday for the past year, and have covered many topics, but with my Newsletter I would like your input, What would you like to read ? What do you wish to know more about ? What is of  interest to you ? My wonderful followers to whom I am extremely grateful, for being there …..always. And I thank you, more than you can imagine.

So, two things please, let me know what you would like to have more information on or enjoy reading, and of course if you would like to receive my Newsletter let me have your email, just send these to :-theutopiauniverse@gmail.com

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17 DAYS TO GO…………………..


No Grinch….. on any party list ! Only happy happy people!

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SO SPECIAL…………………………



I think this is a wonderful thoughtful gift, from you to your loved ones, it can be very personal and hold special thoughts, I have been busy today, making “Memory Jars” for my loved ones’.

Each one different and special, just as they are to me, I hope that during the year they will collect their wonderful memories and this time next year will open them and think back full of happiness and smiles. There are so many different ways to do this, styles, colours and themes……..it is a very personal gift from you to them, you can also do memory jars for weddings, christenings any special occasion, even a holiday memory jar,use your imagination……..even a wish jar !


So many lovely idea’s


Just think how much love could fit in this jar !!


We never remember everything, this way we never forget…….


So, go find your jar, get the creativity juices going and give someone special to you a memory jar !! They will love it❤

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18 DAYS TO GO…………………..


Believe in everything, believe, believe……………………….

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This is the big question, what !! do you really know what you would wish for, manifestation is a subject that is written about many times, but, you will find that everyone has their personal twist on it, and of course I have mine, which I wish to share with you today…………they say that thoughts become things, good bad or indifferent, that is one of the worst things about being a person that sits and is ” worry worry worry” all you are doing is inviting a little more worry in……..so, spend the same energy and think of nice things, things you would really like to appear in your life, you see most people think it needs something really special to manifest, that is not true, the energy you use is the same.


This is my way, 4 simple steps…………………………………………….

1.   WRITE it down, this is important, you have to write every possible detail you can think of regarding your wish, if it’s a better job, your dream job, for example, explain in detail the job, the functions, the type of people you would work with, the office or surroundings, how would they be, how are they decorated, designed, how do you go about your day-to-day, what type of clothes do you wear, how do you get there, if your wish is a home,a car,a holiday what ever it maybe the principal is the same, even if you are looking for a soul mate or ways to better your current relationship, the secret is in the detail, write everything you want it to be, whatever it may be. 

2.   FEEL, how it is,to do that job, live in that house,drive that car, taking that holiday etc., experience within yourself the feelings you would have, having achieved your wish, your soul mate or better relationship, how do you feel?  Experience this as often as you can, this will raise your vibration, your signal to the universe (and can speed up your manifestation) by having your wish in part 1 written down you can read this as often as you wish, keep it in your bag, where you can place your hands on it, at anytime,read it over and over again, and then feel every one of your details as if it was already yours.

3.   BELIEVE, and expect it to happen, you can have no room for doubts here, they have to go, this has to be a possible in your life, don’t waste time thinking of how, that really is not your concern, this is not magic,but things will turn around and situations can present themselves in mysterious ways, your job is to go with that flow, your energy flow, keep that flow going, you may not be aware of this flow, just don’t give up, believe and expect it to happen, when a problem appears, this is not a stop sign, things may change, but they are simply guidelines to get you into the right place, always keep going with your belief. DO NOT DOUBT

4.   All you have to do now is to be ready to accept your wish, if you know that your wish will need changes in your life style or in you, start to make those changes so that you are ready, you must always be ready to receive and accept. You may be thinking, oh I am ready, but take time to think about this, you may not be as ready as you think, so give this some thought, as you must be ready and to accept. The universe never indicates a time factor, and it is what I am asked most, however it can be very quick, not always, sometimes it takes a little longer, and this is why the importance of  be ready to accept comes in. The universe will never bring you something you are not ready for.

 I hope this will be useful to you,and your manifestation and even with your visualisation, if you have written it beforehand, you will have it very clearly in your mind, and detail is key, you must pay attention to every detail the more the better. I wish you well with your wish.


Believe, always believe ! 

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19 DAYS TO GO …………………..


These are great suggestions, if you have anything pending, now is the time to put it into practice !

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If I could have just one wish, this would be it, as individuals we struggle and always will struggle with world peace, as individuals it affects us all, some more than others, we worry for our families, and for families we do not know, we watch as the world falls apart and the world fights,but, two wrongs never make a right ! the concept of right and wrong is totally lost, but sadly we have no answer to the conflicts of the world. Not permanent concrete one’s anyway.Well, we will all have our personal views and takes on the matter but could there be a solution ? This I am not qualified to answer, but I always have hope, faith ………., 


If only we could all do this……………………………….


This we can do …………………………………………………..peace-4

We can all love and listen !


Imagine…….A beautiful song, which reflects above all, the optimism of a better world. 

Peace to everyone now and always❤





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