This is you and probably much more, have you ever seen yourself in this way ? If not why not, when you wish to love and care for others in your life, you have to love yourself first……..then you have the capacity to love everything around you without love for yourself, you will never be able to achieve this, so repeat repeat and repeat, you are worth everything life has to offer.

Have a great weekend

Brooke Smitham Universal Life Coach



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concentration 1

Concentration is when we have the ability to concentrate on a specific area or part of our life, if it is regarding our body, you will dramatically enhance the quality of your movements, when you start to learn an exercise like yoga Pilates tai chi, your concentration is required and with that will come the fluid movements, it requires your attention to ensure that the areas in question  are working correctly. 

Generally when we move, we do it without thinking,we have an image formed in our brain and the body follows and executes the image we hold, there is a lot of difference between something you are learning and what we do everyday, when we read the morning paper and drink our coffee, do you always look when lifting the cup, however when a doctor is operating, an operation he maybe does everyday, he will be looking at all times as to what he is doing, here you can see the difference in concentration. 

concentration 2

When we are mindful of our movement, we employ the brain and the body to work harmoniously and effectively.

concentration 3


For some, concentration does not come easy, you need to work at it, to obtain what you want in your life, concentration is one of the key players. 




Brooke Universal Coach



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When we take a habit in our life, it eventually becomes part of us, this is at times how we can change our mind-set…….

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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We all complain, at one time, and it doe’s not matter which country you are from, some countries think it is a National Habit !! and that we have the right…..A complaint can be a form of expression for pain which can be beneficial. However when complaining becomes a part of every part of our life, then it can become a habit, a bad habit. So why, at times complaining can be a way to hide our head in the sand, instead of confronting the problem at hand that is worrying us, complaining stops us from taking action and seeing what is wrong.

So, take the bull by the horns, as they say, deal with the problem and this will do away with the complaining. 


The people who tend to complain on a constant level, will be less likely to know what they are doing, they will not see it, however, the person that doe’s not complain by nature, could be helping the one that does, by not saying anything.  It is time to be brave, and step up and realise that we are fueling the complaintive, and say something. If you are someone who complains all the time and do realise what you do, you will hopefully see or be told that blaming others, is simply not taking responsibility of the circumstances of what is happening, and they continue to complain. When they realise or are shown this, it is the first step to overcome this habit and to make changes and to act regarding the resolution of the problem at hand.


A simple way is to slowly change your thoughts on your complaint is to add, “maybe not so much” Most complaining people will complain about their partner, for example, when they say, “He doe’s not love me as much as I do ” if they add, well maybe not so much, it is a start to them seeing things in a slightly different light, this will give this person a way to deactivate and come out of a 100% negative thought. It’s a slow method but can bring results.



Another way to change this thought pattern is to work with the thought of change……This work consists of  four questions, “Is it the truth?” “Do you know it is the truth with 100% certainty ?” How do you react when this happens,what do you think of these thoughts, “Who would you be without this thought ?” “Who or what are you without these thoughts ?” So if you do this not only in thought but applied to the complaint , which in reality are also thoughts we would realise the importance of responsibility and the situation. 


You can also work with the emotions, how they react with our thoughts “What type of emotion do you feel when you go into complaining mode ?”what images do you see from your past or your future and what physical sensation do you have when complaining. “Do you have obsession or addiction when you start to complain” All the answers to these questions if we answer honestly can help us to see the damage we do to ourselves while complaining on a permanent basis. 


How do you see this, some people prefer to carry on complaining instead of changing anything. Are you one of these ? When we don’t take responsibility for what is going on, we stay stuck ! and not being able to control our life, giving power to those around us. It is better to be brave and take responsibility of what we can change and reject the idea that we  do nothing. When we complain constantly we use an incredible amount of energy , we become tired and trapped in a vicious circle, without any hope of getting out. It takes us to an emotional state of unhappiness and sadness which stops us from taking action. So unless you wish to pay this price, it is always  better to take the road of changing, and start to take action. 


Brooke Universal Life Coach




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OPEN THE DOOR……………………………………………………………

Ask believe receive…………………….three tiny steps …………Have your tried this?

Nothing is stopping you from reaching your dreams………………sometimes it is just you?

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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good for your soul

As I went about my obligations this morning, I started to think about my blog post for this afternoon, and my mind was suddenley filled with how happy I was regarding my life and my blog, all the interesting and kind people I am encountering on my journey with my blog, all the different concepts, thoughts and feelings that you all express, from all around the world , all different people but all so unique. 

So I am here today, to thank you all for reading my posts, for sending me your comments and support and for offering your friendship , in a way, to a total stranger from across the other side of the world, I am so appreciative for this and very grateful for this new found world for me, and connections, apart from the enjoyment I recieve from this I am also able to learn so much on a daily basis, from all of you. I know that I am totally in charge of how I feel, and I am choosing to feel great, I am happy, I have found a new part to my life that makes me feel good on the inside, not just one that people think they see on the outside.when you start to feel this way, which I hope some of you share also,we no longer seek the approval of anyone,when you feel this zest for life, this love the universe just sends it right back at you.

images Feeling good today

If we try to worry less and take responsability for our life, we learn to listen and love what we have,we take on criticism in an easier way , we don’t hate (hate is such a strong word) we look forward to change and take it in our stride, and we decide to feel good anyway.And you know when we come across people who try to bring us down,(we all know some of them) they just don’t understand us, but this also means that they think you are above them.

So, today, tomorrow and for ever more……… your good feeling take over time, I promise it gives an entirely different spin on your day and your life. So go on give it a try, and when the bumps on the road come along, which they will, thats life, we all know that, think that circumstances will never take away your plan for happiness, don’t betray yourself, you are worth much more……..and you know it………..good feeling happy life.And again a big THANK YOU I owe my feeling good to you. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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MAKE A WISH………………………………..

Never leave for tomorrow, what you can do today !!…………….So, what is your wish for today, we all have one thing we wish to accomplish on any certain day, so, what is yours…………….?

Go ahead a do it, each and everyday, have your wish and take the action you need to, to make your wish come true

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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Good night, sleep tight……how many of you wish just for that, many sleep badly and this interferes with our whole day, when we sleep we store melatonin, a hormone which can help to  send depression away. 

Do you know how many hours you need of sleep ? They say the ideal time is 8 hours, but you may need 7 or 9 , you need to find out your needs. Go to bed with time to discover this , the ideal situation is that you wake before your alarm call, various days in a row, respecting everyday your time.

Disconnect to reconnect, reserve half an hour before you go to bed to start to relax, disconnect from work, computers, tv, mobile etc., maybe take a bath listen to music, let your body know its time to rest.

Try to go to sleep before midnight, Any hour before midnight that you sleep are known to be the most beneficial, which is why it is better to sleep before this time.

Reduce the blue light from screens,this light makes it difficult to produce melatonin and will stimulate brain activity. Turn mobile phones and computers down or use filters for this kind of light.  

Switch of your wi-fi and phones or leave them at least 2 meters from where you sleep, the electromagnetic range they have do not allow you to reach the deep phases of your sleep.

Try to sleep in complete darkness, close shutters and curtains well, complete darkness helps the production of melatonin.



Brooke Universal Coaching

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LET IN THE AIR………………………………………………….

What a wonderful thing to be grateful for today, lets start the day by giving thanks, for the wonderful opportunity to have another chance at life, and that we are enjoying the beautiful fresh air,

Have a great day !

Brooke, Universal Life Coach


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Although we have all created comfortable surroundings where we live, our towns with high-rise buildings and sub-ways, our central heating and the latest technology, we really should take the time to spend long periods in the fresh air, when we reach the beach or the country side we can observe the beauty of the scene and start to distance ourselves from the tarmac and noise of our busy life. We feel the earth beneath our feet and start to reconnect with nature and allow the vibration of city life to leave us and to enjoy where we are. 

We can sense the natural surroundings we are in, and activate them slowly to appreciate them as we should, close your eyes and listen, what do you hear ? the birds, the breeze rustling the leaves in a tree, the ocean waves roaring or rippling, your steps as you move, what do you smell? the sea, the woodland nature at its best, the earth, when you open your eyes what do you see ? look around you and take in the beautiful view, we all become one.


When we are at one with nature, we find a new respect, with every connection of living things, all belonging to the same family, this fills us with security and confidence, the harmony in this environment allows you to expand your lungs, filling you with oxygen and vitality throughout your body. If we look towards the horizon and set our view on a point it will allow us to contemplate, living in the moment of quietness and serenity. 

When you live in harmony we look to Mother nature without judgement, we do not compare good with bad as we do with our fellow humans, we just see all the splendor and perfection that is hidden in all corners. We are on these days capable of climbing to the highest point, looking around and with all our heart, think and say “This is a great day to start to live the rest of my life” Prepare to enjoy with happiness and joy. 


So, take time, take that break and spend some time with nature, the benefits are remarkable for you and your loved ones. Nature has so much to offer you. 

Brooke, Universal Life Coach



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