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Are you preparing for your summer holiday, if so, don’t let it turn into a stress trigger, here are a few tips to try to avoid that situation.

Keep things low-key, don’t attempt to do in two or three weeks what you would do in a year, try to keep your planned excursions/sight-seeing to two or three planned trips, this way you will not over stress yourself. Sight seeing planned every day or every other day is very stressing and you will need a holiday after this to recuperate.

Try to relax for a day or two before you depart for your holidays, this gives you a little time to wind down and start your holiday in a more relaxed state.

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Learn to enjoy your family, make time for all, have a few hours to talk to the family, take a play time with the children and have a time to be with friends. Don’t be a tourist 24 hrs a day. You have to understand that in two or three weeks you can not discover and see everything.

Organise daily chores, stress tends to affect more women on holiday, as your functions are still important. Its better to organise how things and by who the daily chores are to be done. 

Try to have a day at home before you go back to work or your usual routine, this helps you with the transition of your beach loungers  to getting  into your work chair.

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descarga (2) Failure 1

Perception, the magical word when looking at failure, it is the only thing that matters. Failure at times comes in so many wrapping, you lose your job, things don’t work out ! this could just be that you have to reach your success opportunity, so obstacles arise to keep you going towards your perfect job, purpose etc., If you settled into a job you really didn’t like or just conformed with a situation, instead of taking the sign, that is given to you, you did’nt listen to that little voice in your inner self you spend your life doing or living a life you did not want. The fact that something does not work out for you, does not spell failure or that YOU are a failure, far from it. This is only your perception between failure and success, if you connect with your inner self your intuition, you can take back control of your situation. When you are going some where new for the first time, and you get lost, this happens to us all, at least once…..or twice…or always !! Is this a failure ? NO, you just don’t give up, YOU step in and finally get to where you were going. When YOU step in, you see that you have more than one opportunity to get there, you do not just give up……right? Don’t give up so easily, connect with your intuition, breathing deeply and calming down will take you to your new point of departure, forward and on to success. 



images Failure 2


When you trust and support your intuition, you will in return start to have two of the most important concepts for this to be at its greatest, without trust, you will question everything you are told, “Is this really the best for me” Don’t forget this is your personal GPS, its natural and is yours, your inner voice directing you correctly and towards your goals, you must have 100% trust. Trust can take time, especially as you are changing old habits, habits that have been with you a long time, start with small things, where you feel comfortable with, and build up your trust. 

Maybe one of the natures of life is for us to have obstacles, we all have them difficulties and challenges that pop up to surprise us and put us to the test. Your intuition will always support you, it is not like a relationship with another person, you may feel that you always give more, help, assistance, care love etc., this cannot be controlled, what another decides to give is up to them, but you do control your own situation and your intuition will always trust and support you, it has an inside view of you like no other, it knows your every move and you will always benefit from this. 

Create a journal, a little note box, just for you and your intuition, don’t forget your intuition knows you, but you need to build up your support and trust, keep this little book with you at all times, when you get that feeling or a hunch as you may want to call it, write it down, say it out loud, this gut feeling is your intuition trying to connect with you, each time you note something down you are building your trust, and over time you will see the support it is offering you. After a while you will have quite a stack of information given to you by your intuition, you need to do this, as our mind is logical and will want to push this from your mind, your mind does not understand emotions and feelings, so your mind might have difficulty on the how and why you now want to trust your intuition. Because you have written your gut feelings down, your brain will be helped to make that transition to trusting and having support. When you also speak out loud, just like writing, pronouncing gives our logical brain the help it needs to make this real and gives proof  and recognition. Also speaking out loud gives confirmation of the conversation you are having with your sub conscious mind. 


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images (4) Listen

Now that you are aware that you have this wonderful inner gift, you must start to prepare yourself to take full benefit of the power you hold within, prepare yourself for your internal conversations.

This internal voice is not going to shout out loud, it is patient, it will not get your attention at any cost, it is happier to wait for you to listen.

Your first job, is to find your place of peace, when you are calm and start to love silence, this can be a challenge at first, but slowly throw away the internal conversations of everyday stress, say to them it can be discussed at a later date, find your peace, when there is no interfering noise you will find your internal voice of guidance, then you can listen and hear clearly.

Here are a few tips on how to find this ideal situation, for your one to one conversation:-

Take a nice walk, no phones, no distraction, a short walk is enough for you to tune in, when you start your one to one, don’t break it of with no reason.

Find your favourite relaxing spot, beach, the hills, your garden where ever it may be, where all you can hear are the sounds of nature, not a noisy coffee shop, nature, the birds and the bees will help you to connect.

If you are used to doing Yoga, Tai Chi etc., perfect opportunity, as all these feelings stem from the heart, light exercise is good to connect. 

Try to start to wind down an hour before you go to bed, again no TV, phone etc., anything electronic should be far away, you will sleep better and wake much more relaxed and able to take on your day.

If you drive, get those windows down and listen to the wind, you don’t need the radio, the natural breeze is far more satisfying.

Then last but not least, nothing, can you do just nothing? as long it is noise free you will be able to connect, perfect for listening.

Once you are really good at this, there will be occasions when you least expect to have your conversation, but it is possible as you progress, you could be in traffic, instead of stressing out and becoming angry, take advantage and have a little conversation with yourself, you could be queuing to pay for something,even if you are tolling over a problem at work or at home, you can ask for help and guidance, overcome the obstacle, you may get the best answer. When your mind is in a calm state, you open yourself up to miracles. 

Meditation is also a great way, as your mind does tend to rest and your heart will open up, to meditate your age status background does not matter.

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descarga (2) inner guidance

We all have a friend that is there for us, to tell you and give you the advice you want to hear, you sit over coffee and hang on every word they have to say, in short you listen ! but, if it was complete strangers giving you this advice, would you listen ? what would you do ? Your inner guidance is you, and it is a little like this, it will tell you exactly what to do, but because we are always busy and going from one thing to another, it can get very noisy inside there, you need to learn to shut the noise out, this way you can listen to your inner guidance calmly and hear well what it is saying, this way you can make your life decisions and know which path to take. 

The quietier and calmer you are the more you will hear, deep from in yourself. When you know how to listen, you will be given the correct guidance time and time again, you will make the right choices and decisions . You have to know that your inner guidance, your intuition can always be trusted, and it always knows what is best for you. When I wrote the other day regarding your intuition, we started our new relationship by writing down things from our past, that had been mistakes, we made an agreement and acknowledged the existence of our intuition, our inner guidance. “I know you exist, I have started a conversation with you, I want to continue to seek out your guidance”When you switch on your personal GPS and are in tune again, it’s there for you, whenever you want it, when you question what you are doing in life, are you ready to move on, to stay where you are,change your job,country whatever may be on your mind, your inner guidance will be able to answer you. As time goes on you will know how to listen correctly, when you acknowledge this, you will connect to your sixth sense. Don’t let external factors shadow your guidance, the news can be depressing you may have peer or social pressure, this does not include them, this is purely between you and your inner power. Consider this as normal, in our everyday life, there is always someone trying to get our attention, but you will learn how to go into your internal world, Your inner guidance always knows what is best for you.

To connect strongly with your intuition/inner guidance, you must really desire to do so, no half measures count here, you must really want to listen, when you make this agreement with yourself, you, yourself are removing external factors and things become calm.

Always remember the difference between thinking and feeling a decision,thinking is in the brain, which as you know from last week is a second component in the thought path, feeling comes from your wonderful strong heart, the center of your conscious.


A life spent making mistakes is honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”

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images (4) family tree

Sundays, was the day when most families always got together, sadly this has been lost over the years due to many modern day factors, the world is our oyster as they say, and we could all be in a different corner of this wonderful world !! However, we all seem to be connected to doing well and successful, starting companies and enterprises which are all very comendable, but we must never forget that the best company in the world and life is family. 

images (4) Family poster

No matter what differences we may have with our families, and I am sure there are many over the years, family is family and as the quote above stats “love never ends” and this must never be forgotten.

images (4) olod quote


images (4) Final quote


images (4) Happy sunday









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SATURDAY !!!……………….

Its saturday, and normally our weekly routine has a rest and of we go doing weekend things, things that we cannot get to do during our busy week days, I will be away all day today, I am on a trip to Valencia to lunch with my youngest son, can’t wait to get there.

It’s very hot here at the moment, the last couple of days have been 40 degrees, thats hot… so the hour in the car is not the best part,but with A/C it makes life better.

So when I am sitting in the town plaza this afternoon after a fantastic lunch, sipping Spanish coffee and ice-cream, I will think of you all…………………………………….!!

Have a great Saturday 


images Saturday






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images (4) starter

So how do we develop this amazing tool we have already, that will help us to make the right decisions, once you unlock this little secret you will start to save time and energy on decision-making. Your inner power, your deep intuition will guide you all the way, once you start to listen, allowing you to make the correct choice. 

Can you remember making bad decisions, I now it is not easy to face up to this,but, you need to remember how bad you felt through wrong decision-making, the ones that have given you pain and suffering,taking the wrong job, the wrong relationship, just bring them back for a second, and then ask yourself if you would make the same decision again. By doing this you are giving yourself the opportunity to listen to your inner self, imagine it is jumping up and down to get your attention, don’t ignore it !! listen, it’s guiding you back to your true self and attempting to get you to not make a bad decision again, but again you have to listen !! To do this you have to back track, hence the remembering, you can’t change this as you know, we can never change the past, but we can learn from it. All your uncomfortable moments and bad present situations can be changed into positive experiences,but you have to be brave enough to see them for what they are, you need to put yourself under the magnifying glass.

descarga (2) Intuition 1

You now need to find a quiet place, or come back to this later. Write down all your unhappy moments and things you are not happy about right now, include all your biggest mistakes, it is best to be alone for this as it can leave you emotionally drained. It could even make you cry and move feelings you may have long forgotten, this would be normal tears are a sign of connecting with your inner self. As you work through this the more you write the more of a connection you will make, deep down inside, you will start to see how you made those decisions in the past. You need to take your time with this, breathe and give time for things to sink in, if you rush you will not get the benefit of your true inner power, this is a time to invest in yourself with time and energy. This is a task of true one to one work, no lies, whole truth, its your opportunity to speak very openly with yourself, this is just you and the piece of paper ! This is really personal, so be personal, everything has to go down, be sincere with yourself.

images (4)post 3


To really get to grips with your inner self, you must be honest, it is an exercise of honesty, it is an exercise that has great value and is a wonderful way to find out what really is getting at you. The more time you give past decisions, the lighter you will feel on completion, you will feel the relief.


The world’s greatest achievers practised introspection —so can you ” 

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images (4) friday

Listen to yourself and believe !!


images (4) Post thursday afternoon

Do you follow your inner intuition ?


images (4) thursday post 2

Remember only 10% of your power comes from your brain, just imagine if you include your feelings ?

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images (4) Friday dance

Really come on, I’m serious, get dancing Friday is here yet again, how did it get here so quick !! But, lets dance, by dancing we can achieve great muscle tone, become stronger, stay flexible, dancing has so many benefits and its such a pleasure to do, when we set a fitness routine, lots of us just can’t face it, although we should ! A great work out with music is great, so if you belong to the group of (let me find an excuse!!) this could be for you, just play your favourite music and dance your little feet of, you can do it alone, or you can join a dance class and make new friends, make it a social event, or just dance happily around your home.

It is also fantastic for those fighting the scales, diet after diet and the exercise part is letting you down, then, dance those kilos away, it is a great way to lose weight !

The physical and mental benefits are also outstanding, it will reduce your stress levels, it improves the condition of your heart and lungs,you feel forever young makes you happier, smarter. It even builds confidence and helps with skill and stamina, dancing is going to make you a whole lot healthier, so what are you waiting for !!!

descarga (2) Benefits of dancing

Use your weekend well, this can be done alone or can even be a great fun time with the kids, whatever you choose, remember the choice is always yours…….be happy

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What is Sixth Sense ?   Sixth Sense in scientific (or non scientific) terms is defined as Extra Sensory Perception or in short ESP it involves the reception of information not gained through any of the five senses, nor is it taken from any experiences from the past or known. Sixth Sense aims to move seamlessly integrate online information and tech into everyday life. By making available information needed for decisions making beyond what we have access to with our five senses, it effectively gives users a sixth sense. 

images (4) Buddha sense

The more we can look inside of ourselves when embarking on making choices, you will start to see changes in a positive way into your personal everyday life. You have to remember that decisions should be felt as right, not always is it a case of thinking what is right. From the moment we open our eyes after a nights sleep we are making decisions, some big some small, this goes on all day until we return to sleep again. Are you going to be successful today, do you want lunch or not, will I make more money today, will I lose money today, will I meet someone special today, will by family be happy and well, and it goes on and on, day in day out.

The most amazing thing about decisions is that at some point they will affect us big or small, some of the smallest ones can make the biggest wave, it can lead to one of the biggest decisions of your life, a change in hairstyle could lead us to our life partner !! You just never know.

The other aspect of all this thinking and decision-making can change our whole life, in one day, and when we make a mistake and take the wrong decision we also end up maybe very unhappy and waste time, time we cannot recuperate. We cannot recuperate money badly spent, we can not recuperate a loved one, that does not love us, and all the time and energy we spent on these type of things, leave us unsatisfied with our life in general.We have maybe lost time chasing a career that was the wrong choice for us,and your natural talent is swept under the carpet, you have lost business and opportunities because of the wrong decision. 

When you become better at making decisions, you also start to control your life better, you can guide your future for a better outcome with less failures and ever lasting happiness. To obtain all this, we need to call on our Sixth Sense, this is your inner power, your Sixth Sense is a conversation with yourself, it is always present, we just don’t always listen, have you never heard that little inner voice coming from deep inside, that tells you to do or not do something ? and when you have not listened, you have maybe had to regret that at a later date. 

images (4) intuition

Did you know that we have our own GPS, and that we have it for life, and long before the car or the telephone, and of course this helps with our decision-making, when we allow it ! Most of us will make decisions on thinking is this the right or wrong thing to do, what would X do in this situation or are you one of those, who worry what others will think about your decision. If you make decisions in this way, it is not wrong,the problem is you are only using your head, and that is not always the best way, the head,the brain only represents 10% of your conscious mind ! so what does that tell you ? That means that this BIG decision you are making you are doing so, only using 10% of your true possibility……………………………not good eh!! Just think what we are missing, the perfect way , would be to feel what is best at that moment in time, what is your inner power telling you, you have your GPS use it, it will direct you the way to go,you have always had this little gift, but maybe you did not know about it, and how well it can serve you . Your personal GPS is powered by the heart,quote”Unlike your brain, the controlling flight, fight or freeze mechanisms cannot manipulate your heart” Your heart is the most authentic representative of who you really are, it is where fear cannot change a thing. Your heart has collected all your memories and experiences, and you can call on all of this whenever you want to. 

Sixth Sense is the voice of the soul, the more you listen, the more you know your true self”


Tomorrow we will look at how you can connect !







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