It’s thursday, how inspired in love are you, do your learn well? do you teach well ? do you have the ability to inspire? whatever you can do, do it with love ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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What would you do if you had one extra hour a day ,would you read, talk with friends, take a lazy coffee look after yourself ,it is a proven fact that if we gave ourselves one hour a day,we could be healthier and clearer of mind.

time goes by

Sixty wonderful minutes just for us,we could take a long and pretty walk,on the beach, through the woods, a country lane, by the riverbank. Time to disconnect,relax and reflect on whatever we wished, we could meet with friends and converse.

coffee time 2


Or maybe listen to music what a wonderful thought,could we find that hour some time during our day,maybe a short siesta without looking at the clock ,or visit the art gallery and enjoy the silence and beauty,soak in the bath,meditate,light exercise or maybe it’s just a simple preparation of a evening meal with inner peace and a little touch of love whatever your choice,make it your time to enjoy or in the company of the one’s you love to be with……………….

time to think 1


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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Learn to show and receive love, love attracts love !!

Put love into your life………….and start to enjoy life more ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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images  Happiness 1


“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love, It will all come back to you in abundance “

This is the Law of nature…………….

Why do we look for happiness, when we hold the key right in the palm of our hands, maybe many will disagree with me, but it is true, we search and search, but it is not for happiness, we expect other’s to bring this happiness into our life. This will never happen,we have to know the happiness within us to be able to build on that. This is our own happiness, that we must establish for ourselves. Other’s can bring us moments of happiness, but true happiness, the base line where we build on our happiness only falls on us, we are responsable to create this, without this the moments of happiness we encounter on our journey through life will always fall like a pack of cards.It’s like building a house with the roof first, we all know the foundation’s are the most important, and we are no different. 

To be happy you must be your own sunshine, love ,(you must love yourself) you need to enjoy the little things that life offers you, look at the big picture and do everything with a sense of purpose, you need to complain less and appreciate more, watch less and do more, judge less and accept more, talk less and listen more, frown less an SMILE more, think less and feel more these are all things that our foundation of happiness needs. When we realise all these things we change our inner being, it becomes a nice place to be, we are at peace and are happy being there, this is when are external moments of happiness arrive, we can then build on them and they will become more solid,and become a premanent fixture in our life.Happiness is first to be found within ourselves when we are happy, everything else is cream on the cake !!!

images happiness end of post

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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THAT MAGIC WORD LOVE……………………………………………

What more can I say, love, love and maybe more love……..

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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images colour theray 1

Colour therapy, we are lead to believe that an assortment of colours can bring harmony to the mind body and soul. Again this is good to reduce stress levels, so you may find that the colour of your office, bedroom, home in general is setting you of balance and causing more stress in your life. If you feel that your home is lacking life dull by placing fresh flowers or potted plants around your home it could help a little. When you decide to change the colour of a room, please remember that not all good colours are good for certain rooms, for example, bright vibrant colours are great for a dinning room, they would be very bad for a bedroom, they can disrupt your sleep. The main colours you wear on a daily basis can also influence in your stress levels and moods. Dark colours can also cause dark moods, a little colour will always brighten you up. A colourful life is a happy life. 

images colour therapy 2

Lets look at some colours and what they represent………………..

RED……A powerful and very warm colour, strength and vitality.It will increase body temperature libido, heartbeat and circulation. Not good for people with a high temper, or high blood pressure and inflamed conditions. Magenta a good colour for people who find red to much. It also boosts vitality and is an adrenal tonic, then we have pink the softer of the red variety, this is good for everyone,but more so for the especialy fragile types who need a gentle boost. 

ORANGE…Warm and revitalising, giving joy, and energises the thyroid gland, and helps the respiratory system, but not good for inflammation, within the orange range you will find peach comforting and softening to the emotions and gold is good for healing in general. 

YELLOW…Warm this is the ray of the intellect, very good colour for energising the muscular system and the lymphatic system, also good for stimulating the mind. Within this colour scheme is cream, which is a well balanced colour and has no bad indication. 

GREEN…A cool colour this is the ray of harmony, helps with anxiety and brings peace and well being. It gives strength without stimulating. Can help with stomach and liver inflammations and calms the nerves. However it is no good for anaemia. Turquoise is within this scheme of green and gives a calming and soothing effect. It is very helpful in times of stress resistance to all passing infections.

BLUE…Cool and the ray of inspiration an relaxing, relieves inflammation helpful with jaundice low blood pressure will drop fever and helps with sleep giving tranquility. Dark Blue is within the scheme and is known for helping broken bones and fractures. However blue is contra indicated if there is fatique or depression.

INDIGO…Cool and the ray of intuition and relaxing, helps to reduce bleeding and excessive menstrual flow. Good for pain inflammation and swelling Purple is within this scheme an inspiritional colour, however like indigo and purple are not good for depression. 

VIOLET…Cool, the ray of spirituality and relaxing, stimulates the third eye, while calming the central nervous system. Helpful for stress, anxiety insomnia skin complaints and pain relief. However not good for energy or deep depression. Lavender is within the scheme and is good to soothe stress and alleviate insomnia.

CHAKRAS – Each chakra is associated with various parts of our body physiological functions and states of mind.


images colour chakras

Crown – pineal,transcendence spirituality

Brow   – pituitary intuition intellect

Throat – thyroid self expression creativity

Heart  –  thymus love compassion

Solar Plexus – pancreas emotional energy personal power

Hara – gonads vitality sexual expression

Root – adrenals survival instinct



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TAKE NOTE………………………………………………..

Make the most of every second…. it counts, you count and you should enjoy everything you can to the maximum………………….<3

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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Today is a special day for me, not sad,(well maybe a little I do miss him terribly) but as I truly believe my father is with me within, I feel him here and take great comfort from that, and for that reason do not want to be sad, I know he would not want that for any of us. He still cares and loves us, as we do him…….Love you always, you are in my heart forever.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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DO YOU LOVE ?……………………………….

You really do, think about it and be grateful and happy, love cannot be found everywhere!

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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Whether it be an over authoritive BOSS ,complaining neighbours, or jealous companions, they all form part of our daily life, and can come between us and being happy. You need to know how to identity and learn how to cope with it, its difficult but not impossible.

toxic partner 1

A.  You think they are your friends,but, after talking with them you feel bad,they create doubts and bring out your insecurities. Don’t let this type of person into your circle, they will only bring out your weak  points and leave you feeling frustrated.

B.  Learn how to say NO in a  educated and good manner, identify your priorities and protect them,be faithfull to yourself but don’t close yourself into a bubble and DO NOT become a VICTIM.

C.  There will always be people who love to be with you and who will always want the best for you,,connect with people of this kind they will encourage you to reach your goals,but don’t expect anything in return,just enjoy the true friendship.

D.  Do you ever hear yourself saying “My boss really gets on my nerves” or “they have totally ruined my day” if thats the case it the time to stop depositing the control of your emotions in others,! FREE YOURSELF!

Think about the above, its time you were in control, and say goodbye to the toxic people in your life……………..the sooner the better.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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