I would love to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the birthday wishes I have received over the past week, and also a big welcome to all the new followers that have decided to join me here at the Utopia Universe, I thank you and hope that you will enjoy the journey with me as much as I enjoy you being here with me ………………..

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This quote is so very true, how many times do we fight with our heart? I think maybe we all have done this at some stage, but, we know that the mind is eventually going to win, no matter how long we keep up the fight, the mind will win, because it is right, with what ever our problem maybe the acceptance of that problem will always aliviate our pain and suffering……

Universal Life & Relationship Coach



If you are aware that you talk to yourself, then you have met your little devil,he’s the one that gives you all that great advise……..that you listen to, act upon and later think….maybe I should of made a different choice, remember are lifes are all about choice, sometimes good one’s and some times bad, and we all make bad choice’s at some time you are not alone there. However actually meeting your little devil and getting to know him well, can only be to your advantage,he is the one that has that voice of doom, doubt,despair and even some times fear, he is also full of anxiety,depression and can be a down right nervous wreck…….. you are probaly realising by now that you have maybe met him more than once, he really is not a friendly little chap, and a very common name for him is NEGATIVE, however he does have a really good friend who can be found within your innerself, and this is the voice you should be listening to, your innerself will always give you the correct answer if you let it guide you and you listen with interest, sometimes it takes time to fade out the little devil and welcome his friend POSITIVE. When the little devil comes to visit you have to slowly show him the way out, this will not happen overnight, but the more you do it the less he will come to visit, like ourselves he does not call when he knows he is going to be ignored, this is a job which you need to learn and learn well, the ability to block him out once and for all, let POSITIVE in when ever you like he is more trustworthy and honest and from coming deep within will always guide you well, if you let him that is, this you also have to learn, to listen to your innerself and not  outside influences, if we listen to the news on the TV or radio, it can be very depressing with everything that is going on around us, but you have to learn to take it in and then let it out, you can’t just never listen to the news again, you need to be informed, you just don’t need to carry it around with you for ever, so you release it, this is the same attitude needed with the little devil,NEGATIVE if we let this in, it will grow and grow and the negativity will take over,                                                                                                                                                                            When we were children, we never feared our abilities, we never questioned them, so what went wrong, you let to much negativity take over, as children we never let that happen,you had 100% control over your mind and your imagination ran wild, well you need to get back to that to create your reality now, your abilities,take full control of your mind, and don’t give it away to any little devil who thinks he can control you, you are your own master making your own choices, believe in yourself and create the life you want to the best of your ability.If you wanted to create a beautiful garden or home you would want the best,this gives the best results,so choose your seeds well and plant the seeds in all areas of your life and watch it grow,the flow will be natural and the result amazing.                                                                                                                          If you think you can’t, your little devil has you…………………………..right where he wants you, its time to tell him……..ADIOS



Universal Life & Relationship Coach


It’s the start of another great week, and the final one of October, unbelievable but November here we come, so why not fill your week, your life forever and a day with love, it can be given and recieved in many ways, through your relationships, your work your kindness, it can be involved in everything you do, when we do it with love, the difference is amazing ………

Have an amazing life……..

Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Most of you know this is my favourite day, it is everything for me that is stated above, I have blue skies, a great beach & crystal clear water….how fortunate I am, can you think of a better way to unwind……..I love it …….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


The weekend is such a welcoming time, I hope you are able to enjoy it, it’s a YOU time to enjoy and do the things that bring you most joy, friends family loved ones…….or just yourself and a great book, who could be better company than yourself, alone with your thoughts !!

Whatever you choose, have a great time..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Do you ever stop to think how important you are? probably not, as you may feel out of place doing that, but you should, because you have a value that no one can calculate or take your place, we have a uniquness that makes us who we are, and knowing who we are is so important, we all have a limited and precious time here, so we must never waste it, your opinion counts in every aspect of your life, know your roots as a person who started a very important journey, and never lose sight of the beginning the middle or even the end, you are strong brave and courageous and can handle anything, good, bad or indifferent, keep your intuition close to your heart and follow the indications it gives you.

Think of yourself, use your mind and always keep to the facts, instantly remove negativity you do not need it in your life, you are positive and the more positivity you place in your mind and life, the more you will yearn, therefore it becomes a new habit, positivity rules the day!! have faith in everything you do, and remember that there are still good and smart honest people in the world, make your own decisions and remember that you are important enough to yourself to keep making your own choices and decisions. Keep your own space, you need it, the people around you need you to have it, you are important enough to have your own space, it is vital for your personal harmony and balance, no one plays your role like you, thats why we are made how we are made… deep within you you know your own worth and value, you do not need the validation of anyone, this is a very important point, why do we look to others for validation? You are important enough to yourself to claim self validation…..

You are important, you are an important person to many different people, you are valued and you are loved always……

Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Every year, I think to myself, is this going to be the last time I publish the fact it is my birthday, but, as time goes by I really do think that age is simply a number, a number of years the world has been enjoying me !!!

The great thing about age is that you really can stop worrying about what is happening in your life, and questioning everything with a why….. you know your why for going forward and to obtain your goals, is the motor of your life,but these are two distinct why’s in life….. what you achieve with age is that each road you are directed to, you become more confident within yourself to know that something wonderful is going to present itself to you and that the more trust you have in yourself and the process the universe has in store for you the more beautiful your life becomes. Personally I feel my years have given me strength and wisedom and has helped me to become a better version of myself, I love my age, I am old enough to know better in certain circumstances young enough to do things I don’t have to think twice about! and above all experienced enough to do it right!! Thank you all for always being there, I appreciate you all, every single one of you…..I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a great day……….


We all have bad days……..they just come around from time to time, so take the advice, breathe in and let it go!! Who wants to hold on to something they don’t want………….

Have a great weekend…………

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach




Life is open to all kinds of choice, you just have to be wide awake to choose the correct road for you, always, stop, think and then act……the time you take to see things in a clear light, will always be time well spent…….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Last week-end I had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to this very talented young man, he is a friend of my youngest son and when I arrived to see him, we all had coffee together and my son showed me various youtube videos of Oscar, look them up and enjoy them, he really has a natural talent…………….He now has another fan !!………………. (You may remember this post, the great news is Oscar is now going to be on the famous show The Voice (La Voz) I am so hoping this is the big break he truly deserves!!)Wishing you every success Oscar, lol







Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Mid-week vibe, and always everyday we live….positive, positivity, it’s the only way to be!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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