Enjoy today it’s Sunday………..all over the world and all day….!!

So what are your plans, is it going to be slow and lazy preparing for your great week ahead………….


We all have things to be grateful for, so you could make a great gratitude day !


What a great day, gratitude, smile, breath and connecting body and soul 


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Vision Board fun, most of you will know what a vision board is, but just in case you don’t , a vision board is a wonderful tool to bring your hopes dreams and goals closer to you and is a great way to help focus, many have problems with permanent focus on what we want in our life. 

You can display anything you want on your board, when you see something in a magazine you want in your life, cut it out and stick it on your board, it can be a car, your dream home, the job you would like, the clothes you would want to wear, how the new you will look, do you want to travel, find all those fabulous places you want to go, cut them out and get them up there with all your dreams, whatever you would like to see in your life, deserves a place on that board, all your professional and personal dreams, a soul mate,to enjoy all these wonderful things you can bring into your life.

A vision board is a superb way to keep that motivation going, you can place long and short-term goals on it, you can change anything you like, the positioning of your board is important, place it where you can see it a lot, if you work from home your office space is a great place, you can make little extensions to it, maybe an affirmation on your bathroom mirror or that car you want, by it being one of the first things you see in a morning and maybe the last at night will keep the focus up front and right in the perfect spot….. remember your thoughts are key here, we are what we think and we have the ability to draw things to us, like attracts have the power within to do this, you can create the life you want, and a vision board is a great tool to help you.

This is a strong statement, but true, ask, believe and receive, you can of course have more than one board, if you want them in different places,and it really can be fun, as you put the board together you will find that you get excited by what you are choosing and seeing, this is emotion which is very important for your vibration going out to the universe, and you will feel this every time you look at it.

Another great thing about the vision board, is that you can include your children in this, let them make a vision board of their own, this helps them to realise that they really can achieve and be what they want to be in this world, it can motivate them just like you, it can teach them to set goals and plan as they get older, it is never to young for them to start new habits, habits and believes that older people have difficulty in removing.Many people get stuck in life by holding on to old beliefs and not being able to remove them. Imagine if we had, had a vision board,  wow !


Have fun this weekend, start your motivation and start your vision board !!

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MY DAY TODAY !………………..


Yes, it’s that funny number day, that is all birthdays are a number !! How come we all want to grow up, the big one’s 18, 21 even 30 then we change ……………… well I am happy, and each year I learn a little more, how great is that !! 

I am going to have a great day today, starting with breakfast with my mother and a few friends, at my local cafe…..

So, I will catch up with you all later …….Have a great day also !



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Are we creating children that are converting themselves in what we know as little ( I & I ) egoists! From a very young age we must work with them on their empathy and show them how to tolerate their frustrations. Only by doing this we can avoid them always thinking of themselves.

A favourite saying of many mothers is, “Put yourself in my place” We become embarrassed by our children not wanting to share or continually interrupting us when we are talking to someone else, However we are not aware of the damage we do within our own homes, with the family and how we educate them. No matter how tired we are, we are not capable of telling them that we cannot read to them that evening or that you can’t take them a toy because your back or neck pain is so bad. 

It is important that parents show the children their own necessities, desires and motivation. If we don’t give our children the opportunity to put themselves in our place, they never will, and later when they demand and become egocentric , we will be surprised and feel let down. 

We can be generous but with limits, a child when born is an egoist and egocentric , because they need to be as a baby, as we need to care for them. As they start to grow, our interests and emotions start to change and we want them to be more part of the family group, and for that to happen they have to start accepting social little rules. For a child to learn this and to share in with his family they need to feel motivated and a relationship with others. It may seem normal that your child will not share with another child a toy in the park as they do not know them, however they should be encouraged and taught to lend and share, in this case their toys. If we start to show them how to share and lend at home, with the people they have a relationship with it will be more easier for them to share outside the home. 


Frustrations can be healthy for a child, It is important that parents have it very clear, that the children cannot have their own way always, this way we help them to work out their frustrations and come to turns with their mistakes. Parents who give in to every request, who constantly adapt to what they want, without putting any rules, will eventually be creating a spoilt and egocentric child. This is why parents must learn to tolerate that our children cry, show their distaste or boredom and should not react.

The only child, you cannot generalise with this, however the parents have to be stronger in reinforcing empathy and the frustration more. An only child does not have to share at home, does not have to wait to be listened to, which means they obtain their wishes easier. They have no competition and have more time and dedication from their parents, who people believe to be less tired and have more patience, (This is not always the case) However there are parents who have various children and still consent to every whim, and parents with one child who show their children and teach them to put themselves in someone else’s situation. 





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What could be better than a Friday ?

Well may be thousands of things, like a lighter work load, not so much to do around the house, a little miracle appearing in your life, having family fun, lots of laughter and happiness !

Whatever you are doing as always I wish you a fabulous friday, and great weekend


Be happy…………………………………………………………….

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The Alexander technique

The reason behind this technique is to reach a state of active conscious, regarding the body. With the help of a professional you can learn to modify your movements when you walk, sit, lie down, lift objects and even write at a computer. You normally find that you have been using more strength than necessary in a lot of the movements and automatically use movements that can bring us chronic tension.

Feldenkrais Method

Many postures and movements can show problems within the nervous system, for example people who suffer from depression can find they have curved shoulders and spine appearance, thanks to the exercises used in the Feldenkrais Method, students can identify this habit and correct it, which helps with control over their moods. This method is also good for back pain, joints, osteoporosis and fibromialgia. It also helps sports injuries of all kinds.



This is actually more than 70 years old, known then as Intensive Swedish gymnastics, which allows in a short period of time to work on the muscle tone with a big effect. It also gives the student a good education into posture in and out of the gym. Each exercise is repeated 5 to 10 times. The movements are short, but well controlled, which gives strength and stretch for the muscles without looking like a body builder.

Middendorf Therapy

People who follow this therapy say that  it is one of the best breathing tools, to make a change in an individual . Each person has  their own breathing rhythm and it is very different from that of your finger print.With this as a guided therapy in a class of approx one hour and a half , we can achieve excellent breathing using the healing powers that are at times hidden from us.


Diafreo Therapy

The diafram is a muscle which separates our breathing organs from our digestion organs, and can be considered as the key to the entry of emotional problems, seen as muscle contraction, in any part of the body,through the practise of breathing exercises and movement techniques, a person can achieve with time a rhythm as when sleeping, it will correct postures and help the functions of your internal organs , it can also help to release blocked energy .


This is a soft chinese form of gymnastics, which any age can do, the object of Tai-Chi is to exercise the body and create harmony between yin & Yang. To learn the basic movements, you will need approx 3 months, The Chi-kung is also an oriental exercise which helps to flow the chi, or also known as vital energy of the internal organs, via determined postures meditation and breathing.



This method is recommended for stress, migraines and asthma . The reasoning behind bioenergetics is that stress and trauma is left printed into the muscles. For this reason , if you release the tension accumulated in these areas, it also clears the mind. 


A discipline of thousands of years, helping people through posture exercises and breathing techniques, it provides the body with flexibility and helps to calm the mind.

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It’s a new day, find your magic……………………………

Beautiful day to you all❤

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We all complain, at one time, and it doe’s not matter which country you are from, some countries think it is a National Habit !! and that we have the right…..A complaint can be a form of expression for pain which can be beneficial. However when complaining becomes a part of every part of our life, then it can become a habit, a bad habit. So why, at times complaining can be a way to hide our head in the sand, instead of confronting the problem at hand that is worrying us, complaining stops us from taking action and seeing what is wrong.

So, take the bull by the horns, as they say, deal with the problem and this will do away with the complaining. 




The people who tend to complain on a constant level, will be less likely to know what they are doing, they will not see it, however, the person that doe’s not complain by nature, could be helping the one that does, by not saying anything.  It is time to be brave, and step up and realise that we are fueling the complaintive, and say something. If you are someone who complains all the time and do realise what you do, you will hopefully see or be told that blaming others, is simply not taking responsibility of the circumstances of what is happening, and they continue to complain. When they realise or are shown this, it is the first step to overcome this habit and to make changes and to act regarding the resolution of the problem at hand.




A simple way is to slowly change your thoughts on your complaint is to add, “maybe not so much” Most complaining people will complain about their partner, for example, when they say, “He doe’s not love me as much as I do ” if they add, well maybe not so much, it is a start to them seeing things in a slightly different light, this will give this person a way to deactivate and come out of a 100% negative thought. It’s a slow method but can bring results.




Another way to change this thought pattern is to work with the thought of change……This work consists of  four questions, “Is it the truth?” “Do you know it is the truth with 100% certainty ?” How do you react when this happens,what do you think of these thoughts, “Who would you be without this thought ?” “Who or what are you without these thoughts ?” So if you do this not only in thought but applied to the complaint , which in reality are also thoughts we would realise the importance of responsibility and the situation. 




You can also work with the emotions, how they react with our thoughts “What type of emotion do you feel when you go into complaining mode ?”what images do you see from your past or your future and what physical sensation do you have when complaining. “Do you have obsession or addiction when you start to complain” All the answers to these questions if we answer honestly can help us to see the damage we do to ourselves while complaining on a permanent basis. 




How do you see this, some people prefer to carry on complaining instead of changing anything. Are you one of these ? When we don’t take responsibility for what is going on, we stay stuck ! and not being able to control our life, giving power to those around us. It is better to be brave and take responsibility of what we can change and reject the idea that we  do nothing. When we complain constantly we use an incredible amount of energy , we become tired and trapped in a vicious circle, without any hope of getting out. It takes us to an emotional state of unhappiness and sadness which stops us from taking action. So unless you wish to pay this price, it is always  better to take the road of changing, and start to take action. 








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Can you fill your own heart..? It is very important to make ourselves happy and to feel our own magic, to create our own magic , we can do this and much more .

Live your life and create magic today❤

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Meditation is a wonderful beneficial relaxing experience, it allows to shut out the outside world for a little while, for us to be calm and alone with ourselves, to clear our thoughts obtain clarity and to be able to listen, when we listen, when we receive indication on which way to go, the answer to our problems, and the right decision to take, this is not the case for everyone, but this can happen, this is known as a direct connection, whether this be with , the Universe, God or your intuition the power within is for the individual to choose. We all have different views on this, and that is fine, the connection is the important factor here. If you feel you do not reach this connection but feel inner peace after your meditation then you are doing a good job, you have found the ability to close everything out and find peace. I personally struggled with this for quite a while, I had difficulty switching my brain of, the concentration was hard, I then decided not to concentrate, that maybe I was forcing a situation, so I just surrender myself to myself, and I found myself going to a place that brought me great peace, I do this all the time now, and my difficulty has left me and I can meditate  at any time.

I take myself through a beautiful old set of doors, I see the doors in detail, I feel the wood and the iron of the key hole, I walk through and find myself in a patio, a stone patio full of foliage, lush greens and roses, there is a wonderful fragrance in the air, I take this in, I breath in and out slowly enjoying the fragrance as I pass through the patio, onto a beautiful lawn, I can smell the grass freshly cutand feel it below my feet, I can hear the birds, and I can hear water, as I look forward I can see the sky, but it joins a beautiful blue/green ocean, as I continue to move forward I see a big chair placed ahead, when I reach the chair I sit, it is so comfortable and I start to enjoy the sea view with a new fragrance of the ocean below,I can feel a breeze on my face, it moves my hair,  I can hear and see the ocean in the distance, this is where I find my bliss, I disconnect and go with the flow,(this is when I listen, or I visualise what I wish for in my life, my goals how I would like to see things )  when I am ready I stand and make my way back to the garden, I cross the freshly cut grass, I once again experience the fragrance of the grass,I enter the inner patio and experience everything it has to offer until I reach the doors, as I pass through the doors and turn to close them, I say goodbye until my next visit. How grateful I am to have my special place.

I hope you have your special place, if you have not found it yet, you are welcome to visit my special place when ever you wish. “Brooke’s Secret Garden”

Meditation is not about the time you spend, it is more about the quality of your meditation, I have attached music with this post today , enjoy it, connect with yourself, and find your inner peace.


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