You have strength…

The strength – Of something can be the measure of how much force or pressure it can withstand. The state or quality of being strong, physical power or capacity. The ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort.

The quality that allows someone to deal with problems, positive or negative aspects of the external or internal environments.

When we speak of strength, within ourselves, we do not need to think of muscle, we find strength using our inner power, a strength that can come from nowhere depending on the situation we find ourselves in, that sudden boost that comes to us, to face what is at hand. At times we need strength to accept loss, to know that tomorrow is never going to be the same as today or yesterday, but we find the inner strength to continue on our life journey, as hard as it seem’s to us, we find the strength or the strength finds us, we find strength to re-act in an emergency, which we thought maybe we could never do, but it is there for us, and we find physical strength when required, maybe short term or long term when facing an illness or difficult situation, we find our inner strength for ourselves and for those that are around us, people that need our support and to be able to pull on our strength. we all have this strength,but, it doe’s not show up for everyone at the same time, some times we need to give or take strength from others. Our inner strength is not an object that can be measured, some times it can be seen, by others, we are referred to as strong people, because this is the impression we give,(the impression is not always correct) we can scratch the surface and find a very vunerable person underneath, so always be prepared to share your strength and help others when needed. The inner satisfaction you feel to help another, can be tremendous, remember that not everyone is happy and in company of their loved one’s, your strength share could mean everything to someone.



Brooke, Universal Life Coach


Following these words of wisdom, are going to give you a kick start into your week ………way to go, love love love…’s always on that list……

Have a great week…………………… deserve it !!

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Hope you have a little sunshine, wherever you may be………….Have a great day

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Just a thought, when you look at this pretty meditterean door and it’s beautiful hybiscus …..what lovely thoughts go through your mind, can you feel the slight breeze, drifting up from the sea, the aroma of summer all around, and what do you hear, the birds the bees the rippling of the waves upon the shore………

Brooke Universal Life Coach


healthy living 3

When you believe and make a firm decision in your mind to lead a healthy lifestyle, the rest is easy, just truly believe in what you want. It is of no importance what that wish is, it is your inner strength and belief that makes things happen for you, make a change in your daily habits to see a change in your life…………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


This is so true and probably one of the best tips…………it is great for your stressed out moments,but is also perfect for those shady negative thoughts, that like to creep into our mind, eac time that happens……bring up those happy moments and let the positivity shine…………when you do this over a period of time, it will have become a new habit you accquire and you can say bye bye to a high percentage of negativity…………………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


When you think of kindness, what comes to mind, what you can do for another person, what someone can do for you or maybe what we all could do if we pulled together, that would be a lovely thought and an incredible thing, but sadly it does not always work out like that, I often wonder if some people go through life showing no kindness to anyone !

As I go through my day, walking, driving what ever I am doing, we really do come across people who have their head some where that I don’t think is here with us, we stop to give way to traffic, and they do not even notice that you are there, I prefer to think this, than just believe they don’t care if you are there or not, so are these kind of people so troubled with life problems or are they just not well-trained in social kindness, to be tuned into the needs of others is not a special gift, it is simply awareness,when we go shopping and are attended by a polite kind person, we remember this and the memory of that moment stays with us,  we can be anywhere in a restaurant, a petrol station even just crossing the road, when we receive kindness it is always a welcoming thing, so to give it makes our day worthwhile. 

daily kindness 1

Kindness is something we cannot buy, it has no price tag, but it is so worthy of everything we have and can give, I do not know anybody who does not appreciate kindness, it can come in many shapes and forms, it can be in a physical moment or it can be a thought, ahead of an event  or even after, kindness is usually attached to a form of love, even when it is to people we do not know, we are showing love to humanity and how we would like to be treated, this is a thought that should be most in your mind, how do you want to be treated, and do to others  as you would do to yourself ! this is an easy way to look at things in general and you cannot go far wrong using this rule in your daily life, we should always be thankful for kindness that comes our way.

daily kindness 2

It is perfectly true how kindness can change our day, it’s just the same as when we choose positive or negative to start are day, kindness is a wonderful choice we have in life, it helps us and it helps others, kindness fills us with a good energy flow and gives us the power to pass it on to others.

daily kindness 3

Open the door to kindness, allow it into your life and share it where ever possible ❤



Brooke Universal Life Coach


When you have clarity, when you know what you want and where you want to go in life, you can be happy, there is nothing there to cloud your mind, it’s free and clear……………………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Have you ever been judged, and not even been able to put your case forward, you are asked no explanations, just simply judged…………….how wrong, but in the end who wins? Does anyone gain………what you have to have clear is who you are and how you feel, every stage of life is important and you don’t need to look back, however it is very important that you stop and smell the roses, life is to be lived and enjoyed, no matter what the circumstances, it is important that we try to make the most of the time we have here……..

Many people tend to have a problem with anxiety, which will hold you back from many things that you could enjoy, I would highly recommend Yoga, it is a really good place to escape to and extremley calming, once you get the hang of it, it can be very beneficial in itself and what it opens you up to in life…..

Of course we should never forget happiness, what a life lesson that is, it is the ultimate goal for most people, rewarding you with a peaceful and content sensation, which is a wonderful way to live.

You don’t have to have a reationship to be happy, you can find love in all kinds of places, you can find love in compassion and empathy, with friends, groups of people and places, wherever you feel you can be your true self, it is a wonderful kind of love, its a true love, of loving yourself and your soul. We all have so much, alone or in a relationship, this is a personal choice and we are all different.

Ageing and life lessons are great, there is beauty in ageing, our perspective needs to shift, we’ve become so obsessed with youth that we don’t give age the respect it deserves, It’s something you should look forward to, every stage of your life is important and you don’t need to be looking back, you need to love every part of your life, it’s part of your life, it’s not something you should dread. That’s what can make us sad, we need to look forward to this part of our life, something that is beautiful, there really is beauty in all ages, there is no expiration date on beauty.

My happiness comes from simplicity, and you?

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Never chase perfection, it can also find us, but always be grateful for everything you have in your life, big or small, it is what makes everyday worth while, appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life!

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Do you tend to panic when you think about where you are going, have you had to listen to someone who believes that you choose a profession and stick with it, all of your life, in days gone by, I dare say that was true, our grandparents may well of thought that way, and sadly planted that into your mind, thus becoming a an unlimited believe and one you may find difficult to uproot. However today, living in the present totally does uproot that belief, as we can be whatever we set our minds to, nothing is impossible. It is not a question of who are parents are, or their background and family or financial history, this modern world and the magic of the internet, has made the world a much smaller place and the opportunities we have to choose from are endless, you can study anything you choose, and many things are without moving from your home.

So, if you are confused as to where you are heading, don’t panic, it really is a normal thing, when so much is available to us. Many have much more than one career or profession , and it is not something that is frowned on, also if you are qualified in different subjects that is also not frowned on, the more the merrier, all of these things are knowledge and knowledge is power……. and power is always a valuable tool.

It is not a reason to panic, if you find yourself at an older age, or young, it really is not a question of age,and you feel unsettled and unable to find the niche we are looking for, where we will receive personal satisfaction for our work and of course the right financial income for us to enjoy our lifestyle. It is a known fact that at times the more we panic the more internal confusion we create and the more difficult it is for us to focus on exactly what and where we want to go. We should also not feel bad or unsatisfied with ourselves if we totally change direction in our work and life in general, we are free and independent people and have a right to find happiness in what we do and who we do it with, at times it is necessary to make these changes to find what we are looking for, even if we don’t know what that is, luckily most of us do know what we don’t want and that helps, the only thing with that is you must give what you don’t want in your life to much thought, don’t focus on it, as we will only bring more of that to us, the calmer you can be during this change process, the better, you need to find clarity to guide you to your new venture and successful future, don’t put a time on this, because as they say, “you never know how near you are” your intuition will also help you, if you can calm to the point it can be heard and felt, what will be, will be and our life can change in a very short time, when we start to travel on the right road, if you are not there yet, it is not your fault and Rome was not built in a day !! A new venture will not create the income you wish for immediately and the more anxious you become the more difficult you make it for yourself, this is a difficult period, but well worth the patience you give it, to later enjoy the success, which will come with continual work and new habits you incorporate, which is key to life and new business ventures


Never underestimate your power and abilities, it is possible for you to reach all of your goals, if you really want them, never worry about how you will get there or how things will evolve for you, that is not your problem, your job is to keep the faith, believe in what you are doing and always be open and allow help to flow into your life. Success will find it’s way, you just have to be ready to open the door and welcome it , into your life, can you do that ?


Universal Life Coach



We don’t need a hectic chaotic life to be happy, we need peace and calmness to enjoy all the moments of happiness we can, the more awareness we have maybe the happier we can be, serenity and a love of ourselves will always prepare us to be happy and to make others happy also……………………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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