Do you, really know how special you are, In many posts I tell you about how unique we all are, everything about us is special to us and only us.

Whatever you do, it is done your own unique way….with your approach to things, with your personality and your charm, these are some of the reasons why YOU are so ,so SPECIAL……

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The wonder of your sense of smell……….it is used thousands of times a day, we unconsciously smell all day long, but are you aware how effective this simple act can be when used to raise your spirits, to get you out of that big hole and magically give you a new breath of fresh air !!……………..

images strength roses

Our sense of smell has a wonderful memory, a smell, a fragrance can take you back to when you were five years old, when you visited your grandparents the smell of their home or linen on their beds will have you transported back to that wonderful moment,your school days, I always associate the smell of milk with my infant school days, left outside in the cold until break time,my grandmothers cologne which she always also placed in her linen chest,my fathers after shave,my childrens baby smell when ever you recollect these aromas that bring warm memories 

you instantly feel a sense of love and happy memories, a walk in the autumn forest with the smell of damp leaves, pines,fern and moss,maybe you walked with your loved one or favourite pet, the memory will be full of meaning to you,everytime you use your sense of smell your memory will take you to that happy time,that happy place and you will feel that well being.

Mixture of fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture, Apples, Banannas, Blueberry, Corn, Grapes, Healthy Food, Lettuce, Market, Natural, Nuts & Grains, Onions, Organic Produce, Peach > Fruit, Peppers, Potatoes, Raw, Squash, Vegetable, Wheat

We burn scented candles and incense in our homes,we even perfume our cars,as we go through the seasons we choose different aromas the spring brings its special fragrances, the flowers start to bloom the grass takes on a new life and odor,the smell of freshly cut grass,the summer brings longer days,eating outdoors,what it is about dinner “aire fresco” the smell of the BBQ everything tastes better,we feel good and it shows, the autumn brings the first smell of logs and burning fires, our kitchen gets introduced into fresh soups and tasty meals to take the chill away,then we slowly go into winter and the wonderful time of christmas and the wonderful new aromas that accompanies this special time of year, the roasted chesnuts,the cinnamon in the apples and the roast in the oven, we all have memories of years gone by,and new memories that we gain everyday, so when you are feeling down or you just want to have a good start to your day, use your sense of smell and remember your good and precious memories,aromas are a fundamental part of our well being,so perfume yourself your home and general surroundings,and it is important to finish your day with that last little touch of one of your favourite smells……………………………………………….Have fun and enjoy


images candle and heart

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It is so important and you owe it to yourself to always represent yourself as the best…………

Every time you invest in yourself, whether it be through advanced education, professional courses, a coach ,a mentor or even your local gym or hairstylist….you are promoting yourself in the best possible light you can, never let yourself down …… deserve everything that comes to you . …….

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YOUR COLOUR,….YOUR STRENGTH……………………………………………….

Tones and colours that transforms into deep sentiments, Colour’s that shape and forms our lives, our style and well being. Baby pink, rose colour, this could be a hopeless romantic that is totally unaware of who they are, this colour can represent joy,tenderness,simplicity and innocence, it softens the attitude of the person that wears it, and we get a peek at who they really are, there are romantic’s and they don’t know. This colour can bring you positivity and in style is one of the most pretty colours, it can be seen in your clothes,your home little touches here and there and probaly in your favourite flowers,it is a colour that blends into any part of your life and in any season.

images clock pink rose

Red is for the brave and passionate, it gives you security and governs your personality, if you have red in your life, it’s because you are sure of yourself and step firmly in your life,it represents energy and passion, people who have a tendency to this colour will start and see everything through to the end, overcoming all obstacles, it gives you positive values and you have pure passion in everything you do, the feel the strength in a home marked with red, and of course red roses can say many things.


Green, may be a colour you need around you, if your childhood was spent in the country rural areas you may hold the picture of green pastures,beautiful tree’s and rich green bush areas, this colour inspires life,inside and out,a house without plants,is a house without life,green is also a great stress reliever it takes your mind away from urban streets,highways and traffic. Green lifts the spirits,it’s fresh,revitalizing and also soothing,well loved plants in a house, can make a house into a home.

images Easter green tree and eggs

White, can transmit cleanliness,purity,light, a person dress’s or decorates in the function of how they feel, if we look inside of ourselves and seek serenity,white will always be there,it’s fresh and comfortable and mixes perfect with other colours if you are looking for it to pop,white also brings tranquility,warmth and freshness at the same time,how natural and impressive is a vase of white margaritas,narcisos white tea roses and freshly fallen snow,simply wonderful

images easter flowers white and yellow

Black, deep purple can really define you and who you are, maybe a night owl who finds comfort in the night waiting for inspiration in the twilight to come, black can be elegant,seductive,rock and roll,simple even masculine, it is very versatile and can set the mood for many scenes,black like the night can bring tranquility where your creative side can flourish,incense can fill your sense of smell and within tones, lavender can bring you the relaxation.
The colours of our lives,brings out are sentiments, our sentimental side shows who we are so if you are finding it difficult to read some one, take note of the main colours in there lives, it might give you a little helpful hand and an insight into that person.



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When we are confident, it will show in everything you do…..Confidence will give you inner strength, it comes from within and it is projected through you, people will at times comment on how the confidence just oozes out of this or that person …….you are not intimidated, afraid, timid or uncomfortable with situations you may face, you are strong, at ease with who you are and know you will do the best you can within your circumstances, ou are you and so proud to be that person………

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Did you know that we make spiritual bridges all the time, with our energy and vibrations, every thought we have and word we speak, indicates our emotions and intentions, whether they are positive or negative.

You may believe this or not, but it is just the same as the existence of light or dark, and this is why at times it is necessary for us to do an energy cleanse of ourselves, When do we know this? When our body is not in balance and does not flow in harmony as it should, this is also when our intuition kicks in and we know that things are not right.

It is time to clear all the past bad thoughts and intentions you may have had, the negative energy has to go !! You will be operating on low vibrations and that is not what you want, it is time for us to seek high vibrations and change our life for the better.

To keep the harmony within it is good to meditate and to visualize yourself protected by a beautiful aura at all times, and always give thanks to the universe, remember the law of attraction works with your 24/7 it is always working around you,

Express gratitude for your life, your family your loved one’s and everything around you, your happiness and remember you deserve the best in life, always health, wealth and love, you have to feel and believe this is true for you.

When you don’t change these things in your life, things will only repeat in your life, your beliefs will remain the same, therefore the outcome is always the same, you are a wonderful unique person who deserves the best life can offer you in every area, but it is also down to you, you have the control and power over your life, you may find this hard to believe, but change your thoughts and words when you express yourself and you will see and feel the difference in your life.

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The true secret of our beauty, is a secret we keep well hidden deep inside of us, this is what shows in our personality, in our passion that we exhibit in what we do and how we love in every aspect of the word, true beauty is seen in our expression of empathy ,caring the joy we can give to others, always be that kind of person, you will be remembered for much longer …………….

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Are we creating children that are converting themselves in what we know as little ( I & I ) egoists! From a very young age we must work with them on their empathy and show them how to tolerate their frustrations. Only by doing this we can avoid them always thinking of themselves.

A favourite saying of many mothers is, “Put yourself in my place” We become embarrassed by our children not wanting to share or continually interrupting us when we are talking to someone else, However we are not aware of the damage we do within our own homes, with the family and how we educate them. No matter how tired we are, we are not capable of telling them that we cannot read to them that evening or that you can’t take them a toy because your back or neck pain is so bad. 

It is important that parents show the children their own necessities, desires and motivation. If we don’t give our children the opportunity to put themselves in our place, they never will, and later when they demand and become egocentric , we will be surprised and feel let down. 

We can be generous but with limits, a child when born is an egoist and egocentric , because they need to be as a baby, as we need to care for them. As they start to grow, our interests and emotions start to change and we want them to be more part of the family group, and for that to happen they have to start accepting social little rules. For a child to learn this and to share in with his family they need to feel motivated and a relationship with others. It may seem normal that your child will not share with another child a toy in the park as they do not know them, however they should be encouraged and taught to lend and share, in this case their toys. If we start to show them how to share and lend at home, with the people they have a relationship with it will be more easier for them to share outside the home. 


Frustrations can be healthy for a child, It is important that parents have it very clear, that the children cannot have their own way always, this way we help them to work out their frustrations and come to turns with their mistakes. Parents who give in to every request, who constantly adapt to what they want, without putting any rules, will eventually be creating a spoilt and egocentric child. This is why parents must learn to tolerate that our children cry, show their distaste or boredom and should not react.

The only child, you cannot generalise with this, however the parents have to be stronger in reinforcing empathy and the frustration more. An only child does not have to share at home, does not have to wait to be listened to, which means they obtain their wishes easier. They have no competition and have more time and dedication from their parents, who people believe to be less tired and have more patience, (This is not always the case) However there are parents who have various children and still consent to every whim, and parents with one child who show their children and teach them to put themselves in someone else’s situation. 






Strength can be found in many shapes and sizes, we find strength when we need it most, at times it can just appear, when we least expect it, whether it be physical or emotional ………it comes from nowhere, it is hidden deep within, but should we enter into fight or flee mode, it will be there ready to help you in the best way possible, never doubt yourself or your capabilities in anything.

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This has to be one of the best relaxing moments of the day, a perfect Sunday meltdown, this music relaxes the body, calms the mind and fills your soul to the brim, just drift with it, give yourself a little tlc and you time, you deserve it and I promise you will feel energised and ready to face your week……………………………..have a great time



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Never forget to be kind and gentle with yourself, you are so important, as important as anyone else, if you are not right, if you do not feel 100% and you are the center of your family or maybe even working unit, then nothing will function as it should, never wait for others to care for you, do it yourself and know that you love yourself enough……………….

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fashion friday 8

When people admire the beauty of a swan, it is usually the long elegant neck that calls our attention, a long neck is associated with pure elegance and beauty. To obtain the effect of a long neck line, it is a good tip if you wear tops with a V type neckline, change large jewellery for fine elegant pieces and scarfs that are light and have a natural fall, do away with bows shoulder pads and peter pan collars (little half-moon) You should also take special care with the length of your skirt, if you wish for your skirt to show a good figure line, slimming and that you feel comfortable with, go for a straight cut,a vertical line, in other words longer than wider,so if you wear a larger size, don’t go for a shorter skirt, to short is not the style for you, if you are looking to make your figure look longer and slimmer,always look for a vertical line, a long cardigan will give you length where as a short jacket will not, also a jacket with no pockets and lots of bits and pieces will always favour you more, as details do distract the eye

fashion friday 9

Colour co-ordination is always a plus, if you wear the same colour of a top as your skirt or trousers your figure will always benefit, as the eye does not perceive a horizontal cut in your figure. You always need to have on hand a few little items that will help you to camuflage the odd little defect or your trouble spot, that we all like to have ! the great new world of spanx are every girls dream and a thicker pair of tights will give a good leg shape and hide any veins or blemishes you don’t want to see, just keep them in a little corner of your wardrobe you never know when you may need them in a hurry. When you are getting ready for the day,practise at using less is better than using more, try it, it really can make or break your outfit.

fashion friday 10

When you find a perfect fit and style, that is part of your basic wardrobe, and you know you are going to use it on every occasion possible, buy more than one, the same or in various colours, if you can’t afford to that right away, call back at the shop during the sale time and see if you are lucky ! and find a great discount, when it comes to fashion jewellery, we all love it,but, never abuse it by using everything at the same time, are style is shown in the details we use, they really define our style and who we are ………remember if you choose a large necklace dont over do it on the earings, it is always better to aim the attention on  one focal point, it is also better to wear four or five bracelets on one arm, as to three or four on each arm !! 

I hope these little tips have helped you over the past weeks, I do enjoy this little fashion section, thank you for your support as always .

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