How this journey goes depends mostly on us, and a little of the environment that we navigate in, the acceptance, the masculine superiority. The road is hard and long, difficult with many different stages, the battle the in satisfaction until we find ourselves. 

We at times find ourselves fighting for recognition, A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts. A strong man can handle a strong woman, but a weak man will say she has attitude ! In some cultures we are made to feel inferior and even they say without a man at her side, they like to think that a woman needs the romantic story and being in love to be satisfied within herself,this would be nice to be a myth all over the world . 


When we are in a long haul race of success, we are at times left exhausted, empty and can be in a one way street, even in this society there are few women who occupy executive jobs at the top, the women who do take on this journey do so with determination and pleasure, women can look so feminine so easy, so it’s interesting to see how we can look masculine and strong too. The other interesting thing that we do is, when we feel the burn out time coming on, they will look for a way to release this stress and pressure, men take longer….. we are spiritual being and find many ways to discharge this energy. 

They are conscious of their important role, and take it in their stride, they learn how to combine home family and work, they find balance.

When they feel in satisfaction, they listen to their bodies and interior and find how to satisfy this necessity, they give themselves permission to play as well as their obligation.

They welcome emotions and instinct, and will make decisions on female impulse.

They value themselves, with respect, they never stop learning and welcome knowledge.

They know they do not need a man to make their life complete, if a man is present they will expect a relationship 50/50. Sharing all aspects their life.

They are complete, because they accept all of the parts, the female and masculine, this is when they can have a perfect relationship, because they are a woman who does not need a man to feel complete, but can enjoy a pure healthy relationship with another on this basis.

A strong woman builds her own world, she is wise enough to know what she wants and what she wants in it. 

Nothing is more impressive than a person who is secure in the unique way that they are. 

femininity is very powerful and strong, and my philosophy is that it controls a lot of the world. 


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How true this quote is, have you ever been in this situation, and are you aware how many people find these three things difficult to do or say ! 

Surround yourself with brave, strong and happy people !

Have a great day………………………………………………

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We have everything we need within ourselves, take a peep, you just might like what you find !

Nothing compares with our inner power .

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Why do we feel so anxious and sad? in today’s world it can be due to feeling guilty about the past, having fear regarding the future or to attached to the now. The reason for this can be that we live our life from an outer point of view and decisions, and not from our inner self, we forget about being in contact with our interior,and allow the outer world to dictate our life and happiness, it’s as if we live our life only breathing out, and forget to take good fresh air in. When this happens we are led through life by our ego and never really get to know our selves, time,society etc., get in the way………. we need to make friends with ourselves, your inner self, this is your best friend, don’t ignore it, we will become serene and happy, knowing ourselves is like finding our home place, and at times we realise that we have lived in a foreign country as foreign people. All we need to find our inner self, is may be no more than 30 minutes a day, this is enough time for us to find our old self, our authentic self which can be born again.


 All that we are is the result of what we have thought, the mind is everything what we think we become.

Meditation is not a matter of trying to stop thinking or make your mind go blank, but rather to realise when your attention is wandering and to simply let go of the thoughts and begin again. Meditation is not becoming self obsessed, navel gazing or being a zombie !

The idea is not to have complete control of the mind, it is more an acceptance of what is our mind. 

Although meditation is simple, it is not necessarily easy………….. but it is full of many many benefits and can improve your life in every way, 

When you release control over the thoughts in your mind, you can ease anxiety and depression.

As many of you will know the Law of Attraction is a big part of my life, I live by it, I teach it and I love it ! and we are constantly setting goals, well let me introduce you to a little secret, your next goal, before anything else, master the art of meditation, set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organise your life around it. Meditation will give you the tools to bring balance and clarity to everyday life. 

When you quiet the mind the soul will speak………………and you must listen, the soul knows how to heal itself, the secret is to silence the mind. Realise deeply the present moment is all you ever have.

When you follow and feel what fills you to the brim, your passion your purpose, the universe will open doors, where before there was walls.(Do not worry about how you are going to do it, you will be shown the path and direction you should take) Believe in your inner guidance and voice.


Life is like a canvas, it begins blank and everyday is like another brush stroke.

Meditation can be the best medication……………………………………..


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With the right mind-set, miracles can happen, have a great week ! 

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I had a little trip down memory lane yesterday, and I was thinking of my Grandparents, My Grandfather was a kind and gentle person, He was known for being clever, as they called it then, he went to Grammar School and also studied French, which he wrote and spoke with ease, he had a beautiful style of writing and this for that era was a great accomplishment.(He was born in 1902) I have been fortunate, and have travelled to many corners of this world, however my Grandfather never left British shores, but travelled the world with his atlas most days, he could tell you anything you wanted to know about foreign lands as he called them from any point of the globe, he would have loved the internet and I am sure he would have been a permanent fixture in my home here in Spain, I did have the pleasure of seeing my Grandmother here in 1983,being the only granddaughter she was determined to see where I lived, but sadly my Grandfather had not been with us for many years at that time. I was remembering many things about him yesterday, his books for one which I am proud to say I have a small collection which I treasure, and take special care of them, but, along with many lovely memories I remember our family Sundays, during the week my Grandfather would study his map and of we would go, it was always “A magical mystery tour” you never knew where we were going, we could take a guess, but he never gave up his final destination, and believe you me, at times we could be hours, and when you asked “are we there yet” his reply would always be the same, “just 5 more minutes” and another hour would pass by, they were always interesting places and of course he would know the history/story attached to wherever our destination was. Returning was also a great part of the excursion, we would always stop for “High tea” ha ha ….my Grandmother always refered to it, with those words !! (complete with her hat and gloves) she never went anywhere without them. hat-and-gloves 

So, as it is Sunday, I thought I would pass on some of my childhood memories………………………………..

Wishing you all a lovely day, enjoy and be happy !


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It’s one of those weekends, we are welcoming a new season, a little re-adjustment, and that means a little time alone, it’s great for the soul………………………..


Just enjoy those autumn offerings, enjoy the new beauty around us, feel the new sense of air, and breathe………..



What ever you may be doing today, enjoy, be happy, be safe and have a fantastic day.

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Are you ready !


Have a great day !




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You are you, and you are unique, today, tomorrow and forever !

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THANK YOU………………………

sorry for yourself 4

I am so thankful for today and everyday, so I want to share and send out a tremendous thank you to all my new and old followers, I am truly grateful for you all, I love the community I have here, I learn something everyday from you all, we are all so different, because we are all so unique in are special little way ! We travel around the world everyday, we have parties,coffees, and chat, in nearly every corner of this globe, just how great is that, if that is not a reason to be grateful for, I don’t know what is !

We do not stand in any airport queues or have delay’s, we sit with our coffee, most of us happy in our home, and meet such interesting and lovely people, we read so many interesting and distinct views, we listen to great music , learn new customs and recipes, we have everything we want right in front of us, we don’t even have to get hot or cold to join in and keep up with all the news. So I say thank you to you all, for making my day so entertaining ………………………………….

Wishing you all a fantastic, wonderful, fabulous grateful day !!!!


I would also like to add a big thank you for the recent awards I have been recently awarded, I promise to get to them asap, thank you for your consideration, I am also very grateful for the nominations.


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