YOUR WORTH MORE………………………………………………………….

Have you ever had that feeling of “I know I should not be doing this, but you do ” you let a situation spiral out of time and space, yet you know from day one that you are being used, to someone’s ultimate gain, when you have a good heart and way of being, life can be difficult when you really want to help another person, but we have to realise that this wonderful world where we live can be made up of all kinds of different people,cruel kind givers takers………….

It is impossible not to cross these kind of people from time to time,but maybe the secret is to be fully aware at all times, as much as you would like to be dragged into their story, never forget you have one of your own, that could in fact be much worse, but the fact that you are fighting and using all the resources available to you, does not make you blind or insensitive to the methods used by others, if you are looking at a mirror image and can see their fight in advancing to where they wish to be, go ahead and help, but do not be taken in by false behaviour or what they want you to believe. You are worth so much more, always know your worth, even if it is to yourself, when we know our own self worth we are indicating to others, on how far they can go, and if they don’t see the writing on the wall, then they have a problem, not you, never feel guilty about how much you can help and can’t, certain situations cannot be resolved, regardless to your efforts, some people are professional takers and will do so all there life, they do not have your strength or attitude to life, but, don’t become confused with this, they will always be this way, because that is what they want, this is their way of life……… it is not because no one has wanted to show them how to step forward … is easier for them to be how they are……..

Today, is about thinking who you are and knowing your worth against any kind of odds and situations….

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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WE MADE IT !………………………………

We did it…………another week has flown by, it’s Friday and and the weekend is about to start, have a great time………………….enjoy

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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If you have various problems swimming around your head, and find it difficult to sleep,due to the inability of switching of or just organizing your thoughts and mind,why not try this simple exercise,take a sheet of paper and write down your problems and concerns in the degree of importance,on one side write the problem which could have a quick solution,on the other side place the problems that do not only depend on you for the solution,these will need more time. On each problem write a date for this problem to be solved and five possible ways it could be solved.

depression 3

Leave the list for a day or two before you decide which option you are going to choose to resolve your problem,giving yourself this time will help you see things in a clearer light and hopefully will resolve with less stress. Try to see your problems with a lighter mood and less emotionally,you have seperated yourself with your list,you have started to place order and concern,you are doing the best you can and not sleeping well will only make these problems seem much bigger and more impossible to resolve.

monday 4

There are also quick fix stress release,that you can do within seconds and receive fantastic results, with 5 seconds to spare (we all have that) just tell yourself you are doing fine,that you can cope and come through on top,believe every word because you can do this,simple self affirmations,you are the best and don’t every forget that. With 10 seconds to spare,stand straight,take air in through the nose and stretch your arms above your head,palms together,as you breath out through the mouth let your arms down and at the same time reach out with your fingertips,as you do this exercise confirm to yourself that you are calm and in full control,if you are out in public and can’t stretch,just pinch between your thumb and first finger and breath deeply. This is a great fix just before a meeting,interview or if you start to feel that panic feeling in your stomach.

Another great stress relief is laughter, laugh as much as you can,we all have funny scenes in our head,that whenever we remember we can’t help but laugh,well, just think of one of them,the stress with laughter just drifts away,so laugh,laugh and laugh it certainly is better than crying !!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS ……………………………………………………

Did you know that dancing could bring you so many benefits, now you know, get dancing, no time to stop, keep on the move………………………………

Have a great day !

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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beauty of life 1

As many of you will know a short time ago, I had a big shock in my life and had to have open heart surgery, I had no warning, I had not been ill, but my mitral valve had exploded and my life was in danger !! What I didn’t realise is how much……… However I have a happy ending to my story, and I give thanks every day for that, 

I know I have changed since this experience, in many ways, and I am sure I am doing the correct things for me and the people around me. My attitude to life is totally different from how I saw it before, I do not let people or situations get at me anymore, I have a different view, I am important and I know that I am, I don’t just think it from time to time, which is probably how I did before and many of you do, we do not realise the role we play here and to who, and most of all to ourselves.

We should realise that our happiness, is down to us, if we wait for others to make us happy or feel good, we could be waiting for a long time or maybe all your life, so what life was that, waiting for things to happen, a lot of these things we can arrange for ourselves. I don’t wait for anything anymore, I love flowers, and I have been very fortunate in the past to have flowers bought for me, which I loved, however, now if I want that feeling I go and buy them,or take them from my garden  the pleasure is the same, when I see them displayed my pleasure is the same, I am happy, and I can do this with many things, the same applies with things I enjoy to do, some may say it is better in company, I have to say, better I don’t know, a pleasant experience yes,the point is, don’t let it stop you doing things, travelling or whatever you want to do, however if you don’t get along with yourself very well, how are you going to get along with others ? 

beauty of life 5

This is a great saying and so true, at the end of the day who knows or should know you better than yourself, when you know yourself so well you have an advantage over others to get along with people in general, it is important that we know our good and bad points, and also that of others, take your time to know others, the same as you would like them to know you !Not everything in life is related to money, in what you can have or do, your interior happiness does not have a price, and a very good saying comes to mind, “Fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat” how true is that ? 

We generally build our life on situations and people who form part of our lives however when we have a scare of losing that life, our life we really do start to see things different and how important every second is, “here today gone tomorrow” I really did get close…..and what I am trying to say to you all, is, don’t wait for an experience like mine, to change your life and the way you see things, change now and really enjoy the life you have in front of you, you can take nothing material with you, and the love you have now is in the now, live in the now, you have no idea how important and a difference it can make to you and your loved ones. When we own an experience like this we do become stronger in many ways, we obtain an inner strength to see, what we really should be seeing and feeling. 

beauty of life 3

I wish you all a beautiful life, never leave anything for tomorrow, if you can do or say it today ❤

Brooke Universal Coach

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HAPPY WEDNESDAY…………………………………………………………………..

It’s mid week and that is always a good reason to be happy…..if your not on holiday this month, just think of the great week end that is nearly here…………

Be happy, it really helps to having a far more interesting life, when your happy in the inside it shines on the outside………………, smile for all the right reasons

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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It’s all about attitude…………

Churchill atitude

Attitude is something we have with us at all times, you walk into a room, you do not have to speak, attitude at times can be seen, so it really is also part of your business card, it’s part of your first impression, bad attitudes do not go unseen, quite the opposite. As the great man himself “Sir Winston Churchill” said it really does make the difference.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on the 30th November 1874, in the Palace of Blenheim Great Britain, he died on the 24th January 1965. At the age of 91, a great age, I’m sure his attitude towards life maybe helped him to get so far in his life, Prime Minister, Sir , his attitude rallied the people during WWII and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory.

Sir Winston Churchill, is part of history for many reasons, but, I am sure is attitude helped him along the way.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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IT’S YOUR TUESDAY…………………………………………………………

Have a great day…………………and never under value yourself, you are worth so much today and every day …………..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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TAKE THE MOMENT………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Here and now, there is no more, yet, it is everything. Think a little the past has gone we cannot change anything there, and the future never comes….. so we are left with here and now, your moment is always now,the future is always to come. The moment is now, now is actual,now is today and so you are always in the present now !! We have nothing else, maybe you think it is a cruel trap of life, but it actually is quite the opposite, it’s the key to the happy future you dream about, meaning you should not wait, it should be present,so that your moment is full of happiness and love.


Listen to your inner voice… you may feel this is difficult to do, and easier to write about than to do,and you may be right, it really is a process, it is a way we need to take everyday, it requires training and insistance, you start by listening to what your innerself is telling you and do this as often as you can, and pay special attention to any message you hear more than once, something that is permanantley going through your mind, when you hear this voice don’t judge it,just take it in observe that you are there and the voice is interior, your old voice patterns will start to fade,and your inner voice will be heard more clearly,you are now in your here and now and this is your first step to giving the attention you need to listen to your mindfulness.

care for yourself

Decide where you wish to focus this new energy when we are open to the present, we realise that we are not as trapped as we think,this new attention we are giving to our mindfulness will allow us to see that our reality can be changed by the way we look and the attitude we have regarding this. An exercise you can do here is when you go to bed at night, feel what you want, focus truly on this, because what we do at night has a stronger connection with the universe it is more important than what we do during the day. While we are doing this giving focus to what we want, that is where our energy will go, focus your energy onto what is important to you. Remember, nothing is written, the best way to predict your future is making it……………

We have the capacity to imagine, to dream. Creative visualization is the bridge we can use to materealise our dreams, the important factor here is to feel, it would be like thinking our dreams and not feeling our dreams and imagination, when we feel we believe,and when we believe we create.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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DO YOU HAVE A WISH JAR ………………………………………

Happy Monday, a little job for you today………..make your wish jar, be creative make it beautiful, it’s going to hold some of your most best kept wishes and secrets…….

At the end of the year, it is a perfect time to see how many of those wishes have come true for you, don’t be afraid………sometimes the bigger the wish the better the universe is always ready to help you along………

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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