seeing things in a different way

Over the last couple of days I have received beautiful comments and messages regarding my absence and operation, of which I am extremely grateful and thank you from the bottom of my now working heart !! A comment read today “I’m sure you must be seeing the world through very different eyes now ” and I cannot begin to explain to you all how true this is, and where I would start to explain this, but I would like to try, although I feel it is far bigger than me, I do not feel that I’ m a person who takes advantage of others or situations, As I do always appreciate what I have around me and in my life, but now I see it even more, the simplest of things bring on a new importance, a nice morning a starry night, you see them before, but do we give them the importance that we do if we really see how close to not seeing anything again ! a frightening thought, I think ? I think of my family and what they mean to me, and I see what I mean to them, love is truly a wonderful and powerful thing. I have also reshuffled my life a little although I can’t just yet lead the life at the speed and intensity that I would like, but that will come, that’s just a question of time and patience, I still care and love my close one’s in a very special way, but I have also realised that this is my life also and deserve to have a full life where possible and happiness, I do not deny myself certain my time, but I know that changes have to be made, this is my life also, and please believe me, we need to live everyday to the full, we never know what is around the corner, this is not being selfless, as we must never forget that the happier we are, the happier we make the people around us. 

As we love our friends and family, the importance of your own happiness is easier to understand, the move vibrant positive energy you have and the more love you will give out, I do now see everything in a new way, everything has new meanings and values. And I honestly think I was a person who recognised these concepts before, it just feels so different, this must be the second chance feeling ? I love it and I love my life !!



Universal Coaching.

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Glad to be alive

Everyday is a gift, a wonderful gift that we probably do not appreciate as we should, the days and time pass far to quickly and this at times we are not even aware of, so take a few minuets today, look around you and at the people you love, see how lucky you are, breath deep and enjoy your day.

Be happy ❤ 

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Saturday morning 1

Do you ever think how mean you are to yourself ? Probably not ! until something drastic happens in your life and you realise that you exist in a big way and not only others need you and your time, you need yourself, you need to nurture and care for yourself with all the love and care you give to others, this is your life and we only have one, we have the same right to be happy and feel safe and secure as anyone else. 

So why do we deny ourselves these simple little treasures of life, maybe we are so busy taking care of our families, jobs exterior issues, we tend to neglect our little self…….this is not done with intention, quite the opposite, I honestly think we don’t realise the little hamster wheel we put ourselves on.

So how do we get out of that hamster wheel ? The easiest way is to plan yourself into your day in the same form we do everyone else, if there is room for all of that, there is room for you…….the secret is not to make any excuse,(that’s how we got to the bottom of the list originally) we are as important as anyone else, in fact, if we were not here what would the  people who depend on us do ? You need to think of this, every time you are ready to make your excuse……………When we start to think about ourselves we really can achieve amazing things, we just don’t think of ourselves enough, try it, you have nothing to lose.



Universal Coaching.



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Be brave

Great week ahead, keep that in mind as you go through this Monday……great things can happen, but you have to be ready and willing to accept all these great thing. 

Always be willing to open the door to opportunity, never think to close it, we have to be ready to receive .

Have a great week…………………………………………………………………..

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Check your pulse

It’s Sunday, it’s a wonderful day and we are all here to enjoy it, to give  thanks and to be grateful for everything we see, feel and have in our life right now ! Yes, we all generally want more, that’s how we are made,  but when you nearly lose all that, what we have is pretty amazing, we just don’t see it that way until something gives us a wake up call, this does not mean we should give up on our goals, not at all, it makes us stronger, and it is essential to make the most of every second,think, visualise and feel,take the action you need towards the life you wish to live and bring it closer to you everyday.



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We all need good vibes, some more than others, but when we send or receive the sensation is always worth it, it is a good well-being feeling.

Send out your vibes today, with power and good intention,spread them across the world and into your life,  

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So, here I am after what seems a very long time, I am so sorry for no notice before or after the event, but I had no warning, my whole life changed in seconds, and I am very happy and grateful to be here today ! 

I apologise for so many messages that are still to be answered, I promise to get to this asap… also welcome to my new followers, I normally would have checked in with you all, I will also start to do that ! 

I am still in the process of getting back to a normal life (not there yet ) but each day gets better, I am just so pleased to be back with you all on the blogosphere…….and hope to be back full swing very soon, I am sending lots of virtual hugs to you all, Have a great day



I had my operation on the 24th January,so 8 weeks today !

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Just needed to say !!


Hi, sorry I have not had any exciting posts for you for the last couple of days, I hope to be back to normal next week, just not feeling so good at the moment. 

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