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Did you know, that while we pamper ourselves under the shower we could be doing more harm than good, this is what I have recently found out !

We should not spend more than 10 mins., in the shower even though we are really happy and enjoying the experience, 10 mins., is more than enough for a complete hygiene, 5 mins., is sufficient for the skin to take in the necessary humidity it needs.

Don’t be taken in by the fabulous warm temperatures, this will only produce a weakness in your skin and invite saggy skin to appear, our skin contains fat protectors (lipids) which avoid germs and protect us from the cold, these can vanish with the continual use of  very hot water. It is better to use warm water to avoid the skin from becoming to dry.

Don’t over do the great gel and shampoo we can buy today, to think we have a better result if we apply more, we do not become even cleaner, in fact the more we use the more long-term damage we do to our skin. 

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It is also recommended that a not to perfumed gel is used, they may be extremely pleasant to smell and use, but you are at a very high risk to suffer from allergies due to the high content of components used.

Believe it or not, it is also mentioned not to shower more than once a day, in fact some experts say that three times a week is sufficient, whatever your choice always use lotion after every shower.

Don’t go forgetting that wonderful back of yours, there are all kinds of brushes and sponges available today that help us reaching those difficult points, this way we are not allowing fat to accumulate in certain areas. 

Most of us take on the job of washing our hair in the shower and it is important to also remember the quantity we need to wash our hair, it is said that a nice nut size little ball is enough and to dot it around the head and then mix into hair, it is also suggested that this is only necessary once and then apply the conditioner, the quality of most products make it only necessary to be used once per shower.

Try to leave the skin slightly humid, by tapping it dry with a soft towel,apply the body lotion of your choice this will help the skin to retain the water you need. 

It is advisable to use your hands when showering, if you need to use a sponge, make sure it is a soft sponge that will not irritate the skin, later keep it in a dry place, to avoid any kind of bacteria.

One of the best known therapies, that can be done perfectly well in your home as well as the spa, is what is known as the Scottish Shower,all you need is a shower and a shower head that can be taken down and handled by you, you need to spray your legs from the thigh to the ankle with warm water and then repeat the same on both legs with cold water, one minute of both is all that is necessary, this is excellent for tired and swollen legs, this will rest your legs and rid them of toxins, it will release muscle tension and help with circulation, this can all be achieved at the same time. You will find that once you have showered and finished this way, all your tension and stress will fade away. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach  

4 Comments on “SHOWER CARE ……………………………

  1. šŸ™‚ I live in a tropical climate and I cannot see myself taking a shower three times a week.

    In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it is normal practice for a person to shower at least two times per day.


    • I can imagine, I live in Spain so understand exactly what you are saying ! maybe we should just pay more attention to the time we spend under the hot water………………….these details came from a survey with the experts opinion, however I don’t know which part of the world the survey took place. thanks for your comment.

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