Did you know this ?…………and most importantly do you listen, this is the big secret in life, are you aware of how many people listen or just hear you and are not listening ! All though I maybe blowing my own trumpet, I do know for sure, that one of my reasons of success in my Coaching Business is my ability to listen, I even hear words people do not say, as I personally dislike in a big way,  talking and know that people hear me but don’t listen, I would never do it to some one else, I also appreciate that the person in question has chosen me to be the receiver of their conversation whether it be business related or not, some people find it hard to talk and this is why we should always be grateful for any trust or confidence that another person would place in us, always listen, it really is important. 

If you find it difficult to talk to another person, you can always talk to yourself, and no you are not going crazy, when we speak to ourselves, we can choose to speak to our inner self, which is a very personal one to one conversation, or we may choose to speak to the universe, someone is always listening, never be afraid to speak out, let out what you hold inside, it is very good for you and you will feel so much better. When we release our inner thoughts, we are opening a type of release valve within us, to be able to express ourselves is a wonderful way to release stress and anxiety. The importance is to do it, not how or when.

listen 2


When you place your trust in the universe to listen to you, in turn you must listen to the universe when it delivers your answer or indicates your next action, to be able to hear the universe, you have to listen to yourself, your inner self, you have to trust your gut feeling, your intuition it will guide you, never go against your gut instinct. When we start to listen to life’s messages, it is important to then act on what you believe to be correct, to take the direction you are being indicated and take the opportunities that are presented to you. This is real, it is love for yourself, it is life. Listen to your heart, you will be amazed how much you have to say to yourself, and you will also be honest.

listen 4

Your feelings are deeply connected to your thoughts and emotions, when you are told to think that you have already what your goal maybe, you may think it is very difficult to do that, and that you are kidding yourself, this is not true, the thoughts and feelings you experience are very similar to when you listen to music, do you not at times drift away to somewhere else, to a different time when you were very happy and it maybe brings back a memory, when you hear chatter at your family table, it also can trigger your emotions, when we need to feel happy and lift our vibrations, there are certain sounds that always fill us with love and happiness, a child’s laugh is always a contagious way to brighten anyones day, when we listen to the sea, those powerful waves bounding in and out, or a soft ripple on the shore line, the birds and nature in general can bring us great comfort, or we can have a quiet moment with ourselves and simply listen how we breath in and out. 

What ever you are listening to, listen well, and always hear what the other person wishes to say to you, listen to every word, because it will be very important to them and should be to you. Never be a person that can say, “I hear you, but I am not listening”


Brooke Universal Life Coach 



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