rainy day 4

So, what do you love, and which is your favourite ? Any one could be a favourite……………………………<3



Brook 3

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5 Comments on “THINGS TO DO……………….

  1. It is funny that you are posting this today – i know your in the UK and i am in the states and it is raining 😀
    I love snuggling up in a blanket, hot tea, old movies, get lost in the book. I try to find rainbows in EVERY storm weather wise & people wise. 🙂 i love the fall, the cold crisp air… i am so glad summer is over… (i am not a heated person) i love to snuggle in hoodies.


    • The weather is crazy all around the world at the moment, I love doing those things also, I am in Spain and it is a crazy week ! Now waiting for the autumn to arrive one of my favourite seasons………………………..


      • for us – it isnt a big snow thing – we would have “flurries” we dont get much more than an inch on the ground, it just seems like it comes and goes / hit or miss for us, on the east coast of the states they have foot of snow / undrivable roads. i have so little expereince with driving int he snow, and i am in my30s


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