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The food that we eat in our last meal of the day, are so important for us to have a goods night sleep, that will repair within and leave us feeling well, in fact it even has an influence on your mood……..

The food we choose for that final evening meal will influence strongly on the quality of sleep you have , if you don’t choose well you can be jumping all over the bed all night long, and when this happens on a continual basis it is like having insomnia and constantly feeling tired. The reason for this being that during 3 and 5 in the morning, the organ that we have that works the most is the liver, very important for our metabolism, so it is important to dine well respecting the functions and well-being of our liver, an important key within our health, and it is the biggest organ we have. It is our store-room for sugar, creating our proteins vitamins cholesterol ,detoxify hormones medicine etc., it also has a great deal to do with our mood, a true guard of anger and for this reason the more toxic the more frustration we have

sleep & food 2

A correct evening meal should include ingredients that cleanse and regenerate, you should also take into account,is not to eat to late in the evening, this way you avoid that the ingredients meet at the general cleaning time, do not abuse of meats on a daily basis, as this is not good for your metabolism , eating meat twice a week is sufficient and it is far better for the meat to be slightly cooked or even raw like you find in carpaccio or steak tartar. Ingredients that are favorable for sleeping well are creams as in soup an excellent choice is Lettuce soup, it is always good to choose soups and cream soups (especially in the winter time) this keeps us within good inside temperature, this is why salads are not as favourable as they are more difficult to digest. It is also ideal to go to sleep between 11 and 12 as this is the time when we feel and can obtain a deep healthy sleep. 

sleep & food 4

The ingredients most favorable are the ones that will help with purifying and regenerating the cells, the ones with vitamins C E and B, beta carotene minerals, selenium and zinc, you can find these in garlic, radish,mushrooms ,beans , dried fruits carrots pumpkin spinach beetroot, parsley, brocoli,cauliflower cod, prawns lobster eggs brown rice it can also be found in may soft infusions which help to purify the system.


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