How many of you have a fixed or fairly fixed morning routine, when we have a routine in place it really can lower the risk of starting the day in a total state of stress and anxiety.

There are many little things we can do the evening before that really do not take up a great deal of time, time that will be yours in the morning when panic sets in.

morning routine

This is probably first on the list for most of us, my little routine involves also a warm glass of lemon water with a spoon of honey, every morning, you actually become quite addicted, but it is great for your body, this is the first thing before any tea or coffee, to get the full benefits to make it your first drink of the day! Another little time-saver I do is, prepare my fruit, if I am having fresh fruit for breakfast I leave everything I can, ready and chopped in a little container, along with any snack I intend to take with me if I am out and about. I also always leave my clothes out the night before, this is a great time-saver, how many times have you stood in the morning, “yes….no….maybe this will be better ” if it’s out and ready, you just need to pop it on, I have always done this, especially when my children were small and we were on the school run !! time was true of the essence, another thing I would mention here, is time…..always give yourself enough time, you may not want to get out of bed 30 mins earlier, but like everything else when you have done it for a while, the habit is formed and it is not a chore any longer, that little extra time, can take all the stress out of the day. 

morning routine 3

There is nothing worse than being stressed first thing in the morning, and the even worse side of this, is that it stays with you all through the day, and in fact, can get bigger and more out of proportion than when we started………… Have you ever had one of those days, we, in actual fact, create the ongoing of the situation, if we find ourselves in a situation of stress, the very first thing in the morning, we have to try to carry on, brush it off and not take it with you into the day, because it will follow you and ruin your whole day if you let it! it is what is known as being negative, and not letting go, if something happens, just push it aside……..and carry on with a positive attitude, it happened, so what……….? Moaning about it all day, will not change the fact it happened. 

I like to take care of all my emails and Facebook, it is usually my first job, along with my blog and any comments, as I am doing this I also fill in any new clients and existing appointments I have with my Coaching, etc., I then have one of my three half-hour sessions on my static bike, a little exercise is good for all of us. These are things that I do every day, so my little routine is pretty well established after that things can vary from day to day.

I would suggest that if you can, put a little routine into your life, it will eventually save you time and will deal with any early morning stress that you may be experiencing now, particularly if you have children, try to give yourself enough time, even if you need to raise a little earlier, time is the secret to tranquil mornings. 


Brooke Universal Life Relationship Coach 

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