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How you see yourself is how you are representing yourself to the world, or you are kidding them all, you are feeling so low and down inside but think you are shinning outside and everyone thinks you are fine, have you ever played that role for your partner or your family, when you try to show a strong front, that all is well, when you are really dying inside. This can be a difficult role to play, it is not easy to keep up a good front it can finally create more anxiety and stress, it is far easier to fight the world than to fight yourself, so what is it that creates this impulse for us to suffer even more ? is it in an effort to protect others, if it is your partner are you trying to stop breaking a heart, are you staying in a relationship for the sake of your family, many times when we do this, we ignore the fact that the family are at times the first to know , that something is wrong, children are very quick to pick up on problems no matter how hard we try to hide things from them. 

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Looking good on the outside only, will truly just wear you down, when you make the decision to move forward with your life it is important to remember to let go of everything, when we are preparing to receive new exciting things in our life, we have to make the space and this is no different , your mind, your heart your feelings and emotions need to make a provision for what is to come, we cannot just keep cramming our thoughts and feelings into a limited space, when we really clean out the old the new will flow in, it is the same as when we wish for more clothes, if we have no wear to put the new one’s the universe cannot deliver our desires, and if we have a desire for a new life, the same principle applies, we need to set the scene for the universe to set up the perfect situations for us obtain what we want. 

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This quote is such a wonderful thought, let’s do it, let’s make yesterday jealous ❤

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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