enjoy yourself 1

Oh yes you can, you can enjoy your life and you do not need a special permission to do so, or do you feel you do ? did you know that a new interest, a new hobby can reduce your stress levels get you totally focused and get your creativity level on a high……… as we skip into spring, it is the perfect time of year to start out on a new adventure, on something that you really enjoy, the climate is right, the beach days are not here yet and a new interest, would be perfect, there is so much to choose from, if you start to look at what direction your new interest could take, you really will be amazed at what there is on offer. 

When you start to care for yourself in this way, by taking on a new challenge that you enjoy you will find that you can help others more freely also, you are relaxed and are enjoying your new skills and interests.  If previously you have just been spinning around and basically getting nowhere, you will feel the change, your focus will be on what you are doing and not a thousand things at once, this is what happens to us when we lose our place and priorities, we are important and we should care for ourselves in every aspect. Your own happiness will give happiness to others, and that is also worth a lot. So, how do you go about starting this new little venture,interest, what calls your attention the most, is it something you did as a child and always promised yourself to go back to it, is it maybe on a study level that you really want to learn now, a language maybe, that you never had the chance or maybe interest at that time to focus on. 

enjoy yourself 2

Think also when you are deciding what you would like to do, what you are going to gain from it all, is it simply pleasure, knowledge the love of …………these are things you need to decide……when you get involved in a new interest you have a better feeling of connection with others and this can bring you great health benefits.  It is good for your self-esteem and showing you and the world your new capabilities, and it also gives us a great topic to talk about on our next coffee get together or simply at the table with your partner and family…..it can even give us a new kind of identity, all of these things give us inner strength and general well-being. It is not a problem if you are not good at what you are doing, the important thing is to enjoy it, for what ever reason you feel suits you………it does not matter if you think you are the right type or sort to take on this new interest, challenge yourself and your silly thoughts,that at times can talk you out of a new interest,  we can be, whatever we want, you are there to learn your new skill, nobody is born with a guarantee to know everything. 

enjoy yourself 3

Get yourself out of your comfort zone and really do something you have had a passion for , for some time. There is such a big choice of interests to do, which one would you choose, maybe singing, we can all learn how to sing, singing can have many health benefits, it is calming and will help you to relax, it will reduce stress and will help in releasing endorphins , even with sleep……..(the throat muscle tone up, can help prevent snoring !!) Maybe you would prefer cookery, be creative and use your hands, learning how to cook dishes from all over the world, painting is also a great manual work and creative, again you can learn and discover the hidden talents you have within, floristry is also very popular, a little flower power is always healthy and an opportunity to take in natural beauty, or maybe you wish to be more active and dance away your stress, again it can be creative and great for your body,yoga tai chi fitness, there is so much to choose from, maybe you can change your spring and yourself by joining in and give yourself permission to enjoy yourself.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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