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Mindfulness is a new word, which is actually a method used many many years ago, The great masters of wisdom used a method, which was simply awakening the capacity to semi-meditate and this way live life in full potential and at peace with one’s self, it was called Vipassana, and in essence consists of living in the moment and you being the witness of … Read More ENJOY EVERY MOMENT………..


Do you suffer from fear, do you think it could be holding you back ? is it in between you and what you want. It can be a block and manifests as fear from many years ago, your childhood, were you afraid of not being clever enough for your parents or friends during your schooling, and this sticks with you, so you always feel … Read More FEAR………………………….


Depression should not be confused with sadness, depression is a terrible pain which affects your whole being, when you suffer from depression you will be emotionally blocked and thrown into absolute darkness, your mind will spin and spin . It is said that when in depression, one of the best things you can do is write, write all your experiences and thoughts, you feel … Read More DEPRESSION IS NOT SADNESS

A COACH……Q & A……….

I am writing this post today, to say thank you for your response to the vacancies I advised you of last week within my coaching program, I have had many emails and thought it might be of interest if I was to let you know the most frequent questions I have been asked, all very valid and you may find of interest to you … Read More A COACH……Q & A……….


            How do we live around difficult people, although we may be optimists by nature, the majority of us like to be pleasant, however we always find someone difficult, should we say complicated ? When this happens we do get an opportunity to show our tact skills with this kind of person.  However at times we do not know … Read More DIFFICULT PEOPLE…………


At times, we forget the importance of colour, but they are there in everything we do, and they have an influence in our day-to-day. We don’t want all grey and black and white, we need to enjoy all the colours of the rainbow and its good energy.  RED –       Is the colour of passion and strength, it brings the rebel out … Read More LETS ASK THE COLOURS !!..


If you have been following the last 3 weeks, Mind set, LOA, (Wednesday morning post) you will now be starting to feel a little change taking place, today is all about wealth set point, but as I have said in past posts, the basics of this can be used in anything you wish to attract to you, It’s the basic way Law of Attraction … Read More LAW OF ATTRACTION 4 SET POINT

LOVE & YOU ………………..

Relationships change, but that is not always a bad thing, it really is inevitable, when we start  the intense relationship with romantic passion we are sure it is going to last for ever. However we must be aware that things change and we must be prepared to confront this and allow the relationship to move forward. Buddha once said :- The only constant thing … Read More LOVE & YOU ………………..


September, here it is, the ninth month of the year, already here upon us, known to us in this part of the world as the beginning of fall, autumn… in Old English it was known as, Harvest Month ! The soft autumn wind starts to blow swaying the trees heavy with harvest, the fields ready to be emptied of their crop, the leaves begin … Read More SEPTEMBER…………………


it’s Sunday evening, and I just thought a thank you was necessary, I have had a great weekend here in the blogosphere, I have been to two meet & greet parties on both days, I have had great food, lovely drinks and fantastic music, and I have been in such great company, I have met some great new friends and would like to welcome … Read More GRACIAS THANK YOU MERCI


When will we truly realise that our mind is are greatest asset to achieve what we want in life, no matter what it may be. To want to have more money in our life is not a bad thing, yet many of us suffer from old beliefs regarding this, that money is the root of all evil, that to want more is to be … Read More THE LAW OF ATTRACTION MIND


Anne Frank – Was born in Frankfort on the 12th June 1929, into a jewish family. The Frank family, Otto, Edith Margot and Ana emigrated to Amsterdam in 1933, where in 1941 they were kept in the back of an office block , Ana started to write at the age of 13, and in her short carer wrote a diary and a number of … Read More AFFIRMATION OF THE WEEK

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