Well, here we are already in August, it really is unbelievable where time goes it never fails to amaze me, how quickly one year becomes the next, however in all this passing of time, we must never forget ourselves, we deserve so much and actually give ourselves very little, well, the vast majority of us ! we have another things on our mind and we tend to slip further and further down the to do list……… honest I am right, we are going to be back in September again very soon and for a lot of us, this incorporates an entirely different routine in our home and work life, the annual holiday is over and the next big one is Christmas, which we be here sooner than you think, our children if still young will be back at school,and our general routine get turned around, times change and the light starts to fail and the weather also starts to change, which after the very high temperatures this year, a lot of us will be eagerly awaiting those autumn days…………….with all these changes around us it is also a great time for us to start our personal “self-care period” if you fit it into your new timetable right from the start it is not a problem and it certainly is not impossible this is the big mistake we make, when wishing to apply something new in our life, we automatically state it is impossible, nothing is impossible , nothing, we just need to shuffle a few things around, and each new stage in our life is not only adding things we also drop things until the next season , allowing us to fit in new things………………this blog post also applies to men and not only women, it is great how men are now far more conscious of their looks and bodies than ever before

self care 100


Make yourself new promises, your own renewal plan, we not only exfoliate in the summer time, when we exfoliate we not only notice the effect on the outside, great glowing skin (at any age) instead of that dull half dead look, the feel is also much softer and not rough and dry, the inner benefit is also good as we are regenerating on a cellular level, which is essential to have a healthy skin, good to look at and to touch. Put this into your shower schedule one or two times a week, your body will really appreciate it. 

Cover yourself…….this does not mean from head to toe, making you invisible, now we are referring to cream, keep the skin well fed  and use a  moisturizer, this will not allow any dry white little bits to be shed when we change clothes, there should be no dead drops to fall, who wants the dead skin ? Creams can be better for your skin for this job, as oils tend to make a barrier which does not allow the oil to penetrate into the skin as needed. after a shower or bathing, so bath/shower cream is usually better than bath/shower oil. 

It has been proven that 75/85% of skin diseases are of physiological origin !This is due to the brain and our skin sharing certain embrionario and some neurotransmitters, stress and unfortunate incidents can cause the sending of incorrect messages, negative messages , a secretion of substances that attack the skin and can cause ageing , which is known as emotional ageing……so now you know if you want young-looking skin you need to relax.

self care 101

Don’t forget those beautiful locks, at least once a week apply a hair mask, if you have long hair a simple shampoo is not enough, apart from the cleaning of the hair it will need treatment, so choose well what suits your type, colour volume of hair etc., and leave it on the correct amount of time required, the longer the better. 

Learn how to enjoy your own spa, maybe a sunday afternoon treat, bath salts, perfumed candles essential oils, there is so much on the market today to give fabulous potential to bathing time, a little music chill out, dedicate this time to yourself and let your senses free, a lovely warm bath should last at least 20 mins, you can even do this last thing before you go to bed, you will sleep wonderful and be truly ready to face your new day ahead. 

Lips are also an important thing to take into account, especially as the weather starts to change, a lipstick is not sufficient to protect them also, especially the new 24 hour lipstick, they do a great job but do tend to dry your lips, so special care needs to be taken here, use a good balsam or special creams, rich in vitamin E and karite. 

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And we must never forget the last job of the evening, remove all make up, use the milk and tonic  specially for this , and your type of skin, if you wear make up or not you still need to cleanse the skin well before going to sleep, your skin needs this to enable it to oxygenate in the correct way, it needs to breath and free itself of toxins and the general dirt that is within the air. They advise you forget about wet one’s and keep to the special three-step routine, clean tonic hydrate.

Don’t go out with just a clean washed face, you will feel much better and more confident within yourself, if you leave with a great face each morning….give yourself a little colour in the cheeks, or a little colour on your eyes or simply let your lashes speak for you, it takes seconds to give that totally different look to your face, a small study also showed that women wearing a little make up are happier !

Let’s just pop back to hair, if you colour your hair, or have highlights etc., you will need to touch them up at least every month and a half, try not to let this time pass as it is a very important part of you and surrounds your whole face !

self care 104

Most important , Breakfast………like a Queen or King… fatty food, no sugar filled pastries and no sugary drinks, start the day with a good breakfast but a healthy one, eat what will give you energy for the start of the day, but also the nutrients you need, a healthy tea that will drain, tonic and purify, protein, boiled ham,cheese eggs…and a good dose of glucose, such as natural juice or a piece of fruit. 

Dental care is also important, to clean your teeth three times a day is perfect but if that is not possible, keep a little kit in your bag, that will keep your teeth and mouth fresh.

Try to keep a steady weight, at times a steady weight is more important that the perfect weight, in accordance with your height and age and build. A good balanced diet, should include antioxidants, vitamin C,D fruit and vegetables.

self care 105

General exercise is a good point also, we have mentioned this many times, it helps to make our bones stronger and tones the muscles, helps to reduce high blood pressure, activates the circulation, it even keeps us in a good mood ! a little of any sport, even a walk is a win win situation. 

Sleep another top of the list, minimum 7 hours, get into a routine and keep to it, you need it and your body will love for it, try to go to sleep and wake at the same time, this is so important, as it puts all your senses into action at the same time, and it is also the best beauty therapy there is .

The hands, the magic of your hands, do you know how much your hands tell the world about you, you should at least have a good manicure, whether you do it yourself or you go to a salon each month, it is important to also keep them well hydrated and soft.

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  1. What wonderful advice! I admit I lack in moisturizer nd need to get on board!


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