What a special day this is for me, what a special delivery I am going to receive, it is one of the most important  people in my life, a very special little person, the man I dream with at night…………………and hold his little heart forever, my special summer treat starts today and I hope his also !!

I did receive a beautiful message yesterday that he recorded and sent to me on my phone, to tell me how much he loved me and could not wait to arrive…………………he will be with me for 15 wonderful days, which I know will fly by,the time with my grandson is precious, so precious… last year I made a list of all the activities we could do and places to visit, each day was a different thing including arts and crafts , I still have pretty little things he made for me and some of his first artistic works……..they are just so great to be around and so creative, he has an imagination that never ends………….

grandson 1

He actually does not call me Grandma, he calls me Mani and always has, he never stops talking and asking questions, everything you do or he sees, he is inquisitive as to how ,what, and  where it works or goes…… his mind is open 24/7 to information, information I might add he remembers, he remembers everything, he likes to know how things work and why, and he enjoys to build, Lego and play mobile are high on his play list, he is just starting to read, and in September will start his first official school year, he also loves to do puzzles, this is a new thing I tried him on during the easter holiday, and he really seems to enjoy doing them, he remembered corners and sides first  !!

grandson 3

Nobody or nothing prepares you for being a grandmother, anymore than it does when you become a Mother, but both experiences although extremely different are probably the best there is in life, the experience is second to none, and when you try to explain your experience and feelings you may well be lost for words, I am , on a very frequent basis, you just think there is no more room left in that heart for more love, but it keeps giving and keeps receiving and is a fantastic feeling, these little people bring so much light into your life. 

grandson 4

If the above is true, this is the best promotion I have ever had, to see my little man learn something each day, to see his happiness and joy and to feel his unconditional love has no price, there is nothing that can compare, I sadden at times to see him grow, (although extremely proud in other ways) it would be wonderful to just stop life right here and now, they can talk and interact with you, they are just adorable, I remember my own boys being this way, there are still adorable to me, but as Mothers we all have a moment when you just want to stay in one period forever !! 

grandson 5

My  little man tells me this, but after the moon and back he adds the universe ! he is so sweet, and I adore him, so, as I intend to enjoy my time with him over the coming two weeks ,  I hope, that should I miss a post one day, you will forgive me, it will be due to excess fun with the love of my life………………………

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship  Coach 


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