What is it about Fridays, as we all take a sigh of relieve, do we really strive to get here each week, or do we just feel that time is going by so quickly, they say time flies when having fun, and they also say time goes by quicker, when you are older, I suppose if we think back, we seemed to wait forever to be 18, to find our wings and fly hopefully as high as we can. 

time flies 1

So, how do you use your time, do you appreciate every moment or do you drift back to what was, we do tend to do this as we get older, and maybe more so as we start to lose the people we cherish and love the most, what we have to realise when we do this is that those kind of good memories are blocking your future good memories, there are certain things that need to be placed securely in the past, not forgotten, I would never ask anyone to forget their loved ones, but we some times have to think what they would really want for us, and I don’t think many of them would want you to stop living at the same time, if you are young or old, you still have life in front of you, tomorrow and all the following days, each one should be lived to the full, and be happy, even in the worst situations, when we know that nothing in this universe is going to change the outcome, we have to choose happiness for us and for those around us…….life is life, we have good days and we have bad……but we should never allow the good memories allow us to have bad days. It is also a known fact that when we sink into bad days, our health suffers,and this can be in a big way……..in fact it can kill you, so what would that solve ? Do you deserve that, I don’t think anyone does and would not wish it on anyone else, happiness can bring you good health, when we are happy our body works and reacts in a totally different manner, than when we are life less, tired and not interested in anything. No one can be euphoric 24/7 but we can balance out our inner feelings and the way we look at things, if we are still here, there is a good reason for that, and for those of us that have children and grandchildren, your answer is right there, failing that the fact that you love yourself should be sufficient. 

time flies 3

You need time for everything you do, we all consume time and it is something that we never get back, making it all the more important to be treated like a treasure that we are given, never believe that time takes things away from us as this is not true, as we grow older, many people complain about how they are unable to do things like they did before, this may be true, but think of everything you have gained, time always gives you something back, experience, knowledge abilities you previously did not have, and the sheer enjoyment of taking your time, young people very rarely take their time, everything seems to be a rush for them, maybe it is the era we live in, but time will give you time ! a different kind. Have you ever thought of it like that, this is how we make our inner self happy, our soul which gives us the power we cannot possibly hold at a younger age. As they are too busy to notice, and always in a rush to get wherever they are going, living a normal young life. 

time flies 2

This is a wonderful quote, by a remarkable man, just imagine if everything happened at the same time, where would we be, what would it be like, coax I would think, it is the same as everything happening for a reason, different reasons at different times with different people. 

time flies 4


Now this is a great statement, because it is true, we all believe we have time for everything and sadly that is a question no one can answer, we just never know, we all look at it in different ways but really does anyone have a guaranteed expiry date I don’t think so, we just try to look after ourselves as best we can, it is not are choice of where we are born, or the circumstances that surround that, we can however make different choices later on in our life, but we have to get there first, this is why when we look at how life works ! we really should make the most of every moment, of course this is like everything in life, within moderation, but when we consciously go through life, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, it brings home the importance of today, the present moment, don’t fight if you have no need to, don’t walk away when you can help, your hand at times can be the world to someone in need, a smile a hug a loving gesture can be worth everything, we never know what the other person has experienced or is experiencing, friend or foe, the ability to go through life in a calm and balanced state is a wonderful achievement and knowing that you are trying your best to enjoy your life and help when possible for others. So, value your time and that of others, enjoy each moment and live to the full ❤


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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