It was not my intention to write this post today, but a thought went through my mind and I decided to run with it, to go with the flow, to follow my gut feeling as I like to say, my grandson, where should I start, to say I love him would be a true understatement ! (As all grandma’s I suppose) however he is the man in my life, I live for him and my boys ❤

childrens confidence 2

Due to circumstances I now see my little man every other weekend, they now live approx 100 kms from me, but I pop down to collect him and take him back after the weekend, a time I love, no one was more surprised than me, regarding the passion I feel for him, I knew I would feel for him,but,never to the degree I do, this tiny little creature that came into my life, to watch him grow is amazing, how he changes and how he can chat, boy can he chat !! he never stops, this constant little voice in the back ground, he is very eager to learn, and I have to admit has amazing questions for his age, and the wonderful thing is, he remembers everything you say to him. I find it so inspiring to think that yet another generation is on the road and on his journey in life, I love to do activities with him, it is very often over the weekend, that I look at him and feel that lump in my throat or that feeling in my heart, he sure does know how to put a smile on my face..


heart tree

When he started to form his little character, you begin to see your own child peeping through  from time to time, and it takes you back to when your own children were younger and small, although to a Mother your children are always tiny, you see them grow, but in your heart your babies are your babies forever, you never can measure your love for your children or grandchildren, it just amazes you how strong it can be, I remember when I first held my first child, I felt that I could never love anyone so much, it is a umbelievable feeling that until you have the experience of that, you can never say or imagine what that feeling is, it is a feeling that stays with you for your life, no matter where your child maybe, I then  had my second child and was for a time seriously worried about not being able to love him as a much as my first child, it played on my mind, and then you find that love flows just the same, each child is different but your love never changes, we have enough love for everyone , then in later life we have grandchildren and fall  in love all over again. ………………….I never knew how much love my heart could hold ❤

I cannot promise them that I will be there all their life, I wish I could but I know for sure that I can promise to love them during all of mine.

images Heart tree

If I could have one big wish in this world I think it would be that my children and grandchildren could see through my eyes for themselves how special and loved they are to me………………………<3



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5 Comments on “MY BOND OF LOVE…………………………..

  1. So beautifully written. I only have one child but she’s still my baby. The heart has room for lots of love.

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