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Always remember who you are and where you come from, when we are successful in life, as we succeed to slowly improve our life and lifestyle, we should never forget are humble beginnings if that was the case, I have noticed very often how indifferent people can become to the needs of others, these needs are not always monetary they can be emotional and have a great need for love, particularly from the ones they love and respect most, when people turn away and almost go out of their way to avoid these people, what kind of people are they really, because they are doing well in life and are basically happy (or that is what they tell you or try to show to the world) they feel they can go on through life as if the others had never existed, how sad for them, life is a strange thing you never know what is going to happen, but, it is nice to know that the support of your circle is always there for you if needed. What would they do if life turned around on them, and no one was there ? 

needs 1

These five things, are needed by everyone, even the ones that don’t give anything, one day they may need them from outside of their own little nest.  Do you think that these non aware or non emotional people ever give anything back, do they hold any social skills, or even manners, do they ever reflect on how their actions affect others, do you think they ever think about how other people perceive them, are they capable of being sensitive to others feelings. Sensitivity is the awareness of the needs and emotions of others. 

When we are aware of the needs of others, we actually belong to the world, we have joined the human race to become a better and more pleasant place for some, we cannot reach the whole world, although there are some you really do try,and I for one, can only give my full admiration for that, there has been many great names in history, but, if we as individuals try to do our part, if we can keep the needs and emotions of others close to our heart, we can have a good life and feel an inner satisfaction, maybe we can  fulfil a little part of happiness for some one else. Maybe it is time for many to wake up and truly see what is going on around them, we should not play the role of the Ostrich( who always buries his head in the sand)all our life, others do matter and we should want them to matter.

needs 3

When we open our eyes and our heart, amazing things can happen, as much for others as for ourselves ❤


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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