equinox 1

Here we are again, the wonderful time of year to welcome the spring or autumn depending on where you are ? We celebrate the exact point between light and dark, the night grows longer to be equal with the days, which gradually brings balance into the new season. 

This is not only an excellent time for the seasons to obtain their new balance, it is also an excellent time for you……………yes we all need to re-balance from time to time,but now is the magical time to communicate with the universe and regain your new balance, when things go wrong in our life, as they will, again for all of us, no oneis without these little or big bumps in the road, no one has a journey without some form of obstacle, some are big some are small, how we re-act to these obstacles is how the size developes, this is something that maybe we do not always see or wish to see, everything happens for a reason, which I am sure you have heard many times, is it your time to learn a little more, push yourself a little bit further, understand others in a different way, show your leadership skills and unveil your natural powers, could any of these be the reason why, it is good for you to scratch the surface a little, you will be amazed what can be revealed.

equinox 2

This is a perfect time to reflect, to take a little peek at what has gone during the year, do not linger here, the past has gone and nothing will change that, it is a question of taking stock on what is what today, so let go of anything that is holding you back, release it and welcome the new equinox ready to start anew and full of your new intentions, these are your goals and dreams and you can achieve what ever you want, you have the power to create your future, to design each step one by one, believe in yourself and believe in your dreams.

equinox 3

You may be thinking that to re-organise your life is pretty straight forward or extremely difficult, which ever life can be difficult , but with help and guidance things can easily be put back on track, providing you are willing and act, life in general needs structure and strategies to get into the flow of things, if you look at it a little like a recipe, you may know all the ingredients, in fact you may even have them written down, but if the ingredients are 100% the right one’s and are not melted together in that certain way, your new recipe could be a disaster, it is very important to incorporate each ingredient or strategies   (In this case) at the right moment. Maybe you will need a little help, never have fear at reaching out for help and guidance. 

Whatever change you may be looking for within the future, now is an excellent time, have a fabulous equinox.

equinox 4


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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