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It is not unusual for me to talk about self-care, however today lets look at what we can change as we go into this new season, it is a great defect of women and especially mothers to think that the world is upon our shoulders and without are imput nothing would function, until of course we realise how many holidays we have missed, how many lunches with friends and week-end get aways with your partner you have not enjoyed and that , none of this, has served for anything.  The world continues to spin  our business still functions, our children will never value us more  and we have just missed out !

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So we need to step up our confidence and humility within our inner circle, partners, children friends….. we repeat many times that no one is indispensable, but deep down we don’t think this way, and this is not for our ego or pride, it is more of too much responsibility which we as women seem to have within our genes, its genetic and we all seem to suffer from this !  Have you ever taken a trip, for the first time in years,missing a couple of days of work, your children who have stayed with grandparents and you have not rushed to pick up the phone or check your emails……….and the worst thing, is you find everything is the same, and maybe even worst you dont feel bad about it ! 

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So we start to do a recap of how the year has gone so far, and how much further we have to go, to meet the goals we wish to achieve, maybe we have lost some loved ones along the way and we think and miss them dearly, maybe we even have little chats with them. We promise them and ourselves to pay especial attention to ourselves, to take more care and try to work a little less, so never forget that if you don’t care for yourself you will find difficulties in looking after others.

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