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How often do we feel that the biggest battle we face is maybe the one with ourselves ? A continual competition one part of us with the other, one of us is the practical sensible one who cares to take after the bills etc and the other side of us can be the romantic sensitive softy !! So how do we find balance, we do, we all do, how many people do you know that give off one image, or in fact are different people for example within their work place and totally different within their home….. or they can be one kind of person with friends and work colleagues and totally different with their life partner and children this of course can go two ways , which one is the preferred one, if you have the nice considerate one with you within the home, well, much better than having the other totally different person who may be strict and plays everything to the rules !!

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You can fight against yourself in many ways, how about your style, do you have your own style, which you fight against, not to be to different from the others or do you love to be different and stand out more than the others for your style and the fact that you are different, do you love to show your personality through what you wear and how you wear it, at times it is not what we decide to wear it is how, we can be very unique, do you like to show your romantic and attractive side…….. Do you reinvent yourself from time to time or do you fight against that little person who wants you to change ? It really is great to reinvent our look and what we portray to others, if we are happy doing so, that is of course, to be mysterious and glamorous in our look is intriguing to others, to be become  extremely feminine in our look. If you are this way inclined you will always be that way, new and exciting, for you this is great as you never become bored with your look and the chances of you fighting yourself on a permanent basis is less likely, it is when we become stuck in an era, and never really move out of it, this is when we fight and lose the challenge even before we start, so I say challenge yourself, go for it, never stop evolving in life, there is nothing dull and boring about change ! And why spend the rest of your life , you against you …………………………………..

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