It’s your day, it’s Sunday, have a beautiful day !

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At times we all need to stop and think about what we want and how we are going to get it!…..We step outside our comfort zone and take in air, reminding ourselves that every chance worth taking is going to scare you, your taking a risk , but you know …when you take a risk there is always a reward – but you have to be brave, starting a business can often be a triumph of heart over logic, every business starts small,but every accomplishment starts with the decision to try…..

We feel everyone deserves the chance and choice to own a business of their own, regardless of your skills and knowledge, we have devised a step by step system and total support on social media including a creative Mastermind group just for you ,including one to one help and guidance, infact we will even do it for you, if you have an idea ,but don’t know how to prepare and project it, we are what you are looking for.

We are not afraid of hard work or a new business venture….we are over the moon at the possibilities that are open and opening to us, and we wish the same for you, for full information about this unique and fabulous course, including myself and wonderful partner , please feel free to check it all out below , pop over to our new website and join us for all the business info and tips we can offer.


Is a 7 step complete video series/Material course and endless support through our mastermind FB group Messenger and Zoom !

We offer our course members online support on a daily basis 5 days a weekfor FREE as long as you like, Our booking system is through Calendy!

We also have an affiliate system, which you may wish to join with us and promote our course, contact us should your require further information .

Personal Info;-

Myself, Brooke Smitham….Psychologist, Law of Attraction >>Expert, Coach ,Author and Entrepreneur

My fabulous partner, Adda Hafborg…Entrepreneur with many years of online/offline Business experience and Author

Where to find us :-



FB page:-

You tube:-


We are so ready, are you ? Pop over and give us a little support, would love to see you there…..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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You will, I am sure taken note, that life seems to give us wonderful moments then for no apparent reason it can send us into a deep deep hole, that we never even saw before us, so what happens to us during these moments.

Do you stop to think why the things in our life are no longer going are way, I have a few theories on this, but maybe the one that stands out to me most is that the universe is trying to tell us something, it is possible it has hinted at you…and you choose to ignore those feelings and instints, so therefore it needs to act swiftly and with the effect it is looking for, we are confronted with an obstacle that we need to get round or remove, the universe is forcing us to change direction, don’t worry about the reason why it happened, the person or thing that made that obstacle appear, will be dealing with there own agenda, you need to deal with yours, time is always of the essence is everyone’s life, so do not let the let down of others be your let down, try to see these obstacles of yes, a door closing, but the reason being a more beautiful one is on your path, you just have to be brave enough to keep going and all will be revealed. The universe is your best partner in life always and will never trick your instinct or gut feeling, whatever you wish to call it…..If it is a business set back, try to realise that this is a warning of things not being right, or that this is not the perfect moment or that you may need a little rest on your road or re-think your views and ideas. If it is in your personal life, your heart will mend, we don’t break, that is how you wish to see it, we are strong and we are worthy of nothing but the best, so never settle for less, your situation may come to an end, but how you reconstruct yourself is how quickly you will heal, whether it be deceit, foolishness or whatever the reason, you have to see that things happen for a reason, better things are on there way for you, never doubt what the universe can do for you,but you have to play your part,as always….and of course you have to believe in yourself, no matter what happens in your business or personal life, to go forward you have to believe in yourself, and freely change the things you know are wrong, it is never to late to change anything, and it is never to late to change how you have viewed things previously.

Never forget this quote above, and always remember your worth, you are unique, you are beautiful and you are strong……..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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Wishing you a lovely Saturday, enjoy and relax

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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LIFE BEGINS…………………………………….

So have you tried life ? It’s a great place if you are brave enough to step outside your comfort zone, join in the fun now, start today and live the life you are supposed to !!

Have a great start to your weekend

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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We talk about our beliefs and changes we should make in our lifes, but many people want to make these changes but find they are stuck, they can’t go forward ,they try and try but never get pass that all important point, this can be due to baggage, emotional baggage, that we just love to take with us from place to place,relationship to relationship and into our everyday life, we have spoke about this before, infact I had a very good response to my post regarding emotional baggage, so I thank you once again for that,however after that I started to think about the mails I recieved and over a period of time have worked with a group of people to get them beyond this invisable barrier of being stuck……and I am happy to report that we have had great success, we first had to find the point of origin,this can be more than one isolated case, that had a profound impact on our lives, it can in many cases be something that we have carried with us all our life,by believing something we were told or had installed in us from childhood, even an endearing nickname given to us by family or not so endearing name during our school years, that stuck in our minds and have given us many hours of upset and just took our confidence with it, something that in fact probaly gave our lives another road than, what we would have travelled, we made decisions on feeling we could not achieve what we really wanted,that we are not capable,not intelligent enough………………………..etc, we just get stuck

change and think

A perfect way to get by this is to write, for example if you know what made you feel the way you feel,and who was responsable for this (NOT FORGETTING YOURSELF OF COURSE,) you should write a letter, this is a letter you are not going to send, but, you are going to take that weight away, of this heavy baggage you have been loading yourself with,for far to long, if you had a difficult relationship with your family or partner, write a letter, explaining how you feel and how they made you feel,knowing that you are a normal unique human being,nobody out there is like you, we are all special and totally unique and you must never forget this, it could be within your work place, with a co worker or your boss, whoever and whatever should be addressed using the method of writing to them, get your emotions out there on to that piece of paper, you can write as many letters as you wish, with each letter you will feel a lighter feeling, this also works very well when we lose a loved one, we miss the everyday conversation or just seeing them, we also feel, that a lot of things have been left unsaid,so a perfect solution to this is to write them a letter, as many as you like, I personally believe that all our thoughts are received, so we think as we write,and our thoughts carry on ………this is a personal view and understand that not everyone will feel this way. However regarding your load, I can assure you that we were very happy with the end result of our program,and by expressing yourself on paper will help you to move forward,above I stated not forgetting yourself, I say this because we first allowed this intrusion to take place,most times we are totally unaware of this but if you feel you need to write yourself a good letter, do it, you can only feel better,it will never make you feel worse.

So if you feel you are stuck, now is the time to free yourself and reclaim your life on your terms and  put pen to paper, express what you truly feel regarding your personal situation and finally put the past, where it belongs in the past.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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We cannot control what go’s on around you, but you can control how you re-act, your emotions are your’s, however what you may not be aware of, is that although we have many emotions, it basically comes down to two fear and love, think of as many situations as you can, and then think of how you would re-act, fear or love will be the base of the chosen emotion. This is why we have to be very conscious of what we give out to the universe, if you wish for a promotion but feel you have no chance for the reason X you are thinking about it through fear, therefore you stay within this pattern, and just keep getting more of the same, when you approach a situation with love, you get love back.

Master your mind, and you can master your life. Everything in our life, around us, comes from positive and negative energy, Everything in our world is energy, the major question or the SECRET as people like to call it is on what vibration/frequency ?

Did you know, that plants re-act wonderfully to classical or smooth jazz music, they grow, they love it,when we approach people and children in a kind and soft way they respond much better, everything in a positive form comes back to you, when you move in the sense of dancing, exercise etc., you move energy and créate positive energy. But you can be affected by other peoples energy, when you are in the middle of an argument or tense situation, it is negative energy that makes us feel anger, sadness etc., we pick up other’s energy, you can defend yourself by thinking good things and replacing the negative for positive energy. The more appreciative and happy we are the more we get back.


When we feel uneasy in a place or situation or even danger, this is called energy in motion, this is how we attract good and bad to us, it is all through energy, when we want a new job, partner, house anything we attract it by the energy we put out, our vibration/frequency is what will attract the universe to give us what we want, and of course if this vibration/frequency is not aligned, we will continue to repel what we want. You are what you are, because of yourself.

You cannot transform every negative thought to positive, you would go crazy, we estimate to have 240  thoughts a min…..that is a lot of energy, you just need to start by substituting the negative for the positive, a few at a time, most of us work on autopilot and once we take on this, the habit will form. Negative energy is what blocks us, from achieving our desires, we may suffer back pain headaches anxiety,feeling ill or down before we do something that is not are favourite thing, this is all negative energy the needs to be removed. It can accumulate in the chakras, a wonderful way to remove this kind of energy is through dance and exercise, as mentioned before, move the energy. Good thoughts, positive attitude all negative has a positive, when you start to Exchange a negative Word or sentence for a positive one, your new habit will form.


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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We all have our little things, and most of them are being something we are not, however when we really see our beauty and realise we are beautiful to those who matter, our life becomes a much happier place ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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Make it happen, you can do this when and how you wish, you need to make that difference, so what are you going to do today ?

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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We all become angry at certain times, but do we deal with it in the correct manner, or do we let them hurt and damage us in a way, we are not aware of, anger is an emotion,and needs to be directed outwards and not inwards. If it is not directed in the right direction being outwardly, it will be dealt with inwardly and will show through illness and discomfort,resentment many things that can lead to depression, so it is very important to deal with anger . The obvious and best way to handle anger is to talk directly to the person that has caused this anger, however many cannot do this,but, it is by far the best solution, this does not have to be a big argument with nasty things said, that are not necessary, if you just sit and talk in a normal manner,but express that you were angry or are angry due to there actions or words, when we express the inner feelings we are letting them out in a positive way, you will feel better by showing and expressing your feelings.

being cool starter

If you can’t face that person, one to one, you could hold the same conversation on your own, talk through it, as if you had the person there in front of you, you are letting out your frustration and anger and this will help you to feel better, again in a positive way. If this has been brewing for some time and feel very strongly regarding this person, you can also use a pillow and punch out your anger, again this is relieving you of your inner anger and it is released and out,leaving a space for more positive experiences to come into your life,don’t clutter your innerself with anger and frustration clear it out and move on. It then becomes a thing of the past and not part of the present or your future.

help yourself 1

Be happy and be healthy, never let anger or resentment stay with you, it will harm you in the form of illness, which comes in many shapes and forms, it is important for you and the people around you that you find your way to release this emotion in an outward direction, positive, let it go and let it take all the bad with it, everyday is a new day, full of possibilities and opportunities just there for you, if you are all full of anger, you will never see the good positive things that are just waiting for you to see them and act upon them, ..

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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