.Sometimes we doubt decisions we have made in the past,but, we continue to carry on with our journey, knowing we should be on another path, never sorry about a change in your life, it does not matter when or where you are in in life, your age, gender circumstances should not be allowed to stop you, you need to be working in your field, with your passion, in your niche, this is where your purpose and happiness is, when you work with what you enjoy, other people feel your vibrations, they totally feel your compassion and energy for what you are doing, and you have a new lease of life, you are born again, never worry about making this change, however hugh you may see it, you need to feel satisfied with what you do, and once you start on your new journey, your enthusiasum will take you on the roller coaster ride you have waited for all your life, your previous tasks in life have been preparing you for this moment and you have learnt from every single mistake you have made, if you are willing to accept this and learn from it, nothing can stop you, no matter what,you need to be in a position where you can push your own boundaries as many times as possible, keep pushing yourself and those magic buttons….. you will have a game lan, and if you hav’nt it’s time to put one onto paper and start making those small steps and join all the dots, to make the life you desire,believe in yourself, believe you can ddo it, no matter what and you will achieve the dream you are seeking, it’s patience, experience(which you learn along the way) consistency and belief, a strong belief in what you can accomplish, never give up, no matter what, circumstances, age where you are, just keep going and believe every step of the way.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Great benefits come from patience, we all have patience, we just need to work at it a little sometimes………

You can do it ………………

Brooke Universal Life Coach


The first rule in finding happiness, is to believe in yourself!!

Happiness is not a state of being, it is your attitud towards your life, when you believe in happiness and what it represents you should share the news……we should always teach all children what is happiness, however, sadly there are many families who ignore this fact, they seem to spend more time pulling apart the Mother in law, the neighbours their boss, when you educate a child in happiness, you are educating them in compassion, knowing how to be, how to forgive and not to give so much importance to it, to have a good sense of humour, in surrounding themselves with good friends and to care for them, also to help them with emotions like break ups anger and no sympathy, we find happiness when we can share, whatever we have with others. However, there are a few magical formulas to happiness, first we must propose to ourselves to be, just that Happy, to believe in ourselves and to accept things as they come and to see the problems from afar. We should put our thoughts and feelings into what we have, we should do things that make us happy and have fun, take an optimistic attitude

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Do you have all these strength’s, they are qualities that we should be so proud of ……

Have a great week, full of every quality ou have to share

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Sunday calls for a nice lazy sleepy morning, and a relaxing day, all prepared for your great week…………

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Today is a special day, not only is it Saturday, its May-Day …………Fiesta Fiesta !

So……….put your feet up, enjoy that favourite coffee and enjoy your day…….

Brooke Universal Life Coach



The Law of Detachment  

images LOA detachment

Where we are now in this wonderful universe, we have to know how to be able to loose your attachment to it. This is not reffering to giving up on what you want or to stop wanting, we will always want more we are human,creation is all about asking for more, setting clear intentions, However we must learn to accept this delivery.

By incorporating the Law of detachment we speed things up again, we open yet another door with enough space to pass through our wishes and receive.. what we are waiting for. The actual detachment refers to all the question’s you have, how, when, where, do I believe whatever your block is that stops you from receiving “detachment” from it let’s it through. That abundance is on it’s way, don’t stop it,don’t block, because you are over thinking. Focus yes, but then let it go, you do not have to worry about the how, this is the work of the universe, to place it for you, but you do need to act, when that moment is presented to you. Just keep abundance in your thoughts. Your imagination can see everything you want, focus on that. You can create, anything, plant your seed (see post 12.03.2016 Plant your seed) and use your energy, create into reality, detach your worries of how when and where. If you suffer from disbelieve, imagine it in your mind and just blow it away, have a tornado if you like but let it go, detach yourself.

The Law of Polarity.

image LOA polarity

As you know everything has two ends, Unity is plural at a minimum of two. 

So  virtually everything is two, everything has an opposite, we have something, we have nothing. This polarity, good/bad insane/sane rich/poor night/day and it goes on, the universe is full of them, do we agree?  So when we set our thoughts on a roll, which end are we thinking about, it’s presence or it’s absense…you know how important it is, what we think and focus on, we get more of that, so polarity plays a big role here, always keep your focus on the right thing, it’s like positive/negative. When we focus on the presence,we bring what we want to us. You will now understand the Law of Polarity. 



Universal Life Coach




Listen to your inner-voice, it will always talk and guide you if you allow it the space it deserves and most importantly “to listen” , its your inner GPS and will guide you on your journey…… usually know whats best for you!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach





The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

This is a key law, this is where we shift from a lack mindset and open ourselves up to receive all the wonderful things the universe really has for us.

images LOA sufficiency abundance

Wherever we look in nature, we can see right in front of us abundance at it’s best, there is an unlimited supply of everything what ever we want and experiences to match. There is enough for all of us, there is no shortage of anything, it is us, we wish to belief there is a shortage, a lack , it is our belief, we believe there is a scarcity and limits on what we want. 

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance brings us back to the truth.We are in a world of an unlimited supply of resources, on a energy, emotional and physical level. Some of us believe that we are seperate from this abundance, but we are very much part of it, and because of this we CAN create anything you wish. No matter what you want, love, money, joy, success whatever it may be, when you apply the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, it will let you in, you can tap into the unlimited about of abundance that we hold within us. 

We all know that in this abundant universe, there is no lack, is it possible to count all the stars, all the water, all the flower petals,all the tree’s in the forest, Nature has an abundance it is abundance.Our energy and that around us has no limitation, when we truly believe that we are abundant, we have a job to do, focus , focus is so important focus on what we have and be satisfied, when we do this we open up to energy and everything. Abundance in every thing we do and share, love, prosperity, opportunity, passion energy money  abundance is a living energy. When we are satisfied with our abundance and focus on what we have, is when we truly connect, you get excited because you now know, what wonderful things are to come, you appreciate the now, and you appreciate what is coming. Look for positivity in everything you do, be happy with who you are, this is when you can create things, this is your key to your abundance. 

You have to know yourself so well, and be excited for what you know and believe is coming,your great future. Focus on what you want. Appreciate your family, friends, children everything you represent, because you are worthy. You really do have it all, to work with the universe and create your dream life, abundance is all around us and it is not divided out by anyone, it is there for the taking, sadly many people see it as a universe of scarcity…. this is not the case, get out of your comfort zone and have what is yours, you have this power.When we believe there is a lack, we take our own power to manifest away, we do that, while we watch others take what they want, and while we remain in this mindset, you will continue to receive the same as always, nothing will change. We are eternal beings in physical form, well being and abundance are the basis of our universe.

The Law of Pure Potentially

images LOA law of pure potentially

The Law of Pure Potentially is based on the fact that consciousness itself is the essence of who we are. When we become aware of our inner being, the spirit, which encourages our minds and bodies is pure potentiality , then we are in alignment with the power that will manifest everything in the universe. Nothing is impossible, we can create anything, and there is no limit.

Pure Potentially is the base of everything created, been, before and after. Whatever you may want exists, right now, as a potential as a possibility. When you activate the Law of Pure Potentiality you obtain the power to manifest each and every possibility as reality. Never forget the universe has no limits !!!!

If you can visualise whatever you want, you can manifest it into physical form. Keep hold of your vision at all times, focus on that vision and belief it will manifest. Use your energy (potentially) you manifest. When you are aligned you are happy you feel good, It is your pure potentiality, Do you know how powerful you are and feel when you know that you are now the human magnet bringing everything to you that you want.?


Universal Life Coach



Eyes wide open, it is time to look at everything we have, not total focus on what we don’t have……….you will be amazed how your have list out ways your want list…………

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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Enjoy enjoy!

You may know that there are 7 Universal law’s, over the next three days I will be going through them here. 3 today and 2 on Thursday and the remaining 2 on Friday.

1. Law of Attraction.

images LOA everything you are going throughWe have covered this law before, but I will attempt to make it interesting for you, and it is a must to be in the 7 Universal Laws,you are aware of the energy that we give out to the universe, that draw to it energies that are of equal frequencies/vibration.And as I have said before where you attention goes, your energy flows. Just the same as gravity this universal principle is working all the time whether we are aware of this or not. Understanding this law is the first step to living your life by your creation and not that of someone else.

Is it not just unbelievable when something you really want, just falls into your lap, this is your doing, maybe you were unaware or you created it with your connection to the universe. The Law of Attraction is a Universal principle not a conception. 

We are vibrating beings 24/7,our energy is our vibration/frequency and as I have said before, what we send out we get back !! good or bad, nobody sends you bad things, the universe does not judge, you have to work with the universe. What energy are you carrying now ? when you generate the energy/frequency you want to be on, you get what you want. You are responsible for this, you create the energy, maybe you need to change your inner energy, if you give out bad frequencies, you will get it back, if you give out love, you will get it back, imagine a boomerang. It is often referred to as a boomerang affect. Simple what you give out you get back. This never changes.

2.The Law of Deliberate Creation

What you think about, you begin to attract, this is why it is so important not to be always thinking of negative things, What you think about with emotion, you attract more quickly, This really is the essence of this law, the Law of Deliberate Creation.  When you think of something you want with emotion you feel excited,energy, this means that you raise your vibration in tune with what you want, and the vibration are in resonance with you, and you are in the correct place to recieve it. Obviously if you are thinking about something but you are down, depressed not happy at all you are not in the right vibration with anything and it is not a match. And you are not in the correct place to recieve.                                                                      

images LOA deliberate creationThe Law of Deliberate Creation is the art of intentionally shifting your vibration so that you are in harmony with what you want to experience. When you give your thoughts to something with energy it can create quickly. What you send out, comes back, with the Law of Deliberate Creation you create exactly what you want. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Always choose the right vibration energy.

3. The Law of Allowing

Now you have to use your imagination, if this exercise is not a normal feeling to you, see yourself letting in more support, love and appreciation from the people that surround you, Imagine letting go, where you would normally hold on.Imagine everything going your way and falling into place perfectly, you see yourself in complete acceptance of the people around you and yourself. This is how things can go when you apply the Law of Allowing, the type of experiences you could have, you will attract this when you apply this universal law. The Law of Allowing is the principle of least action, it has no resistance, when we feel this way we accept and do not judge ourselves, we invite more than dictate and we allow and leave out the control.This can be difficult for strong woman/men, you have to develope a mindset that will take practise but you cannot get round this law, to step into a new level of abundance and freedom, you must learn to allow, in order to recieve. This does not mean you have to agree with something you do not feel or share with someone else, you just need to allow, if you truly wish to recieve everything you have asked for, you must allow. The Law of Allowing is your way to what you want and your emotional freedom.  

images LOA allowing

The Law of Allowing – it is what it is, principle of resistance- Do you always want to change people ? accept them as they are – this is The Law of Allowing, and the same applies to the universe. So what is the difference between approve and allowing………… Allowing is to accept and when we go to acceptance we can move forward. You can accept anothers reality, people are the way they are, just remember and tell yourself you live in universal abundance and this is what keeps you free. When you are in a place of Allowance, your energy is open – remember no one is perfect….accept and allow. When things get in your way or you are hurt by someone, accept and allow let yourself expand and not restrict.

And on  Thursday Law of Sufficiency and Abundance & The Law of Pure Potentially. Friday Law of Detachment & The Law of Polarity.

 Brooke Universal Life Coach



Never overlook all those wonderful smaller things that make up your day, week month……life, they make all the difference………

Brooke Universal life Coach




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