autumn 2We are now officially in the season of “Autumn”what a wonderful season, usually a little shorter than the others, but beauty is all around, when you start to look around you can see the season is in the air, early mornings have that little autumn mist, and the evenings have that little chill, and the thermometer has started to drop a little.

Everything starts to change, the scenery starts to hold all the golden colours in every shade and tone, autumn is known for carrying more gold in its pockets, than all the other seasons, the leaves start to turn yellow, golden and brown and slowly start to float towards the ground, making a wonderful carpet of rich colours and different texture, the moss starts to form and even the sound under our feet changes to the crunching of the twigs and leaves, fir cones close up and the chestnuts appear, an entirely different smell drifts through the air, we change our diet, we start to eat more soups and heavier meals, in fact even the smell within our home takes a different turn with all the natural products making us those fabulous soups, to take away the chill, apples take on a different role and cider becomes a favourite, autumn has so much to offer.

autumn 1

We even change our household decor a little to make us feel more cosy on the chilling nights to come, those autumn colours start to appear within our home, the aroma of the candles seem to have a different essence and warmth, the autumn wrap appears over the back of the couch or your favourite chair, and your cushions call you to curl up and enjoy your home, even that little bit more.

autumn 4

We even change our style of clothes, we start to layer a little, and socks Wellington’s and boots come out from the back of the wardrobe, walking at this time of the year is so pleasant, the air is crisp and just fills you with autumn energy, just enough to be able to go home and make a lovely welcoming fire, make a warming cider and to sit in your favourite place…………………………….

Happy Autumn everyone, take care and enjoy…

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It is essential to make mistakes, if you truly wish to grow and learn on a daily basis, never be afraid to ry new and exciting things, there will always be things to learn…….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Great day to seek clarity, clear the mind, just let the hustle and the bustle float in and out, take it easy and have a grat day………

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


The big secret, honesty, we need to know exactly what we want to achieve what we want!! It’s a golden rule, so, if you have any doubt, sit down today and have a good chat with yourself, it’s a great time to establish your final journey to the end of the year, it is never too late to start or to make your dreams come true….

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So many things you can do this weekend, never be bored with all these great activites to choose from, so positive and rewarding

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There is nothing you cannot overcome, it may take patience, knowledge and your participation in the form of action, but nothing can stand in your way, if you hold your focus and keep going…..

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Yes, it is this time of year again, when our summer clothes have to make way for our winter woolies!! sandals for boots and the jackets, coats, gloves and scarfs appear….. for some of us, it is an overwelming job of “Where do I put all this” like everything in our lifes, if we are organized and work in an organized fashion, the job is cut by half.

We do not all have large houses, or lots of spare bedrooms to just change wardrobes and job done, so we have to look for ways to make the change as easy as possible. You have to make the most of your organization day and enjoy it as much as possible, because once this is done the satisfaction you will feel, is all the reward you will need.


When we start to go through our winter clothes, we always find things that we are not sure about, if in doubt let it go, place these items in a box and take them to your nearest charity,red cross some where that will be grateful to receive, the same goes for the summer items you start to store away. It is easier to place things together in order from the start, all the trousers should go together and put the same colours together, the same with skirts, shirts and jumpers etc., when you place them in order of type and colour it is much easier for you to find them later and also to put them away.

It is important to store all your summer clothes correctly, if it is boxes or special bags, make sure they close well, and are stored in a dry safe place, this way they will not be damaged for the next summer season. Shoes and boots for all season’s are always better stored in the box that you bought them with, they are easier to stack and mainten the quality of the shoe or boots.

organised 2

When we have an organized home, we are happier and actually have more time for ourselves once the inicial job has been done, we can clean easier, when we have to put things away, everything has it’s place, so are whole working time is reduced and we can enjoy other things that life has to offer us.


organisation 3

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If you believe in yourself and allow that to be with you at all times, you will be a pearl always, your confidence and self assurance will shine through !!

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HAVE YOU SETTLED FOR LESS…………………………………………………………………………….

You know the saying, ” We only come this way once….” well if that is true, how many of you are just conforming with your lot….. I would think that a very high percentage of us just at some point virtually give up on our true inner self, and follow the crowd and go along with the gingham curtains and picket fence, we just ignore our inner self and inner voice and pretend that life is fine and could be a lot worse, how about a lot better, do you really think that to get along with society you have to give up your passion and gusto for life, forget everything about what you really want in your life, fill yourself with all the old excuses, Oh I can wait i’m getting married, oh maybe later we are starting a family now, we take on more responsibilities and put ourselves on the back burner, over and over again, you lose that part of you that is full of passion and fun for life, we become part of the sofa, the 9 – 5 brigade, and by that I am not knocking anyone you works 9-5 if you are enjoying what you do and totally filling your passion, how you planned it years ago, when you were probaly termed as young and wreckless !! great….

never settle 1

However the great majority go with the flow and sacrifice that inner passion, but you know, it never dissapears, it maybe forgotten for a while but every now and then, you start to think of those wonderful days, when you thought you knew who you were and where you were going, when this happens, it usually has a partner called “resentment” and this bitter little partner can have lots of consquences, maybe within your family circle or your work place and certainly with you, it can sometimes be known as depression,anger,illness etc., when you are totally unhappy with your lot….. But the great news is there is a present and a future and another saying that goes like this “It is never to late to………………..” what ever you want,the world today is different, the opportunities are tremendous and they are out there if you look and listen to your inner self, that little voice inside that will always guide you right, if you sit quiet and listen, why would you fool yourself right ? there is no reason at all,just listen, unless of course you let another partner in crime set in which is known as fear,a nasty little creature,that just grows and grows,when you live with fear you really don’t live at all, if you remember how you used to think and want, you can use the same energy and passion to decide the road to take now, if your life is not what you wanted, if you do think constantly about the past believe me, you have settled for less, this does not mean that we don’t all hold lovely memories of certain events, but when we tend to live permanantly in the past, we settled big time for a life we do not enjoy. so you need to find your way back to who and what you really are, you need to find the courage (this eliminates fear) to go in search of yourself, the real you, the one full of passion and a zest for life, you need to give yourself time to work this new you out, retreive your lost passion, open your mind to new and exciting things, you can study anything you want to, the internet has many harmful things but it also has a treasure chest of information and can really help you to learn anything you want to, don’t ever be afraid, your age, your personal situation is not a barrier, your passion can be worked into a thousand things,and it does not matter what your passion is, you can make a future where you will be a happy forfilled person, and probaly independant financially to, which is always a great concern to many. If you don’t think you have a passion or just don’t know how to find it or maybe even yourself, drop me an email and I would be happy to help. Happy hunting

never settle 2

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We all have doors closed on us, but, does that mean we need to be afraid, absolutely not, as one door closes another door opens, I’m sure you have heard this saying, so open that door with confidence and knowledge that the opportunities never stop……

Have a great day…….

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Here we are recently back from holidays and already we are running with not a minute to spare,so let’s concentrate on reducing that stress rate before we go of the charts. It is possible and we don’t have to take gigantic steps to reduce the stress, but, you must recognize it’s presence……From the moment we leave our homes every morning the pressure begin’s and the stress count starts going up, sometimes we are aware of this and other times we are not, we start to railroad ourselves with what we have in store for ourselves during our day,this is when we need to be totally together,calm and have the ability to organise our day, your mind is actually calling out to you for order and how it can help you,your mind is your best friend at that moment and is telling you to take control. Order mentally your jobs for the day, from urgent to  important, then visualize yourself doing this one by one, in detail,take time out to do this, it does not take long, if you walk or take public transport to work it would be the ideal time.

nature and stress

As you work through the morning, the next big hurdle will be lunch time,and your relationship with food, stress here can go both ways, you will eat as if there is no tomorrow or you can have a lack of appetite, anxiety can start a chain reaction of total des-control. This is why it is very important to have a set time for your lunch break and keep to it, just as you would with an important appointment within your work place,DON’T eat in front of your computer, and still work. Take time out exclusively for your lunch,before starting your lunch take 3/4 deep breaths,the oxygen in take will take your tension down and bring you the serenity you need, you should be having a varied diet, meat is advisable only 3 times a week along with fried and battered food,you should include vegetables fruit and fish rich in omega 3,which will reduce your stress levels. remember sugar will give us more anxiety and lots more problems in your health. Eat slowly and take in small amounts, even better if you can eat small amounts every 2/3 hours, this way your body will adapt to this and you will not feel tired all day long,eat fruit outside your meal times the same goes with coffee, coffee will make you more tired and you will want more and more !!

Once you are out of your work place, try to reduce your activities,the ones that our not necessary, just don’t do them….take away the ones that stress you must, leave your work at work, don’t take it home with you, make your meal at home a good enjoyable time with your family and if you live alone, take your time, spoil yourself  take a nice bath before going to bed, relax and sleep well.


As you know i did a blog not long ago on the importance of sleep,a good night’s sleep is as important as the air we breath,

Stress is a number one enemy, it will bring premature ageing and our chronologic age will not correspond with our biological age,and nobody wants that, many of you will think that stress is hard to avoid and I would agree with you,but, the way we look at it and handle it can make all the difference,this is your life and your health issues, which is in our hands the stress may come from the exterior and we do not control how and when it comes,but, we can control our own interior and how to deal with it, for the good of our ourselves…………Happy stress-free October

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Never shy away, from how bright you shine, you are brilliant………start you week with an unbeatable shine!!

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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