Positivity, has to be the secret to a happy and successful life, even a negative situation has a positive side, you just have to find it? Look and you will find, keep positive no matter what, life is so much easier when you are positive about yourself and what goes on around you….

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I am sure you don’t remember the first steps you took, but if you could have thought about it, you would no doubt think it quite impossible, but we did it, we had a little help along the way, but we did it, we also learned how to talk, how to run there are so many things to mention, the point I am making is, why do we become frozen with fear when we think of new moves we would like or need to make today when if we think back, we have conquered some of the most difficult things we ever need to do, the big difference is we knew no fear, and know we do….but fear is an emotion which we create ourselves? Would you have got up and walked, if you had been aware of how many falls you were going to take !! probably not, because your fear would have taken over… when we decide to change our life in some form or totally, we have to let go of fear and hold on tight to how brave we are, the confidence we have within ourselves, and believing we can do it….

Moving forward in life or having to carry on in circumstances that are strange and may be upsetting to us have to be done, there is no time limit on this, you are in charge, it’s one foot in front of the other, each day reveals to us, how much we can do and how far we can go…everyone is different and to compare yourself with someone else or allow others to compare you in totally out of bounds, no one has the right to tell you how you feel or should feel, your success in whatever you are doing belongs to you and no one else, they should worry about there own progress, if you are offered a helping hand and it is a true helping hand then of course if you are happy to take it, but never allow anyone to force their actions onto you, you will always know what is best for you and what makes you happy.

Our happiness is something only we truly understand, and it is possible that the people around us feel we are wasting our talents or should be occupied with other things, but happiness is a choice and I would choose happiness a thousand times over, obviously, life is not always a happy place, life has it’s up’s and down’s but if we find balance and know that generally, we are happy, we are probably doing what our heart and passion wishes us to do.

Make your life amazing and a happy place to be, by taking the steps you need and wish to take…….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Just imagine that great moment when it all happens, all the preparation we have, the experiences we gain along the way, all getting us ready for the big one!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Always remember that knowledge is power, therefore if we learn something new each day, just imagine how much knowledge we are going to accumulate!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Let’s start the year as we wish to continue, full of good things and great events for us to enjoy, we all know the importance of belief, and for those of us that believe good things can and will come to us if we add to our belief, patience then even better things will arrive at our door, and if we never give up then even the best things appear, what we need to do on a fairly regular basis is clear out what we don’t need, however painful it may be, there will things in your life that should not be there, you have to let go, yes, you may need a little courage but you also need and have self-respect and that is more important, you are important when you let things go, you are making room for the things that really should be in your life, no matter what area you need it, professional or personal, when you let go of what you are you also become what you are meant to be.

We have moments in our life when things seem to fall apart, but somehow someway things tend to fall back together again, how does that happen? and it suits us much better, this is a moment when a negative situation turns around to be totally positive because we help by seeing it that way, if something falls apart on you, don’t worry it’s a message to let you know its time to part ways, no matter what it is, allow better things into your life, don’t block new things by hanging on to things you don’t need. We are in permanent motion moving forward in life at all times, you can’t stand still and become stuck and stagnant, we are human therefore curious by nature, we always want to know what is behind the door, be brave and open it, see for yourself, this keeps you on the ball, it keeps you moving to new paths in life.

I hope that this New Year is going to be fabulous for you and that you continue to make mistakes, that is how you learn, with each mistake you actually make something new, you are taking yourself out of your comfort one and pushing yourself as much as possible, changing yourself and changing everything around you, you are capable of changing your own world.

Always allow a flow in your life let things ebb and flow, keep your heart open don’t block your own pathway, never be afraid of new things and adventures, that is the spice of life, your life, I believe that many bad things happen in life to teach us how to look at good things in an entirely different light.

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Good morning everyone, here we are starting our new year, this is a small list of some of the things I want, what do you want? It’s a great time and opportunity for us, do as much as we can, be happy doing it, no matter where we are in life we can grow, we can change, we can obtain our dreams, just be brave enough and go for it……

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Just can’t think of any other way to celebrate a beautiful Sunday morning, take your time and enjoy this moment, recharge refuel ……..

Happy Sunday everyone

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A big hello to you all, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year, I am here to apologize for my absence, you know I am always here!! but I have been without prior warning in the hospital all over the Christmas and New Year, but……. I’m back and as from Monday everything will be back to normal

Can’t wait, looking forward to Monday



It’s the final Christmas fiesta here in Spain today, the arrival of the Three Kings of Orient, but where ever you are, make it a beautiful day we all deserve these kind of days…………

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Hope you enjoy this post, sorry I am missing at the moment,I have spent the last 10 days in Hospital, but hoping to be blog fit within a couple of days!!


concentration 1

Concentration is when we have the ability to concentrate on a specific area or part of our life, if it is regarding our body, you will dramatically enhance the quality of your movements, when you start to learn an exercise like yoga Pilates tai chi, your concentration is required and with that will come the fluid movements, it requires your attention to ensure that the areas in question are working correctly.

Generally when we move, we do it without thinking,we have an image formed in our brain and the body follows and executes the image we hold, there is a lot of difference between something you are learning and what we do everyday, when we read the morning paper and drink our coffee, do you always look when lifting the cup, however when a doctor is operating, an operation he maybe does everyday, he will be looking at all times…

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The great day has finally arrived, it’s Christmas Eve and Santa is on his way…. and what you have to have quite clear is your happiness, because this is when you glow, you live in the flow, and you are beautiful today and every day, never forget how beautiful you are inside and out……..

Merry Christmas to you all, wishing you a wonderful time!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


When you know your dreams, work with them, and the universe, will conspire with you to achieve your every desire…

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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