Yes, you!

Why do we doubt our own value, we are everything we need to be and the only secret is to believe in yourself and who you are!

Start your week with your values regarding yourself, high up on that scale, start those vibrations and set your week in the right way!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Just sit back……

This has to be a relaxing Sunday, kick the shoes off and put those feet up, we are in the New Year and need to take time to catch that second breath, we have the week approaching and the rest of the year to get through………we can do this and much more!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Mid way January

It may not seem real, but, we are already half way through the month of January, so time is flying by, how are you doing……. at keeping calm and collected ……remember who you are and love yourself enough to do whatever it takes……..

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Not a moment to spare…..

This is great food for thought this weekend, take note and do your best to own this, these principles in life are perfect and very rewarding, you deserve, we deserve this we all deserve this!

Have a great weekend…….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


good for your soul

As I went about my obligations this morning, I started to think about my blog post for this afternoon, and my mind was suddenly filled with how happy I was regarding my life and my blog, all the interesting and kind people I am encountering on my journey with my blog, all the different concepts, thoughts and feelings that you all express, from all around the world , all different people but all so unique. 

So I am here today, to thank you all for reading my posts, for sending me your comments and support and for offering your friendship , in a way, to a total stranger from across the other side of the world, I am so appreciative for this and very grateful for this new found world for me, and connections, apart from the enjoyment I receive from this I am also able to learn so much on a daily basis, from all of you. I know that I am totally in charge of how I feel, and I am choosing to feel great, I am happy, I have found a new part to my life that makes me feel good on the inside, not just one that people think they see on the outside.when you start to feel this way, which I hope some of you share also,we no longer seek the approval of anyone,when you feel this zest for life, this love the universe just sends it right back at you.

images Feeling good today

If we try to worry less and take responsibility for our life, we learn to listen and love what we have,we take on criticism in an easier way , we don’t hate (hate is such a strong word) we look forward to change and take it in our stride, and we decide to feel good anyway.And you know when we come across people who try to bring us down,(we all know some of them) they just don’t understand us, but this also means that they think you are above them.

So, today, tomorrow and for ever more……… your good feeling take over time, I promise it gives an entirely different spin on your day and your life. So go on give it a try, and when the bumps on the road come along, which they will, thats life, we all know that, think that circumstances will never take away your plan for happiness, don’t betray yourself, you are worth much more……..and you know it………..good feeling happy life.And again a big THANK YOU I owe my feeling good to you. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach



Anytime any place….

We program so many things in our life, but happiness is not possible, it is just something that appears from nowhere and everyone wants happiness……..right, so don’t look for it, just let it happen

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach,Destino


The journey of life is something that we all travel, with no exception, the difference is that we all do it differently, some of us are extremely conscious of this journey and plan and make goals and others just take each day as it comes with no plan or goals and life passes them by in this way. Although even this may not be 100% true, some of us as children see our selves as adults in a married situation with family. This can be absolute for some and have no further ambition beyond that, and should be respected in the same way as someone who really wishes to leave their mark on the world. We are all different in every way, which is a wonderful thing, can you imagine if we were all the same and wanted the same things.

When we are aware of our purpose in life, it is easier for us to make a pathway, to implement a plan and place in our goals along the way, it is always easier to break the whole plan down into smaller parts and place the goals along the way. By doing this we find ourselves obtaining those goals and we do not lose faith, we keep going our vibration is high as we are seeing results as we go along, if we have difficulty in naming our purpose, we need to tackle this, first, if you have a problem clarifying this, take advice from a professional that can help you on your way, a life coach can help you with this, at times we need a little help to direct us to where we wish to go, to obtain our first steps in the right direction. Once we have this clear, you need to keep your focus, staying focused is very important again you may need help with this, never be afraid to take help when needed it can simplify the process and will be of great personal value and help to you. You need to know as much as possible about what you wish to do, knowledge is power don’t ever forget that, so read and listen as much as possible, never worry about investing in yourself it is always the best investment you will make, when you invest in yourself, you have an interest that cannot be found in other things you do and buy, when it is a personal thing for you, your interest is higher and the result is almost guaranteed.

It will be necessary for you on this journey to take risks, some big some small but always try to make it a calculated risk, as much as possible, you may find your gut instinct will kick in here, your intuition your personalized GPS system, let it guide you, it will not guide you wrong, write down your goals, keep revising your overall list, those goals will keep you accountable and this is always a good thing, this is where we start to work and to learn to be smarter, this is not a question of working harder, but smarter……eventually all of these things will become second nature to you but by doing things that we love, when we work with our passion it becomes easier still, as we truly believe in what we are doing and of course you know the importance of believing in yourself, when you hold this belief you will find that your networking will become easier as you truly reach people when you speak with them, your relationships become strong and trust worthy which is very important in your journey through life, whether this be friends or associates. It is a number of things that need to come together as we travel on this journey, just the same as the ingredients in a fabulous recipe…………………Enjoy your journey through life, it never ends and can be enjoyed in so many ways…………

Brooke, Universal Life Coach

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Big secret !!

It is so true…… when we work with what we love and feel a true passion, or have a relationship that we love, we hit that happy vibe, it is so easy to bring happiness into your life when you just find what you like!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

OVERCOME INTERVIEW NERVES…………………………………………………………………………

How many of you are totally qualified for the job of your dreams and more than capable of doing the job, to the point of excelling yourself……..but in creep the nerves and we don’t go or fall apart during our interview. There is a very easy trick to overcome this and it is all to do with our minds and our bodies, we all have body language and that is sometimes is what will let us down during a selective process. I recently heard the following and could not agree more……….

Our bodies change our minds,
and our minds change our behaviour
and our behaviour changes are outcomes……………………………

body and mind friday

It really does make sense, they also say fake it till you make it, how about fake it till you become it !! It’s like when we talk about changing our habits…when we sit having a coffee on a busy street,you will be able to notice the confident people who walk by and sadly the one’s that are not so confident, it’s all in the pose,the way they walk, hold their head,you have heard the saying chin up….. this is body language being extremely nonverbal, when we stretch arms strongly to the sky, you feel good, when you take a walk with your arms and shoulders back,you will sense a feeling of calmness and clarity.Exercising your body releases stress and tension,you open up your body and your mind follows,you open to positive energy, if you stretch and take a positive pose as near to your next interview as possible, you will bring yourself into the presence that you need to be, with that you will have, confidence,passion,you will be enthusiastic,captivating and comfortable, you will be your true self, this is who your interviewer wishes to see

Body and mind saturday

You may not know this,but if your interviewer has been doing this for some time, or even a professional interviewer,they may put you to the test by being very panfaced and serious,they will show no facial expression for maybe at least 5 mins, to see how you re-act under these conditions, if you have prepared yourself before with a simple stretching exercise and your powerful pose,(this is always a pose where you become bigger than your usual self) never make yourself look smaller, this is previous to your interview,(never during) the sensation you get from becoming relaxed and bigger, will see you through your interview,speech etc., when you do this over a period of time you will automatically do this,you will become this person full of everything an interviewer is looking for.Your body language is the first thing they notice, before you say a word. Think big, go big and good luck.

powerful mind

Brooke Universal Life Coach


Time to choose………..

Every time we make a decision is has an effect on our life, and we make decisions all day long everyday, maybe we don’t give the correct attention we should as we don’t think of the long term consequences, we always have a choice, in everything in life, just make sure its the right one.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

How to deal with fear & anger

Have you faced fear and anger, they can be the most difficult feelings to face, it invades us with vulnerability , we feel frightened and totally power less on how to handle this feeling and situation. This can also lead to further problems as these feelings come with memories of other moments in the past.

At times to try to gain control of the situation we may lash out at people that in fact have nothing to do with the reasons we feel, or we pay look for a form of pay back to get even or manipulate behind peoples backs to gain a sense of power over the situation. This is a quick fix, a little satisfaction but only delays the facing of the pain.

When we feel hurt, we do not need to be frightened, we don’t have to work hard at avoiding it, at the end of the day it is just afeeling, not as good as feeling happy but it is a feeling only, we can just let them go….. by this it is not saying we need to go in search of them, or think of them all the time. Pain is uncomfortable to all of us, but we can sit and think, what can we do to make it better, how can we care for ourselves, and continue with our life.

This process does not have to be rushed and we don’t need to punish others to gain control, we can talk and share how we feel with others, this always makes us feel better and can help us heal. Once we learn that being vulnerable to this kind of hurt, allows us to gain experience and giving us the power we need to care for ourselves even when we are on an emotional roller coaster, real authentic power comes from not passing the responsibility to others but when we take responsibility for ourselves for all our feelings.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Start your week……..right

Think about this, its the beginning of the week, so position yourself to be where you want to go, what’s stopping you? You are the only one that puts limits on your personal growth and success, so start today, remember you need to walk before you run, so don’t pressure yourself, just be consistant…..

Have a great week

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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