SUNNY SATURDAY ………………………………..

saturday 29th
saturday 29th 2

The day is waiting for you, have a great day, do something exciting, relax, do what ever you feel good doing !!

Brooke Universal Coach

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fabulous friday 1
fabulous friday 2

Make sure you have a great start to the week-end, start to wind down this fabulous friday……………………….and enjoy the time with your loved ones !

Brooke Universal Coach

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THIS IS YOUR POWER…………………………………………………………………


The universal laws are for everyone, and the Law of Attraction is but one of them, it is working for your every second of every day, it is on 24/7 duty, just for you, when you learn how to work with the Law of Attraction you really can create anything !

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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What is Sixth Sense ?   Sixth Sense in scientific (or non scientific) terms is defined as Extra Sensory Perception or in short ESP it involves the reception of information not gained through any of the five senses, nor is it taken from any experiences from the past or known. Sixth Sense aims to move seamlessly integrate online information and tech into everyday life. By making available information needed for decisions making beyond what we have access to with our five senses, it effectively gives users a sixth sense. 

images (4) Buddha sense

The more we can look inside of ourselves when embarking on making choices, you will start to see changes in a positive way into your personal everyday life. You have to remember that decisions should be felt as right, not always is it a case of thinking what is right. From the moment we open our eyes after a nights sleep we are making decisions, some big some small, this goes on all day until we return to sleep again. Are you going to be successful today, do you want lunch or not, will I make more money today, will I lose money today, will I meet someone special today, will by family be happy and well, and it goes on and on, day in day out.

The most amazing thing about decisions is that at some point they will affect us big or small, some of the smallest ones can make the biggest wave, it can lead to one of the biggest decisions of your life, a change in hairstyle could lead us to our life partner !! You just never know.

The other aspect of all this thinking and decision-making can change our whole life, in one day, and when we make a mistake and take the wrong decision we also end up maybe very unhappy and waste time, time we cannot recuperate. We cannot recuperate money badly spent, we can not recuperate a loved one, that does not love us, and all the time and energy we spent on these type of things, leave us unsatisfied with our life in general.We have maybe lost time chasing a career that was the wrong choice for us,and your natural talent is swept under the carpet, you have lost business and opportunities because of the wrong decision. 

When you become better at making decisions, you also start to control your life better, you can guide your future for a better outcome with less failures and ever lasting happiness. To obtain all this, we need to call on our Sixth Sense, this is your inner power, your Sixth Sense is a conversation with yourself, it is always present, we just don’t always listen, have you never heard that little inner voice coming from deep inside, that tells you to do or not do something ? and when you have not listened, you have maybe had to regret that at a later date. 

images (4) intuition

Did you know that we have our own GPS, and that we have it for life, and long before the car or the telephone, and of course this helps with our decision-making, when we allow it ! Most of us will make decisions on thinking is this the right or wrong thing to do, what would X do in this situation or are you one of those, who worry what others will think about your decision. If you make decisions in this way, it is not wrong,the problem is you are only using your head, and that is not always the best way, the head,the brain only represents 10% of your conscious mind ! so what does that tell you ? That means that this BIG decision you are making you are doing so, only using 10% of your true possibility……………………………not good eh!! Just think what we are missing, the perfect way , would be to feel what is best at that moment in time, what is your inner power telling you, you have your GPS use it, it will direct you the way to go,you have always had this little gift, but maybe you did not know about it, and how well it can serve you . Your personal GPS is powered by the heart,quote”Unlike your brain, the controlling flight, fight or freeze mechanisms cannot manipulate your heart” Your heart is the most authentic representative of who you really are, it is where fear cannot change a thing. Your heart has collected all your memories and experiences, and you can call on all of this whenever you want to. 

Sixth Sense is the voice of the soul, the more you listen, the more you know your true self

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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EYES OPEN…………………………………………….

Always focus on the right thing, we are surrounded by opportunities, we just have to keep our eyes wide open, and be willing to act, when we act, we see a result………go for your dreams, and never be afraid of an opportunity when presented to you!

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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When we try to make a child’s interior strong, we are giving them ways to face life now and in the future, the key to the success of this is love and respect but also rules and limits. Everyday growing children face new situations which they have to resolve without experience. If we look back ourselves, and think about classroom situations, admitting to breaking something or maybe jealousy of friends, etc., they where the problem’s that we felt we were lost and misunderstood when we remember these moments we realize the importance of understanding and love, but also if we have all the things we want on the terms we wanted then we were denied the right to fully understand the situation and to find the way to resolve them and if we were capable of doing so, not finding out the ways and risks of resolving ourselves.

To take on everyday tasks and risks as our own responsibility can be a simple act of learning how to use a knife and fork, some children still have biscuits and milk (from a bottle at the age of 6) this child will probably like it and it is easier for the mother, this attitude will only create negative consequences in the future. If you allow the child to act as if they are still babies they will not mature at a normal rate.
If we allow our children to think in a moderate way, this will avoid low self-esteem and strengthen their inner strength.
Children need the fundamental pillars of strength in there lives, if a child asks for things, crying, and having a tantrum to get what they want……we should ignore them. If we give in to this kind of behavior and their way of achieving attention we are showing them to obtain things without any work on there part. If they are incapable of doing their homework alone…..from being young, you need to take up a routine and give them the responsibility of there own, this way we are showing them to continually work and they will assume there objects with responsibility.


A child must have order in there lives, a timetable and routine give them security. If a child is quiet and takes on their responsibilities they should be told how good they are, this will always strengthen their good behavior and they will feel proud of themselves. When they have problems at school, they should be allowed to try and resolve it themselves, we can give our opinion, but if we rush to sort things out immediately, we are taking their autonomy away and the possibility to resolve things.
A child that is spoilt all the time will be a very unsatisfied adult, that will not be able to even sort out small frustrations in life. They will always give up on anything and feel defenseless.
To help them form inner strength it is necessary to have discipline, routine and have security when they come out of a difficult situation, they will be stronger and more understanding, when we when correct a child, do so with respect and love, this is the basics of maturity for them.
Children will behave good or bad, depending on if you give them attention or not, if they scream and shout and have tantrums, children know the power of there tantrums and parents should show them how to ask for things in a good way and they should be taught to accept negative results, to help a child who behaves in this way, is not to give in to there every whim or promise you will buy something for them if they behave, it should not be a material thing, you should replace this with, “if you study well or behave and are responsible, we will be very proud of you” this way you are showing a child to be responsible for themselves, and not for the benefit of a material reward, they will start to understand personal satisfaction. Educating children is one of the most difficult jobs you will ever hold, children do not come with a manual and step by step instructions, however, they are part of you, and represent you in everything they do and it is down to you on how that representation goes, you are there mirror and they will tend to do what you do, never underestimate the mind of a child, they know how to push your buttons and will do so at any given opportunity, but, if you show these little individuals who we all love dearly, that there are limitations, rules, and regulations, routines, and obligations that have to be followed, you are giving them a wonderful opportunity to be loving responsible and understanding adults. Who you will be proud of them and your input.


Brooke Smitham Universal Life Coach


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THIS IS PURE FACT ……………………………………………

There you have it, keep your desire burning and manifest to your heart’s content !

Brooke Smitham Universal Life Coach


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How many of you have a fixed or fairly fixed morning routine, when we have a routine in place it really can lower the risk of starting the day in a total state of stress and anxiety.

There are many little things we can do the evening before that really do not take up a great deal of time, time that will be yours in the morning, when panic sets in.

morning routine

This is probably first on the list for most of us, my little routine involves also a warm glass of lemon water with a spoon of honey, every morning, you actually becomes quite addictive, but it is great for your body, this is first thing before any tea or coffee, to get the full benefits make it your first drink of the day ! Another little time saver I do is, prepare my fruit, if I am having fresh fruit for breakfast I leave everything I can, ready and chopped in a little container, along with any snack I intend to take with me, if I am out and about. I also always leave my clothes out the night before, this is a great time saver, how many times have you stood in the morning, “yes….no….maybe this will be better ” if its out and ready, you just need to pop it on, I have always done this, especially when my children were small and we were on the school run !! time was truly of the essence, another thing I would mention here, is time…..always give yourself enough time, you may not want to get out of bed 30 mins earlier, but like everything else when you have done it for a while, the habit is formed and it is not a chore any longer, that little extra time, can take all the stress out of the day. 

morning routine 3

There is nothing worse than being stressed first thing in the morning, and the even worse side of this, is that it stays with you all through the day, and in fact can get bigger and more out of proportion than when we started…………Have you ever had one of those days, we , in actual fact create the ongoing of the situation, if we find ourselves in a situation of stress, the very first thing in the morning, you have to try to carry on, brush it off and not take it with you into the day, because it will follow you and ruin your whole day, if you let it ! it is what is known as being negative, and not letting go, if something happens, just push it aside……..and carry on with a positive attitude, it happened, so what……….? Moaning about it all day, will not change the fact it happened. 

I like to take care of all my emails and Facebook, it is usually my first job, along with my blog and any comments, as I am doing this I also fill in any new clients and existing appointments I have with my Coaching etc., I then have one of my three half hour sessions on my static bike, a little exercise is good for all of us. These are things which I do everyday, so my little routine is pretty well established, after that things can vary from day-to-day.

I would suggest that if you can, put a little routine into your life, it will eventually save you time and will deal with any early morning stress that you maybe experience now, particularly if you have children, try to give yourself enough time, even if you need to raise a little earlier, time is the secret to tranquil mornings. 


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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Take time today to connect with yourself ………it is so important that you have your space and time each day, it can be only five mins, a coffee break time, but its a time to be quiet and silent within yourself.

Take this time to question and answer all those things that are in your mind, however there is no room for chaos, be organised, within your thoughts and work through one by one. The silence will bring you the answer from within , listen and take note…………….never give up your one to one

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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images (4) starter

So how do we develop this amazing tool we have already, that will help us to make the right decisions, once you unlock this little secret you will start to save time and energy on decision-making. Your inner power, your deep intuition will guide you all the way, once you start to listen, allowing you to make the correct choice. 

Can you remember making bad decisions, I know it is not easy to face up to this, but, you need to remember how bad you felt through wrong decision-making, the ones that have given you pain and suffering, taking the wrong job, the wrong relationship, just bring them back for a second, and then ask yourself if you would make the same decision again. By doing this you are giving yourself the opportunity to listen to your inner self, imagine it is jumping up and down to get your attention, don’t ignore it !! listen, it’s guiding you back to your true self and attempting to get you to not make a bad decision again, but again you have to listen !! To do this you have to backtrack, hence the remembering, you can’t change this as you know, we can never change the past, but we can learn from it. All your uncomfortable moments and bad present situations can be changed into positive experiences, but you have to be brave enough to see them for what they are, you need to put yourself under the magnifying glass.

descarga (2) Intuition 1

You now need to find a quiet place or come back to this later. Write down all your unhappy moments and things you are not happy about right now, including all your biggest mistakes, it is best to be alone for this as it can leave you emotionally drained. It could even make you cry and move feelings you may have long forgotten, this would be normal tears are a sign of connecting with your inner self. As you work through this the more you write the more of a connection you will make, deep down inside, you will start to see how you made those decisions in the past. You need to take your time with this, breathe and give time for things to sink in, if you rush you will not get the benefit of your true inner power, this is a time to invest in yourself with time and energy. This is a task of true one to one work, no lies, the whole truth, it’s your opportunity to speak very openly with yourself, this is just you and the piece of paper! This is really personal, so be personal, everything has to go down, be sincere with yourself.

images (4)post 3


To really get to grips with your inner self, you must be honest, it is an exercise of honesty, it is an exercise that has great value and is a wonderful way to find out what really is getting at you. The more time you give past decisions, the lighter you will feel on completion, you will feel the relief.


The world’s greatest achievers practiced introspection —so can you ” 


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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