How many of you are totally qualified for the job of your dreams and more than capable of doing the job, to the point of excelling yourself……..but in creep the nerves and we don’t go or fall apart during our interview. There is a very easy trick to overcome this and it is all to do with our minds and our bodies, we all have body language and that is sometimes is what will let us down during a selective process. I recently heard the following and could not agree more……….

Our bodies change our minds,
and our minds change our behaviour
and our behaviour changes are outcomes……………………………

body and mind friday

It really does make sense, they also say fake it till you make it, how about fake it till you become it !! It’s like when we talk about changing our habits…when we sit having a coffee on a busy street,you will be able to notice the confident people who walk by and sadly the one’s that are not so confident, it’s all in the pose,the way they walk, hold their head,you have heard the saying chin up….. this is body language being extremely nonverbal, when we stretch arms strongly to the sky, you feel good, when you take a walk with your arms and shoulders back,you will sense a feeling of calmness and clarity.Exercising your body releases stress and tension,you open up your body and your mind follows,you open to positive energy, if you stretch and take a positive pose as near to your next interview as possible, you will bring yourself into the presence that you need to be, with that you will have, confidence,passion,you will be enthusiastic,captivating and comfortable, you will be your true self, this is who your interviewer wishes to see

Body and mind saturday

You may not know this,but if your interviewer has been doing this for some time, or even a professional interviewer,they may put you to the test by being very panfaced and serious,they will show no facial expression for maybe at least 5 mins, to see how you re-act under these conditions, if you have prepared yourself before with a simple stretching exercise and your powerful pose,(this is always a pose where you become bigger than your usual self) never make yourself look smaller, this is previous to your interview,(never during) the sensation you get from becoming relaxed and bigger, will see you through your interview,speech etc., when you do this over a period of time you will automatically do this,you will become this person full of everything an interviewer is looking for.Your body language is the first thing they notice, before you say a word. Think big, go big and good luck.

powerful mind

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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