Have you faced fear and anger, they can be the most difficult feelings to face, it invades us with vulnerability , we feel frightened and totally power less on how to handle this feeling and situation. This can also lead to further problems as these feelings come with memories of other moments in the past.

At times to try to gain control of the situation we may lash out at people that in fact have nothing to do with the reasons we feel, or we pay look for a form of pay back to get even or manipulate behind peoples backs to gain a sense of power over the situation. This is a quick fix, a little satisfaction but only delays the facing of the pain.

When we feel hurt, we do not need to be frightened, we don’t have to work hard at avoiding it, at the end of the day it is just afeeling, not as good as feeling happy but it is a feeling only, we can just let them go….. by this it is not saying we need to go in search of them, or think of them all the time. Pain is uncomfortable to all of us, but we can sit and think, what can we do to make it better, how can we care for ourselves, and continue with our life.

This process does not have to be rushed and we don’t need to punish others to gain control, we can talk and share how we feel with others, this always makes us feel better and can help us heal. Once we learn that being vulnerable to this kind of hurt, allows us to gain experience and giving us the power we need to care for ourselves even when we are on an emotional roller coaster, real authentic power comes from not passing the responsibility to others but when we take responsibility for ourselves for all our feelings.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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