good for your soul

As I went about my obligations this morning, I started to think about my blog post for this afternoon, and my mind was suddenly filled with how happy I was regarding my life and my blog, all the interesting and kind people I am encountering on my journey with my blog, all the different concepts, thoughts and feelings that you all express, from all around the world , all different people but all so unique. 

So I am here today, to thank you all for reading my posts, for sending me your comments and support and for offering your friendship , in a way, to a total stranger from across the other side of the world, I am so appreciative for this and very grateful for this new found world for me, and connections, apart from the enjoyment I receive from this I am also able to learn so much on a daily basis, from all of you. I know that I am totally in charge of how I feel, and I am choosing to feel great, I am happy, I have found a new part to my life that makes me feel good on the inside, not just one that people think they see on the outside.when you start to feel this way, which I hope some of you share also,we no longer seek the approval of anyone,when you feel this zest for life, this love the universe just sends it right back at you.

images Feeling good today

If we try to worry less and take responsibility for our life, we learn to listen and love what we have,we take on criticism in an easier way , we don’t hate (hate is such a strong word) we look forward to change and take it in our stride, and we decide to feel good anyway.And you know when we come across people who try to bring us down,(we all know some of them) they just don’t understand us, but this also means that they think you are above them.

So, today, tomorrow and for ever more……… your good feeling take over time, I promise it gives an entirely different spin on your day and your life. So go on give it a try, and when the bumps on the road come along, which they will, thats life, we all know that, think that circumstances will never take away your plan for happiness, don’t betray yourself, you are worth much more……..and you know it………..good feeling happy life.And again a big THANK YOU I owe my feeling good to you. 

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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