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It is so true, life is probably the most precious gift we ever receive but remember it is a choice every day, your choice on how we use our time in this life, make the most of every day, and enjoy every second of this precious gift! Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Never excuse yourself from a life change due to your age, why should you not be happy for as long as possible, you have no necessity to conform to any situation in your life, no matter what, there is always a solution for the problems you may foresee… be brave move forward and live the life you know you deserve. Brooke, Universal Life & … Read More IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!


If you are looking at changing your life, this is a topic you have to dive into, have you ever labeled yourself or even worse have you allowed others to do that for you? there is really nothing more appealing than this, and sadly the world just loves to label people, they feel it gives everyone a place, I wonder where their place would … Read More LABELS….


At times it can be difficult to forget what has happened in your personal situation, but the sooner you accept that it did, no matter how hard you have found it, to believe that (this or that) can happen, it did, so you know you have to move on or let it torment you for the rest of your life, this is not an … Read More TIME TO MOVE ON


This could be the most important list of your life, and I am going to include a tip for you here, one of the most asked questions I receive is regarding the creation of your reality, in the sense of visualizing or knowing what you want, here you can maybe do two things at the same time, but with success……. when you create your … Read More “THE BUCKET LIST”


You may be the kind of person that always does the same thing, all the time, you have to understand that until you change that pattern, happiness will always avoid you, keep moving forward change your pattern in life and find what you truly want…. Brooke Universal Life & relationship Coach


It is Monday morning, the beginning of the week and virtually the beginning of the month, so why not take that step you have been thinking about for so long, you know the time is right, it’s a now or never situation so what do you have to lose, nothing, but a whole lot to gain! Have a great week, month YEAR, just go … Read More IT’S MONDAY……..


Mind, heart, and soul all make up part of your beauty inside and out! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


From the lady of elegance herself, Madame Chanel Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach


When we accept that we are sensitive, it is something we need to encourage into our life, cultivate it to be able to help others, it is a wonderful gift to be aware of everything that takes place around us, never shy away from it or hide it from others, it is nothing to be ashamed of, when we feel comfortable expressing our sensitivity … Read More SENSITIVITY………………………………….


Always be your best version….( You never know who is looking)…but, never forget it is you that matters Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


We all have this beauty, just release it for everyone to also enjoy! Have a lovely week full of inner beauty…. Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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