One of the most important facors for all of us to reach a successful recovery in any area of our life is the boundaries we set for ourselves and for others to follow, and within our New Year intentions are boundaries should also be seriously considered, they will help with our self-esteem and how we handle our feelings and how we cope and learn with loving ourselves and how we value who we are.

Boundaries are deep within us, they are connected to so many things, when we let go of guilt and shame and when we change our beliefs rearding wha we truly deserve. As we find clarity the same will come about with out boundaries.

You will notice that you will only set your boundaries when you are ready, and this goes for those around you also.

It is an exiting moment when we reach the point of knowing what we want to say and do, and you will notice that others will also start to take you seriously , everything changes, not because we hold power of others, but the fact that we have changed.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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