Relationships can be the band aid or the wound when we have suffered some kind of trauma in our life, its a little like how we express our journey to the world.

We are tried and tested on a daily basis on how we handle maybe several distinct types of relationships, how we function and see them for what they are, at times we choose these relationships and at times we don’t. The one choice you should never lose track of is your own behaviour, our codependency, our goal our challenge is to behave in the way that demonstrates the responsibility you feel for yourself.

We are on a constant learning curve to acknowledge our own power to take of ourselves within our relationships. We need to learn about and how to be intimate with another, we face many challenges do we need to back away from someone we have tried to control, do you need to talk to someone even though you know it is not going to make you feel good, but you need to say it, do you avoid people because you fear how you are are going to care for yourself. Do you feel the need to make amend with someone that we know we handled the situation wrongly and need to reach out to them or show love.

When we are healing it is not always done around relationships, it is also vital to learn about our own power in taking care of ourselves in our relationships and daily life

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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