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At times, this statement is and will be difficult to understand, or may be we just don’t want to understand it, when we are hit by circumstances in life that we, somehow are not prepared for, we need to be able to react….. at the moment the world is living through an unknown reality, and we are all struggling in some shape or form, … Read More NEW KIND OF TIMES


I hope you have found your gift, which I hope you enjoy and take pride in what you do or have, I also hope you have a greater joy being able to share your gift with others………….sharing is a beautiful gift, don’t miss this great opportunity in life. Brooke Universal Life Coach http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.yourtubecom/channel/Uc3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


Now, you maybe thinking this is easier than it sounds, and I understand that, but it really is down to you, you can have the inner power to make or break you, it is so easy to blame others or blame circumstances in our life, but the final word or thought is yours, again I can hear and feel your disagreement with this, it … Read More CAN YOU ?


What do you give? Have you ever stopped to think how much you give back and how much you maybe recieve, I think it is something we don’t always think about, do you think we should, or should we just give and take as it transpires ………………… Brooke Universal Life Coach http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.youtubecom/channel/UC3nNSE-ijlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


No matter what is going on in your life at this moment in time, take a break today, take a breath of fresh air and relax, give your brain and yourself a well deserved little rest, we cannot change anything from days gone by, the past is written and we cannot change it, we can, however, confront tomorrow refeshed in our minds and maybe … Read More SUNDAY


Yes, we have snow in sunny Spain, we are experiencing unbelievable weather at the moment, there is heavy snow falls in most parts of Spain, causing all kinds of delays and problems……….we have even had a record breaking drop in temperature recorded at 37- below, I am pleased to say not here where I am, but we have recorded 6- ………….. Wishing you all … Read More AND IT SNOWED

IT’S MOVIE TIME !……………………………

You may be wondering why I chose this title today, I have received more emails regarding your future and using The Law of Attraction if you are having problems in visualising exactly what you want, (which seems a big problem for many) it is possible that a  solution is in a movie, a movie regarding your perfect life, starting at the beginning and run … Read More IT’S MOVIE TIME !……………………………


Just focus, on what you can do………….what you can not do has no space anywhere………welcome your new life and new year. Brooke Universal Life Coach http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebook/EducationLOA


There is nothing better than adding a little colour into our rooms for obtaining that feel-good moment, each room, does in fact has its perfect colour, and what better time than Christmas to add that colour and sparkle that we may be needing. When you are keen on a colour, and it is a bold colour, go all out make a statement with it, … Read More HAPPY HOME !!


Do we really love our meditation time, or do we find it so complicated to sit and be quiet and to let our mind drift, do we find it difficult to control our breathing and put ourselves into panic mode as opposed to relaxation ? What makes it so difficult, it seems such a simple task ! I personally found meditation one of the … Read More LOVE YOUR MEDITATION…………..


So, where do you think you are going to be this time next year, it seems a long way away, but I can assure you it is not ! time flies when you’re having fun, and not… I promise you the one thing no one has or owns is time !! You can make more time for yourself, if that is what you want..but … Read More COACHING ?


Always remember the people around you at Christmas time, there are many people with needs that you may not be aware of, so keep your eyes and heart wide open, just one kind word can make a big difference to someone’s day,…. Brooke Universal Life Coach http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.youtubecom/channel/UC3nNSE-ojlb7SZVa61EM-Eqw

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