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How to deal with fear & anger

Have you faced fear and anger, they can be the most difficult feelings to face, it invades us with vulnerability , we feel frightened and totally power less on how to handle this feeling and situation. This can also lead to further problems as these feelings come with memories of other moments in the past. At times to try to gain control of the … Read More How to deal with fear & anger

Start your week……..right

Think about this, its the beginning of the week, so position yourself to be where you want to go, what’s stopping you? You are the only one that puts limits on your personal growth and success, so start today, remember you need to walk before you run, so don’t pressure yourself, just be consistant….. Have a great week Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach … Read More Start your week……..right

Magical coffee moment…..

Magic is around us at all times, and there are even moments when we can set that magic into motion for ourselves and loved one’s, we just need to believe in everything we do, and that of course includes ourselves, we can reach anything we set our minds to, there is nothing impossible for you or anyone else, just have the faith in yourself … Read More Magical coffee moment…..

In love with life….

First Saturday of the New Year, so fill this day and every following day with lots of love and full of heart, we have a great life, we have food shelter clothing and education, the list in fact is never ending, so don’t let’s spend this year complaining of what we don’t have, this will only create more lack in our life, feel the … Read More In love with life….

Till next year!

So, today is the final day of Christmas here in Spain, after the visit of the The Three Kings Of The Orient last night, today is the Spanish Christmas Day, families gather and eat together and celebrate the gifts that the kings brought for them, although what we know as a traditional Christmas has gained more popularity over the years and Santa Claus has … Read More Till next year!

Weekend reflection…

You have the first weekend of the New Year to work on yourself, self care, healing letting go whatever area you wish to concentrte on, if you have had a busy week take some time to breath in deep and relax and at your leisure make your new intentions with thought and loving moments, just make sure you make them and have every intention … Read More Weekend reflection…

Relationships ººº

Relationships can be the band aid or the wound when we have suffered some kind of trauma in our life, its a little like how we express our journey to the world. We are tried and tested on a daily basis on how we handle maybe several distinct types of relationships, how we function and see them for what they are, at times we … Read More Relationships ººº

Home sweet home….

Your home is your castle, your refuge, it is where you feel comfortable and safe, stepping out into the world can be a big thing, but knowing we can return to the feeling of security, cosiness and your surrounding that are so familar to you, it’s your personal comfort zone….. to leave that zone is fine, in fact you need to, to spread your … Read More Home sweet home….

Make caring for yourself a priority……

This has to be an important part of your New Year habits , it is fundamental and many people do still not realise the importance of self care and self love, so what exactly do you neeed to do to take care of yourself, it’s time to listen to your little inner voice,(your intuition) and to take note of what it is telling you, … Read More Make caring for yourself a priority……

Be aware

Never let a day escape you without taking all the positivity you can, you can learn something new and exciting each day, and knowledge will always take you to power…. Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

You put the boundaries……

One of the most important facors for all of us to reach a successful recovery in any area of our life is the boundaries we set for ourselves and for others to follow, and within our New Year intentions are boundaries should also be seriously considered, they will help with our self-esteem and how we handle our feelings and how we cope and learn … Read More You put the boundaries……


You probably can’t wait to start your day, full of new intentions, habits and even the way you feel, knowing each step you take is taking you nearer to what you really want in life, know this, hold that clarity close to you and keep moving forward, one day, one step at a time, and remember we all need to walk before we can … Read More Excitement

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