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Some of you may be aware that apart from my blog here, I have a company by the name of The Umbrella of Success, with my good friend and partner Adda Hafborg, which I would love you to follow also, if you wish, it would be great to have you, you can find us at , my reason for this, is, we are … Read More DON’T MISS THIS!


Don’t you just love the sound of the autumn leaves under your feet, a sure sign of autumn those leaves are everywhere, and can really be an extra job, even an unwanted job, but they can be so much fun for young and old…..and nobody can take that crunch away! Brooke Universal Life Coach http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA


Feelings…….we have many, we all have mood changes, are emotions can be high or low, we become angry,we feel joy, trust, surprise, sadness, and fear….feeling is an emotion… Your emotions are your indicator into how you are feeling, they tell you how you are doing , it can even be information to protect us from harm…. it warns us when we should pay more … Read More DO YOU KNOW YOUR FEELINGS?


Autumn blends for so many things, it is a perfect season to make the changes in your life that you so wish for, so what holds you back? It is you and you alone that can make the decisions you need to take, to place changes into your life, when you know a change is the answer, don’t let fear, doubt, lack of confidence … Read More MAKE THAT CHANGE !


Each one of these cardinal rules, will bring an enormous change to you and your life, Incorporate them into your way of thinking and daily routine, you will not regret this, the logic, value and pleasure it brings will have you wondering why you never applied them before, maybe this is your first opportunity, as things flow into our life for a reason, make … Read More GREAT WAY TO KICK START YOUR WEEK………………..


This has to be one of the most beautiful season’s of the year, the colours and even the soft climate, going from the hot, hot summer into the cooler days of autumn, the breeze that starts to greet us and the trees that bear all and show their twisted branches …..allowing that not so high sunshine to reach us, just in that correct spot … Read More BEAUTY & NATURE


This is how we learn from nature, it shows us the way, every time………they shed their leaves to allow us more light, the goodness of winter sunshine and to give us the full benefit of the rain fall, in the summer it spreads its branches and leaves to protect us from the hot sun, providing shade where we need it, and the best lesson … Read More LET IT GO!


Happiness is a little bit about finding yourself, its not about a new home, fast car and lots of money, you have to feel happy inside to be able to experience true happiness and not just an appearance happiness. You need to feel content and at ease within your mind and heart, its all about Mind Body and Soul . Never try to look … Read More HAPPINESS


It’s an enchanting time of the year when we seem to blend, mind body and soul, more than any other time, we are open and welcome the fall, we connect in a very special way……….take time out to connect with nature, the benefits are free and cannot be calculated in what they do for us. Brooke Universal Life Coacch http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA


You may think, I have something wrong with me, talking about Christmas today, but it happens to be one of the most stressful times of the year, yes we are happy etc., but the build up and the actual Christmas days can be very stressful and you can certainly be the days we most work in maybe the whole year….. The big secret to … Read More THAT TIME OF YEAR !


I know it is so nice for us to shed the layers in the summer time, but don’t you feel a certain warm feeling when we start to replace those layers in soft, comforting fabrics, we start to snuggle into our new season’s clothes, they look so inviting and feel so good against the elements of autumn …….. Brooke Universal Life Coach … Read More THE MANY COLOURS OF AUTUMN

OPERATION YOU …………………………..

When was the last time you looked at yourself as a person (not a Mother, Daughter,lover or Friend)and where you are at in your life,? Are you happy with your appearance, are you happy with what you do and how you relate to others………….if you have a slight problem answering this question or a few, buts, ifs or maybe !! you need to find … Read More OPERATION YOU …………………………..

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