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When we are truly fortunate to work with our passion, we really do feel as though we are not working, it is a pleasure to be able to think feel and realise what we love…………..


It is also a wonderful feeling to know we are growing, personal growth is so important, many associate it with years, but that is not always the case, are you aware of how your patience is never-ending, or how you now handle certain situations in your life, most of us put this down to age, but it can also be a sure sign of personal growth, as you achieve your growth your inner intuition and knowledge are aware of everything around you, you are totally connected to where you are and what you are dealing with, are you conscious of all this ?

Are you conscious of your actions and feelings, do you ever analyse yourself and your thoughts, not in a critical manner, you should be supporting and constructing what you are achieving each day, being proud of your progress, Rome was not built-in a day………..they say and we are the same, nobody came into this life, knowing everything, there are many know all’s, but that is  different , when we start to grow, it is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. 

There may be times when you are very conscious of a way you have dealt with a situation and thought to yourself that previously your reaction would have been totally different, this is personal growth in action, at times we obtain that growth from personal experiences of our own or maybe from a personal growth course/book or Mentor/Coach , learning to deal with life and it’s problems can be an advantage, instead of waiting for them to happen and learning from the experience. 

Always welcome the opportunity of Personal Growth, however it may enter into your life, it is always beneficial to you, the more we learn the more knowledge we obtain, the more ability we have to help ourselves and others. 

Never let an opportunity pass you by



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