Maybe it is part of our nature to be, reserved and slightly timid,or very timid,but when you wish to succeed in what you do, you have to be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there, there are many ways to do this , did you know that by making new contacts and hearing different ideas around you are great confidence boosters……..when you connect with others and expand your circle your confidence expands with it. 

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When you make big decisions for the future in your life, you need to try to find other people with the same mind-set, join together and study or practice or what you feel is necessary, this is called networking and can be done starting with a small group and   you may be amazed on how it can grow and you with it, you will develop further interests you may have in life. Some people get confused regarding networking , it is quite simply just making the most of the people you meet to your mutual advantage, and this in its self-will be a wonderful experience. 

When you are timid and you are present at a meeting or even a smaller dinner party, make the effort and speak to other people, just a little hello is very often all that is needed to start a conversation , always try to introduce yourself to people you do not already know,  an easy introduction is to mention a name of the person who initially invited you, it may be a point in common for both parties, also , always try to ask an open-ended question, a question that needs an answer……try to be as curious as your confidence allows you to be, stretch the conversation and step outside your comfort zone a little ! it is important that you give full attention to the reply you may be given, listen, in the way, you liked to be listened to. Never miss an opportunity where you may hear something of interest to you, to tell you or to show you or teach you. 

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One of the biggest arts of networking is the ability to follow through with whatever you may have said, this is key to swap your skills or contacts, always try to help others and they will help you. Always fulfil your promises, if not you will be remembered for that. When you find you are talking to someone who has the same interests as you  and you are enjoying your conversation, never forget to get a business card or telephone number , keep that power line going and get in touch with them again with 24 hrs, when you depart never forget to mention what a pleasure it was to meet and that you will stay in touch . If you do not have a good memory, keep a little note-book with the name and their interests, and just jot it down. 

Don’t ever leave your bravery at home, be brave, introduce yourself , what is the worst outcome ? their loss …………… make the most of all opportunities.

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Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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