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I hope you are all well and prepared to welcome the Autumn (the Spring for others) I love this time of the year, however here in Spain it is still brightly shinning a full 33 degrees, which is hot and particularly for this time of the year, it is usually still warm but not so high, we did have a week of rain and naturally the temperature dropped a little, but it has shot right back to where it was, this year has been exceptionally hot so we are hoping it is not a sign of exceptionally cold in the winter as it can work that way, well I suppose we will have to wait for that, to be revealed, but, in the mean time have a great time and enjoy whatever you have got !! as long as you are well and happy the hot or cold can take care of it’s self………….lol to you all 

Enjoy your day

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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