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Don’t wait for others to decide for you, get started now, nobody want’s the boss telling you to get going, we need to be motivated within our work at all times, we are the great engine that drives our enthusiasm.

You need to take action, so take one step forward, taking action is the most powerful thing to build confidence. It consists of simply focusing on what is to be done, and to do it ! We need to take that step on to the right road, even though we may not be 100% prepared, it will become clear to you as you move forward into action.

Confront your fears, another great help to building confidence, fear is nothing more than lack of confidence, we can cultivate auto confidence through curiosity ” try every day to learn something new, within your work ” don’t take anything for granted and don’t imagine things you do not know. Be thankful for your curiosity as you will be better equipped for what is new.

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Prepare yourself with as much information as you can, new and old..this can only give you better potential in what you are doing, in the moment that you are requested to do more,but you are at your lowest energy level, think of things and do them in sprints….strong and short, just going beyond your limit, but being able to rest after the event, put the brakes on and recuperate the energy you have  used. Get to the point where you feel full of energy , we will feel that we have the full capacity to face everything that is going on around us.

Rest well, recharge those batteries well, your breathing and food intake are the regulators of your physical energy, take a rest every 90 mins during your working day, it is very important to stop and recuperate that vital energy, as this works in cycles, with more energy we face better our tasks. 

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Let go , let yourself relax , try to compare and visualise the immensity of the universe which is around you, think the thoughts of a miracle of your life and how you are here and why, this way you see the insignificance and you do not spend time taking in all your working problems, the object is to learn from every mistake we make, the lesson has so much value.

Leave to one side what people may think or say, just be yourself,even with your mistakes, we are human. It is important that you are authentic that you portray who you really are and want to be, remember that including the mistakes you make and failures in your work, they are insignificant for the majority of people around you, the world does not revolve only for you, the people who are around you, will maybe amaze you about how unimportant these things are, they are not watching for the good and the bad” Believe in yourself, don’t depend on volunteers to help you reach your goals. 


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