Do we really love our meditation time, or do we find it so complicated to sit and be quiet and to let our mind drift, do we find it difficult to control our breathing and put ourselves into panic mode as opposed to relaxation ? What makes it so difficult, it seems such a simple task !

I personally found meditation one of the most complicated relaxation methods to conquer, I really did find it a challenge, I found it very difficult to clear my mind, however when I finally got the ability to do just that, I love it……………… 


The majority of us are probably so tied up with multi-tasking and social media, with our mobile phone as part of our outfit and is partially glued to our hand, we even let our mind wonder when we are reading, whether it be for work or pleasure……..that is where the beauty of meditation comes in, the more professional you become with your meditation, the more you will be able to retain your mind and focus on one thing at a time instead of many things and all messed up……this is at the end of the day a simple human skill, so anyone can achieve this. 

The biggest error we make with meditation is trying to get our minds to be blank, as I mentioned before, this is not the case, but many people aim for this and then give up, we all have busy minds, so concentrate on your breathing……this is a great way to focus, as it is always with you, you don’t need to order in advance or have it in, your breath is where ever you are, it’s not old or used, just retrain your mind to be able to settle into one thing at a time.

The best time to meditate is down to the individual, some people like to meditate in a morning, it works for them, others prefer the evening…..All you need to be looking for is 10 free mins a day, more than enough to start, just find a comfortable spot with a firm chair or cushion if possible raised off the floor, sit upright with a nice tall straight spine, you are looking to feel grounded so notice your feet touching the floor, or your ankles if you are sitting cross legged…….When you are comfortable and not a second before, start to focus on your breath , feel the flow of your breath, where ever that maybe for you, chest, tummy chest nostrills….your attention will float to other things don’t worry about this, you have a mind so it’s normal, what you need to do is to try to take your attention back to your breathing . To practice meditation you are not expected to focus all the time, but to do so  over a period of time, learn how to take your mind back to your breath, you may feel agitated or even fall asleep, but every practice will help and you and your mind and body will learn to settle.

This kind of training will also help you in your everyday life, if your mind starts to wonder, you will have the ability to take it back to where you are supposed to be. the more you exercise this, the more natural it will become to you. 

One of the great things about meditation is to do it everyday, this is the secret, you can also build it up slowly to longer periods that suit you best.


Brooke Universal Life Coach




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