You know what we say about certain people, they love to have the last word………..well, this can apply to us and should apply to us, regarding the form in which we react to life situations, and when you realise this fact, life becomes easier and our decision power also.

images (4) Decision day

Repeat the above a few times, until it truly sinks in, everything we do in life is a decision, a decision we make don’t let others make that decision for you, you can ask for guidance but you have the final word. 

Remove stress and anxiety from your life, you put it there, so therefore you have the same power to remove it……yes, you do. We are perfectly aware that no two people are the same, when a situation problem circumstance, whatever you wish to call it arises in your life, you are requested to react…………now maybe your friend colleague etc., has the same situation problem circumstance but takes an entirely different reaction than you, do your problems stress you out, do they cause anxiety and general bad feeling, have you ever thought, that you are responsable for that ? It is how you are reacting to this, that creates the sensation you live through………….when you choose to realise this and adopt a different attitude, you will start to feel better. When we choose to be happy, why can’t we be, we don’t need money, big houses and cars to feel happy, you may want them in your life, but it does not decide if you are happy or not…………..and it is pretty much the same with many things we deal with in our life, conflict, anger, jealousy etc., when we remove these things, in a sense of how we feel about them, we feel better, when we have someone within our circle whether it be  friends or work colleagues, who seem to take joy in upsetting you or making you angry etc., do you realise that it is you who gives them the power to do so………..if you decide, if you make the choice to be unaffected by these things, you will be free from  stress and anxiety !! Do you see how this works, it is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but with a strong mind and a decision from you, you can control the situation, and it will soon become a natural response. 

images (4) brain 2

How you decide to live your life is up to you, you may not think it is this way, but it is, regardless of your situation, you decide each morning if you are going to be a happy person or not, are you going to be filled with stress and anxiety, even if you are not living the ideal life you would like to, you are here, you see the beauty that is around you, and if you don’t it is time you started to open yourself up to the good things that are in your life, because there will be plenty, you can see, you can hear, you can voice your opinion and you can decide to be happy, regardless, the good things probably always out weigh the bad !

Have a great day and a great life, always make the most of what you have…………………………………………………

images (4) 2nd affirmation


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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