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When it is time to make a decision, are you afraid to fail or make the wrong choice ? Is this hesitation the one that is stopping you from reaching your goals and create your dream life. 

If this is indeed the case, you are effectively failing before you start, why fear success so much, many people have many different reasons, some feel it will change them, that they will become different people influenced by their new position and the benefits it brings with it ! others just think that they are incapable of making it, they are afraid of competition or even the struggle. If you are sure of yourself , if you have the self-confidence within, you will maintain the person you are, there is no need to change the essence of who you are……….you may change your home or maybe your car, but you don’t change as a person, unless you choose to do so.

To be successful is not something that will happen overnight, it will take time and patience, and more than anything else consistency, never give up, even if you feel you are getting nowhere, one day the wheel will start to turn and once it starts it will keep going round and round, each struggle and obstacle that you come across, is preparing you with more knowledge and more abilities to attend to the bumps in the road you or your clients may find, the longer it takes for your break to come, the more experience you are acquiring, the secret is to never give in, obstacles are not failures, and success only comes from consistency and the desire to meet your goals and dreams, you know what they say if you can see it, you can hold it in your hands, so keep visualising what you desire and remember that why.


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As you wait for your business to grow, you will experience how strong you are and need to be, you will find an inner strength that you maybe never knew you had, nothing comes easy, but we can be guided along the way, as long as we stay strong and alert, never miss an opportunity that is placed on your path of success, no matter what you choose to follow or do. Always listen to your intuition and go with it.


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Now this, is a point that we have gone over time and time again, however it can never be enough, as many of us, let ourselves down in this area, willingly or not ? Believe, you are incredible and you can do what you wish and achieve it, at times we need a little longer to get there than other things, so , as mentioned before patience, keep going, break your dream down and conquer each section piece by piece making smaller goals within your big goal, failure at times is only part of your learning curve, your success will come , you can and will create the future you desire, but you need you to believe in yourself, when you do this, others will believe in you also……………….<3

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