This week, as I mentioned this morning is all about you, us , ……..and the love we should feel for ourselves, so why don’t we ? It’s a valid question and one we need to address, we are freely giving out love to all, are we in the queue, do we get a look in, or does it all revolve around the people in our immediate circle, when we forget about ourselves, we suffer and so do those in our circle, the reason for that is we just don’t give 100% not even near, we are down maybe even depressed and we are not happy with the outside world as our inside world is in a turmoil. Let your self-confidence grow and turn your life around. 

7 tip interview 2

What reason can we have not to love ourselves, have we been told recently or many years ago that we were unlovable or some other destructive message, was relied to us, has some one turned their back on us, that we love desperately and now feel worthless and without love, not understanding why we are not loved, we are perfectly aware that not everyone is going to love us, and I think we all understand that, but at times we are confronted by people who we know have a love for us,but for some reason have a fear to show it or express it. If this is due to a third-party or a social reason it is very difficult to cope with, but with time we learn how to except that fact and realise that life carries on. The same as we continue after a relationship breakup or even death. Take your life back and believe in yourself. 

28 day worth

However it is necessary for us to learn how to nurture once more that love we should feel for ourselves, we are worthy of it and deep down we are aware of this and even want it, we need it, just as a flower needs water to grow we need love to flourish in our life time and live in peace with ourselves and those around us, many people are alone, and find that their nearest companion maybe a pet, there is nothing wrong with that, animals are great givers of love and ask for nothing in return, we can shower love and affection on our pets and always feel very rewarded………….it is not difficult to love ourselves, maybe one of the first things we must do is to except ourselves as we are and to stop looking for perfection in ourselves and at times in others, everyone has a way of living their life and this is something that should be respected and if this is not possible at least accept what there is, everyone makes mistakes at various times in their life, no one is exempt of that, and that includes ourselves, if this is your case, learn how to forgive yourself, if you have forgiven others, which I am sure you have at some point during your life, then you should be the first on your list, don’t forget you live with yourself, imagine living with someone who you could not forgive, or never truly spoke to from the heart, you just would not do right ? so don’t put yourself through that. You are living with this person, who needs to be in harmony and balance with your inner self, love and care for yourself and just see how your life can change, the difference to see the world through eyes of love are very different from through eyes of no interest, it’s like a light bulb being on or off ! 

28 day worth final


Care for yourself as you would another person, tender loving care costs nothing, but can make a total difference to how you feel and live, love yourself …………………………..



Universal Life Coach

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