THE IMPORTANCE OF …………………………..

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Have you noticed that good manners seem to be falling by the way side, what is the reason for this, at one time it was something that was taught in the home and normally would never be forgotten, so what has gone wrong, do parents not have the time  anymore or do children just pass on the whole manners thing !

The concept that some parents have, is that it is down to the education they receive during school hours, this is not the responsibility of the school, sadly they just probably suffer more than most, as the child spends most of the time with them, does it really take so much to teach basic manners, we all need them, now and later in life, we do not know what our children wish to do in the future and what kind of etiquette and manners they will need.

good manners 2

How often do you see, younger or older people for that matter, opening a door or giving up a sit to an elderly or needed person, I am pleased to say that here in Spain, where I live, people still have the custom of wishing everyone a good day, and acknowledging when someone leaves a place, they may not know them, but you are always greeted coming in or going out and being passed in the street, generally this level of manners is high, I also feel that a please and thank you should always be used, why not, what I don’t understand or find hard to digest is how someone can ignore you when you have done a good gesture maybe driving or on the side-walk, some people can just look straight through you, and you have maybe stopped your vehicle for them to pass, but, if it isn’t there, it just isn’t there ! however I do think that common sense can sometimes shine through, we live with hope !!

To be sociable and to show consideration to others in general  will cost you nothing, to open a door or give up your seat, to help people along their way in any shape or form, so what has happened to our good old manners, are we all so busy with our lives nowadays that we have lost sight of this, I hope not, being polite, kind well-mannered, what ever you want to call it, can tell another person an awful lot about you, let your best side shine……………………


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Have a great week, 


Brooke Universal Life Coach 


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7 Responses to THE IMPORTANCE OF …………………………..

  1. I agree with you. I come from old fashioned parents and I taught my son to have good manners. However I’ve seen plenty of youngsters who don’t. I believe it’s to be instilled or taught.


  2. Jennie says:

    Amen! I love having lunch with the children in my classroom, because we practice and reinforce manners, please and thank you. Kindness and respect is part of every day.

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