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It seems to be the era of “false News” each day becomes more difficult to distinguish reality and fact ! As we are in the middle of internet and post truth……before the generators of public content, were the known communicators, who to ensure their credibility, amongst other things, had an editor known as (fact checking editors) who dedicated their hours to verifying the news content…….before it became public knowledge, however, it now seems no one has time for this and no one does it !!And this is how false news grow and grow…., professional communicators can only guarantee their survival if we can maintain their credibility, the biggest problem being within the confidence they may have with the supplier of the information, knowing that the lie practice is found in all areas today, which makes it difficult for us to trust what we have around us. This not only makes life difficult for professionals it is also difficult for us, all of us, not knowing whether to place trust or not, for those of us who have trusted and it came back to bite us, it is a serious and complicated decision to make, but, if we  intend to move forward with a normal life, we have to take this step and hope for a better result, remember it was not you that broke the trust it was another .

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Is it really so difficult to meet other people who are willing to enter into fair play, it is for everyone, no one is better of than the other, equal fair play, but I know it is hard to find in professional and personal circumstances,this is when we have to decide if this is going to be our business agreement of the year or are we really dating our prince/cess charming, do we take the plunge and believe and trust, as hard as it maybe I think it is only fair play to do so ! So if you are in this situation take a deep breath and keep going……………….it is important to you ❤

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Brooke Universal Life Coach

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