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This is so true and probably one of the best tips…………it is great for your stressed out moments,but is also perfect for those shady negative thoughts, that like to creep into our mind, eac time that happens……bring up those happy moments and let the positivity shine…………when you do this over a period of time, it will have become a new habit you accquire and … Read More GOOD MORNING


When you have clarity, when you know what you want and where you want to go in life, you can be happy, there is nothing there to cloud your mind, it’s free and clear…………………….. Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiauniverse@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/brookesmitham http://www.facebook.com/EducationLOA http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Destino


Change your thoughts, change your world……………………….. Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiauniverse.com Theutopiauniverse@gmail.com http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducaationLOA http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Destino http://www.youtube.com/channel/Uc3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


Have you ever had an appointment with yourself? It may seem like a strange question, but you need to ask yourself, if you could of, would you have taken that appointment, when we need advice or another opinion on a matter, we consult someone that would be able to help us, so why don’t we do that regarding ourselves, but in a serious manner, … Read More AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOURSELF !


So, how is that feeling, are you feeling good , down or may be indifferent? The Covid situation hs affected us all in very distinct ways, some of us have welcomed it with open arms in the sense of a change in routine and relaxation period and for others it has been extremley stressful and even heart breaking. Due to all the circumstances and … Read More HOW ARE YOU FEELING ?


You are a magnet and have the ability to attract to you whatever you wish, the more you give, they more you will have to give, it is the basics of Universal Law. Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiauniverse.com Theutopiauniverse@gmail.com http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.fb.me/DrDestino http://www.youtubecom/channel/UC3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


Many of you will doubt the above, but it is quite true, when the Law of Attraction is applied correctly….. many of us also have been educated in the manner of hard work brings the results that you want, that a good education is important and you must do exceptionally well to find success….. this is what we have heard may be most of … Read More MONEY MONEY !


Start your week with this excellent advise, what a wonderful start to your morning, allow your life to be a celebration that never ends………… Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiauniverse.com Theutopiauniverse@gmail.com http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.fb.me/DrDestino http://www.youtube/channel/UC3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


Are you full of doubt, for whatever reason that may be, so do you think its time to eliminate doubt and finally get your sub-conscious to make sure you succeed as soon as possible, you can, although you are probably already have doubt !! Now you have to start to believe that you have no doubt, that is the first step, let your mind … Read More ELIMINATE YOUR DOUBT


Never be afraid to remove things from your life, although it maybe difficult and even painfull at times, we know within us, that it can be for our best or the situation we may find ourselves in, it is not unusual for us to do things in favor of others but causes us distress, if we know we are doing the right thing, our … Read More HAVE NO FEAR


Any time is good for tea time ………so many flavours to choose from, so many ways to enjoy !! Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiuniverse.com Theutopiauniverse@gmail.com http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.youtubecom/channel/UC3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw


The wonderful Law of Attraction,……….the more you give the more you will have to be grateful for ! When you give, you will recieve Brooke Universal Life Coach theutopiauniverse.com Theutopiaunivers#gmail.com http://www.facebookcom/brookesmitham http://www.facebookcom/EducationLOA http://www.youtubecom/channel/UC3nNSE-ojlb7ZVa61EM-Eqw

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