Have you ever had an appointment with yourself? It may seem like a strange question, but you need to ask yourself, if you could of, would you have taken that appointment, when we need advice or another opinion on a matter, we consult someone that would be able to help us, so why don’t we do that regarding ourselves, but in a serious manner, we are the most important person, we will ever incounter, we are the main hinge, the lynchpin to everything we do and share in our life, when we are all in and comfortable with ourselves we are in a perfect condition to share these things and let our love, comapassion and understanding spread.

When you have a problem in your life, when you are struggling with something, no matter what it is, make that appointment with yourself and place it in your diary, just like you would anything or anyone else, remember, give yourself priority and importance, you are worthy of them both, on the day and time of your self appointment, find the spot that is quiet and comfortable to you and where you know you will not be disturbed, now, if you were going to consult someone what would you ask, have you maybe prepared a list, which ever the case, approach your meeting in this manner, sit, quiet and calm and listen to your reply on the varied questions you may ask, your inner self, your gut instinct whatever you wish to call it, will reply and indicate to you which direction or what to do, meeting with yourself can enlighten you in many ways, it may even relate things to you, that you don’t want to hear, but listen all the same, most appointments with ourselves can be very rewarding and rarely are we advised in a negative way.

Always have faith that you are your best friend for life, trust your intuition, give yourself priority and never feel guilty about loving yourself, it is the only thing that will open a clear pathway for you to love another unconditionally.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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