So, how is that feeling, are you feeling good , down or may be indifferent? The Covid situation hs affected us all in very distinct ways, some of us have welcomed it with open arms in the sense of a change in routine and relaxation period and for others it has been extremley stressful and even heart breaking.

Due to all the circumstances and feelings it has created it leaves us all with a story to tell, and you need to express your story, it is important to you to relieve yourself of that story you are holding within, it may not be a story of despair but it still needs to be told and to be heard, I have found recently in my work, I am holding more sessions of, “Relate Relax Release” as I call it, than anything else, and this is good, it is a need many of you are feeling, some of you feel lost after this time, you may of lost your job or way for a while and need to piece your life together again, you may be struggling within your family relationships due to the permanent restrictions at the moment, or you may be on top of the world, not everything has been bad during Covid.

So, if you had the opportunity to sit and just forget everything for a while, would you, it could be very beneficial to you, there is nothing wrong in switching off for a while, in fact, if you could find that magical button it would work wonders for you……..try it, find a comfortable spot and let you mind drift away to your favourite place………….and just stay there until you feel ready to step back into your world…….(Obviously that does not mean forever)

Many of us are not aware how short life can be, and that we may occassionally get a second chance but we really need to make the most of what we have right now, living in the present is the best place to be, we need to make the most of all circumstances every single one of them, there is good and positivity to be found in any situation, you just have to see it and take that opportunity however out of your box it may be, it could just be the best move or decision you ever make, never give up on anything, you are worth the outcome, because you are the key to everything…………take your time and turn it into YOU TIME

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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  1. I recognise the whole covid foolishness for what it is and haven’t allowed it to make me fear anything. So many people across the world have spent a year being afraid to live.

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