Many of you will doubt the above, but it is quite true, when the Law of Attraction is applied correctly….. many of us also have been educated in the manner of hard work brings the results that you want, that a good education is important and you must do exceptionally well to find success….. this is what we have heard may be most of our life, particularly as children, and this sticks with us in our belief system, I am not saying that we should not work hard, or achieve a good education, but I have to say that knowledge is good and can help us alot,but our mindset is far more important. We have been conditioned by our family and surroundings, but it is never too late, to reach for the goals that you aspire in life, whatever it may be.

This is also very true, if we go back to education and sacrifices we feel we need to make, how many true stories do you know about, regarding people who had nothing in terms of education and may be even within their home, if they had one, yet have made it to where they wish to be, they are not the chosen few, or the ones that luck shone down on, they had a mindset to get them there, they believed in their mind that they could, and they did….. they had a strong believe regarding themselves and started to make that change within their life.

You will probably know that everything is made up of atoms, our clothes our home our car chair books everything even us, and we vibrate, we have a frequency, this is known as “Quantum Physics”, but I don’t wish to go into that with you, I would just like you to understand the concept of how we vibrant, we become magnets and attract to us what we are vibrating, when you change your vibrational level ……you attract exactly that, this is where your mindset is so important, when you have a level of confidence, nothing will stop you from vibrating to the level of your goal, you can shift from where you are to where you wish to go, we are human magnets, the more you experiment with this, you will feel the vibration around you, happy people attract happy people, your vibration is everything, and I promise you that success is not a bad word!! Think how you would feel to be wealthy, step inside your wealth, feel it, live it feel the emotions you would feel, keep your belief, make your decisions and the money will come………..(you may not know from where, but it will appear,never doubt your belief or yourself)

You can do this, change your thoughts and change your life…….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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