Do you remember as a child, the imagination we had, our power to imagine had no limits, we could be what ever we wanted, when we wanted, we could transport ourselves to anywhere or anything our imagination would take us………….so how did we lose that inner connection, the truth is we never lost any of it, just the believe to do it,it’s what society calls growing up……….but we are also told that we have an inner child within us somewhere, we just have to find it again. If you can imagine that your life now is problem free, no issues of any kind, would your imagination be able to get carried away, to the places and person you always saw as a child…probably yes, we create are own blocks through the problems and issues we collect along our adult way, but it has been scientifically proved that what we think is who we become, we actually create our own reality,so many people think how simple is that, I think good things and good things happen, that would be true, if we believed that, but, sorry to say most people don’t, deep down we don’t believe this theory,why because we were forced to leave our imagination behind and become adults, I say forced because we are told to grow up, see reality as it is ???? (who’s reality,probaly not yours) we never question this because people we love and respect tell us this is the way to go, they are not wrong, just slightly misguided by the way they were told to do things and we tend to repeat the pattern, and so on and so on, but from time to time some people slip through the net and decide for themselves to create their own reality,they believe they can do this and they believe in themselves,they don’t worry about the how’s they just believe in what they want, they let their imagination take them to where they want to be in life and who they want to be, to change your pattern now only takes, believe and repetition, but make no mistake this has to be total believe that you can and deserve the life you want to have, whether it be for you or your family, the repetition will allow those believes to enter into your inner child,  (Your sub-conscious) the same way repetition turned into what you believe now, you have to be very clear on what you want, let your imagination detail every aspect, see it, feel the sensation of obtaining your desire, the bigger the better, never be afraid to reach as high as you want, it is your imagination, you are not harming anyone, it is the most powerful tool you possess,it will allow you to design your own reality,remember what you think is what will be, like attracts like, the how will find its way and guide you to your desire. Your imagination will allow you to imagine what you may feel at this moment as impossible,but an image through your imagination can make anything possible.

TURNING BAD TO GOOD………………………………..

Do you believe that things happen for a reason ? Do you believe in good luck and bad luck ? Or do you feel we make our own luck, simply by the way we believe in things, when we see people who seem to have a perfect life, with everything they desire just falls into their laps, do you think they are lucky ? OR could it be that they see an opportunity and take it, without fear,they take that risk,they follow their dreams and their inner voice, they see the positive side of each situation and do not concentrate on the bad.

Every situation has a good and bad side, for however big or small the obstacle may be, it is having the ability to focus on the good that brings you the outcome you are looking or hoping for. At times situations are delayed, are overdue promotion or our tax return, when it does happen, maybe we can see why the delay occurred, is the promotion now the perfect time, because you are now more prepared,because your car is now in good shape and would have been a problem for you at the time….you have now moved and feel less stress free to cope with your new responsibilities, we never know the why till later, but if we take it from the beginning as a positive sign, as opposed to negative, you will feel better and will probably get the result we want, it is difficult to see when we have it right in front of us, but, there is always a valid reason for the initial obstacle, it could even be as simple as having more free time to care or share for someone or something, the tax refund could maybe later   be used on something far more important to you than maybe just a unimportant thing at the time, something you really want and will enjoy in another way, even when are holidays are changed at the last-minute, an important meeting is changed, there is a reason, a good reason if you take it onboard in the right way, maybe you result in obtaining an upgrade for your holiday plan, some form of compensation and your changed meeting gives you the excellent result you were hoping for, the way you thing and feel will influence the end result,your positivity will attract more positivity,like wise with negativity. The vibrations that we send out are the vibrations we receive back, it is impossible to feel happy all the time,I do not believe that anyone can be highly happy 24/7…….. we are not made that way, however we can have a positive and confident outlook and believe in ourselves, many of my blogs are associated to this, this is another way of seeing it,you are the one who shapes your destiny in life, to see the good and not all bad, there is good in every situation of our lives, and we have to apply this, look for the good and you will find it, you may not see it immediately, but you may be able to look back on previous situations as a reference and see that good did come out of it and not all the bad you maybe thought. If it did not work that way for you, try to remember how you were at that time, maybe more negative than positive, what were your believes at that time ?


For most, this is a sensitive subject…………but think of all the advantages you actually gain, at the end of the day age is just numbers, usually just two, and if you are very lucky maybe 3 !!!growing older really is a state of mind, if you look after your body, your body will look after you… I truly believe this and have seen older people look and feel absolutely fanastic, when you are younger and wish to have a more muscular body or even a fit body, you work at it, and as you get older it is exactly the same, but with a great advantage you have years of experience, patience and time,you have probaly had children and know the discipline you need in routines and everyday living, when you are young you don’t have that, you just get the shock treatment when a third mini person enter’s your life…. I’m sure you know what I mean, however as we get older and things have certainly changed since the days of our grandparents, you really can do anything you want, we hear of people in there 70’s and 80’s sky diving, conquered Everest and much more, it’s down to you and nobody else, how you care for yourself and your mind, gone are the days of juggling children’s car seats, big cars for all the family being on a family schedule as apposed to your own, the world is your’s and it’s never to late to start something new, even a business,if you have the intention there is nothing you cannot do.

Society try’s to tell you that everything now adays belong to the young generation, being an older person doe’s not mean you have lost your sense of self achievement, or your zest for life


A hoarder is generally a person that cannot do away with anything that they possess, this can be for various reason, having nothing as a child, feeling that they can contaminate other people by disposing of certain articles, a believe that everything has its use….etc., holding on to things that have sentimental value are all valid reasons…to some however if this article is broken perished not in any kind of working order and could be classified as harmful or a general eye sore, it should be disposed of. The greater problem is when this excessive behaviour affects others and the life or personal space of others and the obsessive person. A large percentage of people who suffer from this problem may also have difficulties with decision taking and general organisation in there lives, in there work place and in general everyday living. Don’t confuse a person who likes to hold on to things in the event of it being useful one day, we are talking about people who generally have an inner struggle to part with things…and live in havoc, mess whatever you want to call it depending on the degree of the hoarder, this in turn can become a booster point for creating anxiety and depression when confronted with the problem or the discarding of their things.

If you seek professional help regarding this, the first part of recovery is to pin point the origin, whether it be from childhood or even inherited, where did these people obtain the obsession to keep everything that comes into your life, one of the most important points is support, which can be said for many things, if we feel we have support, many obstacles can be overcome, at times to confront things alone is not an option but with support we can take on any task, today we have wonderful options to recycle, knowing that object is going to be made use of, maybe turned into something very beautiful, can help to let go, it is also important that the supportive party knows that the person in question will have emotional difficulties and this should be taken into account, there will be good and bad moments, some days will be easier than others. Like everything in life,with a little help and emotional support from others any emotional state is easier to get through and understand.

I LOVE MYSELF………………………………………………

Do you really know anyone with no defects what so ever ?.. if you think about it, the most beautiful people in the world have their weak spots, but, if they don’t show it , it’s because they know themselves very well,they accept how they are and love themselves for it, if it was not like this, it is because they are unsure of themselves, if you don’t love yourself you cannot value yourself, you will only see your defects and will be incapable of making your own decisions, which means you always depend on what others think of you, they make the decisions for you and live your life.

People who are unsure of themselves will always be influenced by the people who surround them, family friends etc., these people even allow people to decide what you study, who you go out with, where you work etc.,

If this is not what you want, it is time to take control of your personal situation, your present and future, First of all you must pin point the origin and where this came from, we are all born with qualities and character but it is very important the education we receive as young children.

If you carry things from your childhood, it is time to be brave and face things as they are, fear is no place to live,you have to move forward and leave it behind. You have to take decisions on your own and do not be afraid of failure (this is how we learn) failure is success inside out !! Only by getting out there and having a go, get we get to where we want to go.

Accept yourself, make peace with your body (if your problem lies there) learn how to make the most of yourself, don’t see the defects, pick up on your good points and find the way, to bring them out more.

Have a go, you have to know what you want, dedicate yourself to obtaining your goal, think what you can offer, then prepare yourself to the best of your abilities. If you know where you are going, you are sure of yourself.

True beauty is inside of each one of us, you can feel beauty,but your truth is inside, and has to do with who you are and know what you are worth.

Freedom, start to speak with assurance, start in small circles of friends , give your opinion, this will help you later to speak up for yourself in your workplace or your own decisions.

Love yourself, if you give love, you will receive love,emotion that shows is emotion that comes back to you, if you are the understanding with others and maybe your children, we all make mistakes,but if this is understood the attitude can change and be shown to others.

Promise yourself eternal love………….love always


Well, we are now into the New Year, our first week is nearly out and of we go again, after most holidays you have to be on your guard as to not fall into the downward hill of feeling down, after party time, glorious food and maybe gifts galore, we can somehow start to miss that magic christmas time, however don’t forget we are in our year 2015 and we are going to reach for our goals and succeed.

But, on to the subject of today, the word depression can be very scary for a lot of people, but if you were explained that it can also be inner anger, if you are a person that does not like to be angry with anyone, then you can direct that anger inwards, that will affect us in the same way as depression, it is not wrong to talk to your parents, partners,friends  about subjects that you do not agree on, if you hold on to it and never let it out, you will feel that in your health, you will feel stuck, frustrated,this then turns to depression and maybe even chronic depression, once we are in this situation it is very difficult to get out of, you feel so outside of everything the effort is far to great to challenge.

If you are aware that you hold in your anger, or know that you suffer from anger problems,there is a lot of help for you through therapy. There are a number of things we can do to help ourselves, exercise is a great way to release anger and built up tension, it does not have to be hard exercise, a nice walk can do the trick, listening to music and letting yourself drift away,dance around,potter in your garden, the whole idea is to take your mind away from the anger point, this way you allow yourself to clean your mind, keeping your mind clean and clear is very important to avoid depression, if we concentrate on a negative subject for to long, we will become very negative, we feel nothing and we close ourselves of from the rest of the world, but if you choose to concentrate on a positive thought, even if it is the same one, you will turn your situation around and feel a positive vibe that will stay with you………..this enables you to find new solutions and see things in a different light. Never be afraid to try different methods, even your diet can affect our state of mind, eating poorly will bring bad results, we can only find what is best for us by trying different avenues.


I  thought it important today, to talk about who we are, as we are planning our new goals and what we wish to achieve this coming year 2015, it is of great importance that we do not lose concept of who we are, as we inspire to do better, achieve more and create better lives for ourselves, improve the quality of our everyday living, to move forward and be prepared to receive all that we want and can obtain due to our thoughts and beliefs, we must never mistake who we are, we can want all we can dream, but never want or dream, to be some one else ! We are all very special individuals, no two of us are the same, we can be compatible with others,even known as a perfect match to others, but we are all one of a kind, specially made up to be ourselves, we can improve our patience, intelligence,social skills and even anger issues, but our main core is all about US, inside we are who we are, to want to be a better person and improve our life style, does not mean we have to be some one we are not, so it is very important to remember  who you are and never let that out of your sight, if you do,you are no longer a special individual you are a poor copy of who you are imitating, and therefore second best to yourself. Do you want to be second best to anyone ? let alone yourself……………You should never be second best to anyone, you are you, no matter what your circumstances, as you work through this year, achieving your goals and propositions you will still be you, you do not have to become someone else, this is not a theatre role, this is your life . If you have a role model in your vision, someone you admire and would love to make the same achievements, that’s fine, but remember we all sleep,walk and talk and get out of bed with punky hair and sleepy eyes, we are all human……… but individuals with our own personality, values, mannerisms etc., Always be truthful to yourself,you can dream as big as you want to, if fact the bigger the dream, the want, the better.


The mind is it’s own place, and in itself  can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

John Milton  Author


Happy New Year to everyone, and welcome to your year 2015, your fresh start of the rest of your life, whatever your goal is you are going to succeed, don’t remember anything from last year except the exceptional moments when you were filled with positivity, the rest is history and belongs to the past, now is the future, today is the present,this year you get what you want…..because you know you can succeed and achieve everything.

You are ready and your subconscious mind is yours and yours alone, and it know’s you are ready to achieve and receive, this time you believe in yourself, you really want to succeed,improve your financial situation your life and be happy, so this year your subconscious mind and inner magic is going to work for you 100% there is no room for anything else, all you need to do is keep up the right instructions, no wrong turns, you are going straight to your destination, after a few months you will be on auto-pilot full to the brim with positive thoughts, the negative thoughts don’t even get a look in, because you don’t want them anymore, they do not belong in your life and definitely not in your subconscious mind, no more blocks, these thoughts belong to your past, remember that’s history, today we go forward with our thoughts totally focused on what we want in our life’s now.

You are not limited now or blocked your beliefs are very different and you now know you can achieve what you want, this time you are not going to stop, or give up we are going for the long haul, we are going for gold…….

Your subconscious is on your side, it want’s you to achieve,succeed and live the life you deserve, it wants all the things you do, you just have to give it the right instructions .

Your subconscious really does do what you tell it to do, and you achieve this by your thoughts and beliefs.Your subconscious with the right direction will create positive situations for you, which will create more and more achievement and happiness in your life. You do not need anyone except for yourself to plant the right directions into your subconscious mind. This is only wishful thinking if you don’t plant the correct instructions, What you think and believe is what you get.

Let that subconscious know that this year, is your year, take control and move forward to the goals you want to achieve, if it’s important  to you that’s all that matters. don’t wait another second get your thoughts and beliefs flowing into your subconscious mind and start your new year, with a new start that you want, don’t except anything else, you deserve the best and if you believe this, you will create what you want.

Get your subconscious mind working for you today, start right now and everyday, give yourself a few minutes day in, day out to collect the thoughts and believes you want, make the effort, it’s for you, make 2015 the best year ever.



The first big hurdle is over, Christmas Day !!! We work so hard to have a perfect day, good food, harmony and lots of love and puff it’s over, the day has passed and we wait another year, however we have the big one to look forward to, New Year is just around the corner…… full of new experiences and goals to be achieved,but we still have time to reflect over the next few day’s to note what we had set out to achieve this year and have not managed to reach, if you’ve been trying….don’t despair, we have another chance, everyday we have a chance to change the things we want to change, but there is also something special about a New year, if you gave up this year, don’t make the same mistake this year, that’s easy to achieve, it’s keeping in the pace that’s needs attention, you make this decision, we can blame circumstances and various other things that jump into our path, the path is never clear for a free run, and if we understand this we have a chance of achieving our set goals, the bumps in the road, even Everest can be overcome, it’s take a little longer and needs a little more patience, but so what !, they say better late than never, if we do nothing it certainly will be never, so we have nothing to lose, so keep going, make your New Year list and slowly but surely make your way to the finishing line, make that extra effort, put yourself out there,find your motivation and passion, the secret, to keep that motivation and passion going, this can be achieved if you think of yourself, remember how important you are and you are worth everything you want in your life, when you think of yourself in this way, everyone around you benefits from this, they see a happier you, more accomplished,more content with everything you have,and more love is shared. Thinking of yourself is not a crime, it doe’s not exclude you from everyone, it makes you more accessable to other’s, you enjoy your life more and they enjoy you. So take this opportunity to reflect, set your goals and move full steam ahead,find your balance in life and live everyday on your terms accepting your obligations and responsibilities with joy, there is no room for negative thoughts,turn them into positive one’s, every situation can be seen in a different light, no matter how hard or difficult it may seem at the moment, when you are sure of yourself,calm and positive, your interior little voice will guide you to the right solution and form of seeing your hurdles, and how to guide yourself in a positive form and outcome. Trust yourself , lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

And the great Muhammad Ali said:-

Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong……………………………………………………….

So, reflect on this last statement, by my personal hero Muhammad Ali, never stay down, the only way from there is up one step at a time, no matter what you are facing, the only obstacle we cannot beat is death, so while we are privileged to be alive live your life, all the way, one step at a time.

Are you now ready for 2015.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE !!!!…………………………….

Merry Christmas to all, and here is to a fabulous 2015, may it be filled with health wealth and happiness, may you have all the light you need on your personal journey and all the love you need to share with all, during this holiday enjoy your family and those near and dear to you, remember how lucky you here, to be who you are and grateful for everything you have in your life right now, set your goals for the coming year and prepare yourself for your great journey, this will be your year, because you have decided this and have every right to what you want, take your dreams and make them reality, believe in yourself and watch the magic come into your life, never doubt yourself, take one step at a time, don’t worry about how you will reach your dream, the magic will happen for you, if you believe ………and know that you will reach where you want to be, everything will be there for you, Happy Christmas and make your dreams come true.



I came across this today and would like to share with you all…………………….

Anger is a projection
of your own mind
Is this true ?
It is about control ;
it needs to be conquered
today’s hip-hop theories claim
but is it true ?

“Anger doesn’t make you human
compassion does ”
Another layer of guilt
added to my anger

Is anger ever justified
when something violates
a core value, do I have
“permission” to be angry.

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