What is Noble, Moral in a honest, brave and kind way. A show of personal qualities that people admire.

Nobel describes someone with high or elevated character, or who is impressive of high moral or intellectual value.

Nobel – The state of being of noble birth.

To be held in esteem by our companions in our work or social place of activites is to be noble, when we are recognised by our moral standards or our itellectual holding, when you are noticed for your kind nature and honesty, by the qualities that only you hold, remember we are all unique, and also to be brave, this does not mean that we have to race into a building on fire or rescue someone from a dreadful fate, being brave can be the action we take in our everyday life, to achieve what we want, to take risks and move forward, many people dream of what they would like to do,but do not  have the courage, they are not brave, enough to go after that one thing that they would like in their life. We cannot live with fear, lack of courage in our life, this is not living to our full potential, you have to be brave enough to face everything that comes with your success, you have to be Noble…. As you probaly know I live here in Spain,and noble is a word that is very often used to describe a person, not concerning their birth right. When you are described in this way, and you are aware of it, your confidence rate will also raise, if you are not aware of the opinion of others you should feel equally good knowing that you are a kind, honest and brave person, only you can bring out your qualities, your own belief in yourself will give you the bravery you need to succeed, there is nothing wrong in failure, it is experience that has great value for all of us, we can pull from this positive experiences, that will help us as we carry on our path to success. Bring your noble qualities into your life everyday and step into 2016 ready to reach all your goals and everything you wish for in your life.

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