LOVE – is complete acceptance, completely unconditional and selfless.

LOVE is an action, not an emotion or a feeling, Acts of love protect and preserve life, Acts of love enhance the quality of life, Acts of love are beautiful and pleasing, Acts that can be seen.

LOVE affection devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person. The definition of love is vague and yet so simple, All of us fall in love, but how many of us understand the meaning of love, to love and beloved is to feel the sun from both sides, love is involuntary.

There are many definition’s regarding love, and probaly the only definition that counts is the one you hold, when in LOVE, it’s your feelings and emotion’s that take that great journey, there are however many forms of love, we have LOVE present in our life everyday  even if we are not in a sentimental relationship, we will love our pets,(some are the best listener’s in the world) and of course they never disagree with you !! if you have children you will LOVE your children on a different level all together (this is sometimes difficult for their partners to understand, some like to compete, but children of their own, will resolve that ) LOVE  is also shared with friends and other family member’s, the big umbrella of Love is tremendous, and we should all be grateful when we are touched by LOVE, it is also important when you love someone, you NEVER give up on them…..ever. No matter what, life can always surprise you.

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