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Just take a few moments today to read these quotes, shift yourself and your day into another gear……


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Give it a try, nothing can happen to you, except you may be greatly surprised !                                                                                                                                                                                     

images LOA 2                                                                                                                                                                  Believe me…………This man knew his physic’s, would he tell you something he did not believe himself………believe 

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We all know how to talk right, just let’s talk about what really matters                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                    images LOA 4

Have you seen you said this, (my hero) and think how far he got, you can be a Champion in whatever you choose….. you just have to go for it.

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Now it’s down to you, this is the wonderful thing about going into partnership with the Universe, you don’t need anybody else or anything else, the Universe is listening all day everyday . So, it’s down to you to create the life you want.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Leave the vicious circle, before you become the official protest member  of your office / home / Pta / Uni  etc., Transform your excuses into action. 

Avoid this bad habit, to complain is anything except productive, people who occupy there whole day with excusas , take valuable time from there working day, just look around you ,do you have companions that produce half of the work you do or the other way round ? (hope not) as you go through your day, do you hear, “it’s always me ” “I don’t have time to finish this job” “My boss does not listen to me” does this sound familiar, or is it you that says it, don’t panic, it is a habit that can be broken. 



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The first step is to acknowledge that we are trapped in this language, (the conversations in our heads) while we do this we only create the same reality, the one you wish to escape from.These phrases hide within a habit of low self esteem and resentment, emotions that can create stress, which eventually lead to lots of different types of illness and sadness. 

Do jobs that make sense, the way to start your change is to see your job as your purpose, when you live it this way, it takes on more sense(even if you make screws or clean houses) what this is telling you is I am doing this for myself, not for anyone else , because we spend so much time within our work place, we do not have to live it like a prison sentence. There are three key functions that will help you kick this habit, 

1… Give the job a sense of importance, why do you do it ? You have     to amplify the vision (who do you help, yourself family children.)          2… Create a bigger circle of friends within your working place, help others (co-workers clients ) don’t expect anything in return, do it for you.

3… Increase your jobs that make sense to you, this will help you to enjoy more your work during 8 hours.

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When you start to make these changes you will start to see how you have converted your work place into a learning and personal growth process , where you can also meet interesting people and of course it is making more sense to you and your life.

Of course this will only work when you work with it, it depends on you. The circumstances are not important regarding the work you are doing, it’s what you can prepare yourself for, just convert the situation into you learning and growing. So don’t give into toxic  conversations, always talk when you are quiet and calm if this is not possible, leave things as they are and find a new group that is healthy for you. You may find this difficult but usually if one person makes this move the people that share your thoughts will follow and you will live through a working day in a more positive attitude y less stress, you will feel more comfortable and happy. 


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When we change the conversation with ourselves, we can produce changes within our life.




Have you ever felt envy, most of us have at some time, why, why not admiration for some one ? So how do we reduce this negativity ?

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This is an emotion which makes us feel that we can not achieve what some one else has. Many people feel inferior to others , and for this reason we feel they are better than us, so how do we make this positive ? 

Envy is a desire to want something that another has that we feel we can’t have or obtain, what is this due to, Is it feed by sadness of not having what the other has or the rage and frustation that the other has it. In a way it is the person feeling envy does not have sufficient confidence to think they have the capacity to obtain what they have and for that reason do not want the other to have either. This emotion can even lead you to wanting to destroy what they have. 

Now we have to ask can there be “healthy envy ” the answer is no, the emotion should then be called admiration, although people do say healthy envy, when you see that you recognise the value and merit of the other person, and when you hold some one in your admiration for them, you want to be like them and follow what they do, and this is when you can raise to the occasion, you feel you can do it. When we learn to copy models that we admire (like our Mothers, Fathers brothers etc., we also copy attitudes and fears) So, you have to take great care what you learn, if not the envy will still be there, you must not compare yourself to others, if we do the balance will be wrong.images three dogs

So what do we do, no two people are the same, each one of us are unique I always tell you that, sorry to repeat but it’s a fact, envy is to want to be some one else, which means we do not want to accept who we are, so we need to concentrate on ourselves and our potencial. If you accept who you are and that you cannot be repeated and learn to value yourself, envy will leave you, as you see your own capabilities and talents. You have to become aware that we  only compare ourselves with people who have more, How would we feel if we compared ourselves with people who have less ?  When we start to have confidence and see our own potencial to move forward and obtain what we want and start to get results, we leave the envy behind………………………………………………………………….

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SPRING CLEAN !!……………..

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Spring cleaning – Usually known as thoroughly cleaning our homes in the spring time, especially in a climate of cold winters. Well I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but yes, it’s that time of year, but don’t panic March has 31 days…..

This custom come’s from way back, in fact it is said to be from an ancient Jewish practise, as part of preparation for Passover, also during the 19th century in America,(way before the vacuum cleaner) March was known as a great time for dusting, as the temperature starts to go up a little it is perfect to get those windows and doors open to let in the high warmer winds that would carry the dust away and out of the house !! Spring is also a time when we maybe stop the fire (for those of us that still have fires inside, whether it be coal or wood) and we can wash away all the soot or smoke from our home. A spring clean also is a great time to remove all trash and clutter objects, we tend to hang onto, why, I have no idea, but most of us do !images Cleaning meditation

Spring cleaning is not a week end or day job, it can take several days and one secret is not to over do it, chill , don’t make it a problem, take one task at a time, if you really want everything, curtains, carpets etc., “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” if you use your focus qualities and schedule well, you could do this with as little stress as possible, and of course a list (my famous list making) .

This is a great opportunity to throw open wide the windows and let the fresh air in, we create happy and efficient spaces, space is usually something we all crave for, and when we really put our minds to disgarding items we no longer use or need, it’s amazing how much space we can create (please try to pass on what you disregard, Red Cross etc., it could be very needed by someone else )

Now apart from obtaining a very clean and fresh pleasant home, you are going to be full of satisfaction, it’s a feel good moment ( I don’t even like cleaning I can hear you say ?) that’s why you need to take it one task at a time, when you do it this way, you are not under pressure, don’t feel as though it’s an obligation, take it in your stride, you can enjoy this if you put yourself in the mindset first. As you can see the importance of mindset is vital in everything we do. Just think that when we have done this job, our home is fresh, sparkling, full of sunshine and ready for all the new things that can now enter into our life…….we are ready to recieve.


This post is not only for females,I know you guys are great cleaners!

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IT’S MONDAY !!!…………….

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Well, here we are again, Monday morning, and we are on the run (well I am today) I just wanted to say Good Morning to you all, and hope that you have a great day, it’s a busy morning for me, but I will be back later with a post, I have my list ready and I am a quarter way down, I love giving that tick as I get through a task, so what ever you may be doing this morning, keep calm, embrace this Monday morning and try to have a little fun on the way.

Catch you all later


In England today is the celibration of Mother’s Day, a day to give thanks to the wonderful women, who cared for us, showed us right from wrong and probaly made us who we are today………………….

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What is the difference between “I like you” and ” I love you” ….beautifully answered by buddha; “When you like a flower you just pluck it, but when you love a flower, you water it daily “……………..One who understands this, understands life.

“Whatever you think about, you will attract into your life. Not what you want, but what you are emotionally involved with “

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be “

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right”

“Life moves pretty fast ; if you don’t stop and look around everyonce in a while you could miss it.” 



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HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY……………………………….




Weekend Meet & Greet!


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It’s the week-end, so I really hope you switch of and chill a little.  I have a few tips for you from my friends here below, if you can relax like them, you will be tremendous on Monday morning, Good Luck !

image meditating dog

Start your day…..with meditation, just follow his position and relax

images meditating moji

Now stretch, a good big stretch and slowly relax, repeat and relax


images meditating cat

Total relax position, shoulders back, strecth and release and relax

image meditating dog in bath

Prepare a relaxing tub, add bubble bath, prepare a glass of wine and enter the warm water, place cucumber over eyes and just drift away !



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You, you and you, today it is all about you, let’s carry forward a little from yesterday, How do you feel about your relationship with the universe,do you understand the importance of your relationship,The universe is Magic, The universe is Love, The universe is You so when you look at it this way, how’s your relationship with yourself ? when you get to know yourself in every aspect, you are forcing the universe to beieve in you, because you believe in yourself, I know we go over this many times, but you build a house with the footings not the roof, and when we start to realise this and work with it, The Law of Attraction and the universe and you all work together in harmony.Life is a great teacher, but you have to do your part and show up for class each day. Believing you deserve it, and the universe will serve it.Albert Einstein said “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe “


You niverse 3

Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion. How do you think people see you ? many don’t even ask that question, they are not aware, they do not have awareness, your awareness is you know who you are, where you are, what you are going to do, everyone has this choice, when you realise that you are unique, and have alot to offer, you will have something that others want, when you reach this conclusion, you have to feel it in your heart, do what you want, but never forget yourself, you can have both, never be afraid to change direction, your life is about you, but it is also about everyone you touch, when you have a dream of wealth, health whatever you wish, when you feel good first, then all the rest will follow, the reason many people feel that the universe is not working with them, is because they are not ready they have not done the work first, you need to remove the blocks, that are stopping you from moving forward, once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen, but you need to want to cast aside what you are carrying with you……peel it away like I mentioned yesterday. You’ve done better than you know, you’ve helped more than you realise and you are closer than you think….never forget that. The universe gives you exactly what you need at the time, it’s your choice how you receive it. descarga POWER

The work of clearing your blocks is important for you and your wish list, if you are looking for more money, you have to know that until you feel good about yourself, Wealth will not make you happy, it will not make you feel better, you need to focus on love, joy,peace and abundance, when you have no blocks and you are aligned and focus you can create with your heart, as we spoke about yesterday, when you love from the soul and spiritual heart you encourage yourself and gain strength, don’t take things for granted, people we meet everyday, where we buy our paper, coffee groceries etc., they should not be taken for granted they are offering us a service, when you feel with your heart you give, if you give you recieve, your heart gives freely, because it is pure energy.

Get your behaviour to match your intentions, track your changes,change your energy and you change your life. Your purpose, is to feel joy and to give joy, everything else follows, so it’s easy,  Does this feel joy/fun – then do it ! if it does’nt Don’t – How simple is that. Do something for me, if you really want to change something how ever big or small it is…..Focus everyday on something, that you can send love to, it is up to you whatever you choose,just take 5 out of your day, but do it everyday for the rest of the month, track how you start to feel, if you feel slightly better, then keep going, the fact that you are focusing on the love of what you choose, you are not 24/7 focusing on your problem or block….let me know how it goes…

Now, relax and start sending the love around, I hope you all have a great weekend !!!





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I have to first say an enormous thank you to Studiotj.wordpress.com(roach59) for considering me with this award. I was very surprised and extremley happy. 

As the word says RESPECT – Is a way of treating or thinking about something or someone. RESPECT- A feeling of admiring someone that is good, valuable important etc., RESPECT- Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability.

This is me showing RESPECT:-

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I like many of you could choose many blogs, as there are some outstanding work being done in the blogosphere, and I am now starting also to make new efriends,which I am extremley grateful for. I have named the above blogs, for the respect that they deserve and would encourage all of you to visit, some are new but they all have one thing in common – Respect from me and I hope maybe some of you . 

Thank you once again Studiotj.wordpress.com (roach59) If you don’t know this blog, please visit, it’s a great blog. Great Author and plays fabulous music. 


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