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Spring cleaning – Usually known as thoroughly cleaning our homes in the spring time, especially in a climate of cold winters. Well I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but yes, it’s that time of year, but don’t panic March has 31 days…..

This custom come’s from way back, in fact it is said to be from an ancient Jewish practise, as part of preparation for Passover, also during the 19th century in America,(way before the vacuum cleaner) March was known as a great time for dusting, as the temperature starts to go up a little it is perfect to get those windows and doors open to let in the high warmer winds that would carry the dust away and out of the house !! Spring is also a time when we maybe stop the fire (for those of us that still have fires inside, whether it be coal or wood) and we can wash away all the soot or smoke from our home. A spring clean also is a great time to remove all trash and clutter objects, we tend to hang onto, why, I have no idea, but most of us do !images Cleaning meditation

Spring cleaning is not a week end or day job, it can take several days and one secret is not to over do it, chill , don’t make it a problem, take one task at a time, if you really want everything, curtains, carpets etc., “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” if you use your focus qualities and schedule well, you could do this with as little stress as possible, and of course a list (my famous list making) .

This is a great opportunity to throw open wide the windows and let the fresh air in, we create happy and efficient spaces, space is usually something we all crave for, and when we really put our minds to disgarding items we no longer use or need, it’s amazing how much space we can create (please try to pass on what you disregard, Red Cross etc., it could be very needed by someone else )

Now apart from obtaining a very clean and fresh pleasant home, you are going to be full of satisfaction, it’s a feel good moment ( I don’t even like cleaning I can hear you say ?) that’s why you need to take it one task at a time, when you do it this way, you are not under pressure, don’t feel as though it’s an obligation, take it in your stride, you can enjoy this if you put yourself in the mindset first. As you can see the importance of mindset is vital in everything we do. Just think that when we have done this job, our home is fresh, sparkling, full of sunshine and ready for all the new things that can now enter into our life…….we are ready to recieve.


This post is not only for females,I know you guys are great cleaners!

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5 Comments on “SPRING CLEAN !!……………..

  1. Glad you included the males in this process also. hahaha… I started my spring cleaning yesterday and will take a few of our coats to the good-will today. It’s going to feel like Spring this week for us. 🙂


  2. So true. My home is well overdue for a spring clean. I got it started the other day with my carpets all dry cleaned, already it feels better. Now to get onto the decluttering. Thanks for the reminder and call to action! 🙂


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